Wednesday, July 23, 2014

TARA CHAPMAN writes to me....MY ANSWER

Well, why did you trust me before?  Just because I said I believed in the bible?  Lots of people claim that and can't be trusted, ykwim?  

I assure you I'm the same exact person with the same exact mind and with the same exact moral compass and guide.

ANSWER:  Maybe in parts in are the same, but the context here is "religion" - "faith" - "God, Christ, the Bible;" not your personal moral compass.

I'm concerned, though. Why do you think so highly of yourself, to think you're infallible that I should ask you, that I don't have the sense enough to carry out my own honest investigation?

ANSWER: For starters I'm 40 years your elder. That may mean nothing to you. Second - I've been around the block many more times than you in in my religious life time which was from the age of 7 in a Church of England school and etc. Third - I've studied all these atheists, de-bunk the Bible, de-bunk Jesus Christ guys and gals  DECADES  AGO, before you were born. Fourth - I've been willing to read and study BOTH sides; atheists to God-believers; Bible de-bunkers to those who answer such de-bunker's arguments. Fifth - I've spent hours and hours, days and weeks and months, and years, decades ago, studying both sides; something I thought at your age you would have done years ago by now. Sixth - the arguments that have turned you away from the Bible and Jesus Christ as ONLY Savior, ARE not KNEW, they have been around for decades; so have the writing of people who have answered those atheists arguments. Seventh - I know what I believe and I know it is the truth of God; yes I am sure of it; yes I know what God's word teaches, yes I know there are no contradictions in God's word; I know as Jesus said, "Thy word is truth" and "The Scripture cannot be broken" - yes I know how to understand the Bible, the important keys to understand the Bible. Yes on ALL THE important subjects of salvation I am infallible, not of my self, but God is infallible, and I know through his grace given me, the truth, THE truth on those subjects, absolutely and unquestionably. Eighth - I know from Creation and the Universe, God exists, and I know he has the power to give us his thoughts and words, to have them written down, yes through men, inspired by his mind, and I know he has the power to preserve his word. Nine - I know in God's word [which you now reject] that he tells us he has always had people, elders, ministers, apostles [ones sent forth], evangelists, pastors, to lead and guide his people. I know Jesus [whom you now reject] said he would build his church and the gates of the grave would never prevail against it; hence his true leaders would always be on this earth somewhere. I know [which you think is me thinking highly of myself] that I am one of those true pastors and teachers of God's word. Ten - I know that it is foretold many would fall away, be deceived, in the last days; I know it is written even some "teachers" of God's truths at one point, would also fall away, and lead many to fall away also. Yes, I know vanity is often the tool that Satan uses to deceive people into thinking they need no one to help them find their way through the maze of deception out there; the ultimate deception being wrong theology, and rejecting the Bible altogether and rejecting Jesus Christ as the ONLY way to eternal life and salvation, which you have written you have done - rejecting the Bible and Christ Jesus as Savior, which you have written in clear words as lies of the Bible.

I'd already know how you'd respond.  That is one reason.  And that's not honestly investigating.

ANSWER: Oh so you know then that I studied all this on both sides way way way back when. So you know all the books I've read over the last 5 decades. So you know that I know all the clever arguments Bible atheists come up with to get people to reject the Bible as man made, myths, lies; to reject Jesus as only Savior, as the very Son of God. So you know then none of it all has convinced me to do what you have now done, reject it all as so much garbage and lies.

Did you not honestly investigate all the pagan Christian holidays, for example?  Was there not anyone who told you that you were wrong when you did that?

ANSWER: Actually no there was no one telling me it was wrong to do that, but then again I was studying BOTH sides; going to the library and reading, studying people writing from both sides. I was studying the atheists and their arguments; I was studying those theologians who answered the atheists arguments. I was studying the theologians who taught this and that, and those who disagreed with their theology and presented a theology different from them; example Sunday or Saturday Sabbath. And etc. and etc. Spent hours and hours burning the midnight oil, some days when not working studying all day long for 8 to 12 hours; weeks upon weeks, months upon months, and years upon years, with my nose in books and articles from both sides; my nose in Strong's Concordance, Greek Lexicons, Bible Commentaries. I was willing to have people there with me from BOTH sides, not in person but in their books and articles, so they were there with me really. So I was willing to ask people, to inquire from people, though it was from what they wrote as to their position, where they stood regarding the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the theologians where they stood regarding this doctrine or that doctrine.

Is it wrong for me to also investigate whether the Jewish holidays are pagan (I've discovered they are) and other such things?

ANSWER: Did you go to what I have written on the Jews and their holidays, what I've discovered decades ago as to what the Jews did to the festivals given to them through Moses [then again as you do not believe the Bible any more kinda useless me saying that I guess], and how the Jews were indeed influences especially by Babylon and hence developed traditions upon traditions, which Jesus warned them about and worshipping God in vain [but as you reject Jesus and the Bible, kinda useless for me to tell you that]. Oh you can discover all kinds of things where the Jews' religion is wrong, traditions they have that are wrong, theology they have that is wrong, and a whole bunch of wrongs they have. But does that mean you throw out the baby with the dirty bath water? I think not.

I UNDERSTAND that people are concerned about me.  And I feel sad for you all for that reason.  I really do.

ANSWER: Well concern only lasts so long, then as Paul said about such as to what you have done, rejecting the Bible and Jesus, "I've turned them over to Satan....."  but again as that comes from the New Testament which you have rejected, I guess it means nothing to you. Don't feel sad for us, we shall get over loosing you; you are not the first to reject the Bible and Jesus, and you will not be the last. My friend Allen who watches a lot of religion on youtube etc. tells me tens of thousands are rejecting the Bible and Jesus every year now, where once they upheld the Bible and Jesus. When I told him about you rejecting it, he said, "Well thousands are doing so all the time, does not surprise me."

But I can't go against my conscience, my moral guide.  I can't knowingly live what I believe is a lie, anymore than the rest of you who do not want to live a lie by keeping Christmas and such.

ANSWER: So be it for you. But you must remember we who follow the New Testament as inspired, are also told what and how we should regard those you depart from the faith. We are given very clear verses on the matter, which I shall give at the bottom of this answering you.

So it's nothing to do with I've decided to be bad now.  Quite the contrary!  I just want to continually live my life seeking truth and continually changing.  That doesn't change my heart and mind.  My heart and mind are the essence of me. What has changed is the knowledge I possess.

ANSWER:  Again it may not mean anything to you now, but the New Testament says, "Ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the truth." I have to question if you  REALLY  ARE  seeking truth.  I have to question if you are doing what I did decades ago, and then again starting in 1980....seeking and searching, studying all sides, spending hours upon hours upon hours of study.  Change is great if it is change in the right direction....change for me starting in 1980, with re-study of theology, was GREAT.....for it led to truths about God and the Bible, about the doctrines of God that were wonderful to find, and together with truths that were still truths, it was the ultimate in liberty.

No different than coming to the knowledge that Christian holidays are pagan or MSG is bad for your health or that a certain vehicle is terribly unreliable.

ANSWER:  There is a world of difference: throwing away the Bible and Jesus as personal and only Savior is far away different than the examples you've just stated. I have believed God exists from age 7. I have believed the Christian Bible is his inspired preserved word to us from 9 or 10 as I read it more. I cannot, it is foreign to me to ever think the Bible is nothing, to be not taken seriously above any other book on earth, and that it is full of lies, including that Jesus is only Savior. It is so foreign to me to think like that, as foreign as thinking I could live on the sun.

Do you see what I'm saying?  I'm the same person.

ANSWER: Oh yes in teaching your children, in baking bread, in shopping, in car driving, in saying a friendly hello to people, in being a wife, in not hating anyone, in being faithful to your husband, in having people over for a meal, in visiting your parents, in loving them, in loving your sister, and so the like. But in theology..... your most definitely now not the same.

I know it's considered a big deal, though, because my friends believe it's a big deal that a person no longer believes the bible is the word of God.

ANSWER:  WELL YES.....I guess people like me think it's a big deal....big deal indeed. Kinda like loosing an arm or leg. And sure you'll know that is how we feel, how can it be anything less.

I've been there. I know a woman, a very sweet person, who stopped believing it two to three years ago.  I went through the same disbelief that you all are going through now.  But now I understand.

ANSWER:  So that makes you feel better, or should I say, that makes you feel it is kinda alright. So obviously you take comfort in knowing someone else you know gave up believing the Bible is God's inspired word to us.
Well many millions in the USA have stopped believing in the Bible, including just about everyone in the Government.....we are becoming more "secular" each day and month, so you've joined them; no big deal to you it seems.....but as you know to us who have not joined them, it is, but like I've said we'll get over it, let you go [can't stop you anyway] and those who are reading their New Testament will do what I'm doing, admonish you a few times, then have to let you go into the world and the hands of Satan the Devil.

I can handle that some won't understand.  I know that people will pray for me, and I'm not offended in the least.

ANSWER:  We will for a time, but only a time, then as Paul did at times with some..... turn you over to the Deceiver, and have to do what the New Testament teaches with such who leave the faith, not bother with you and certainly not read your new atheistic de-bunk the Bible, de-bunk Jesus, mind-set.

What I DO consider sad is that you'd not want to talk to me anymore simply on the grounds that I don't believe.  If I became immoral, that would be understandable (and happens with people who DO believe).  But I'm the same person.  I've not told a single person that I can't be their friend, anymore.  Just two people have told ME that, though.   And that kind of reaction only confirms to me that the bible is not a good book. It's not healthy for people.

ANSWER:  Not much good me saying it now you do not believe the Bible, or will not read the New Testament and see what it clearly teaches about what we Christians must do after a period of prayer and admonition towards you. We are told very clearly in passages [they are there for people who still read every word of the New Testament] to hand you over to Satan. Our friendship was as part of the Christian church; one who leaves Christ and the Bible..... we cannot be the same towards you. It is not like you've just changed Christian doctrines; you've turned your back on the Bible as the inspired word of God, and Jesus Christ as Savior and only way to eternal life. Your whole mind-set has now become our enemy. Put it another way, your Gospel has become what we consider "another" Gospel, that is the total enemy of our God, that is the heresy of heresies, the ultimate heresy.

The bible and Quran are the reasons for so much hate and murder.  It's due to a I'm-better-than-thou mindset.  

And I don't like it.

ANSWER:  It is the Bible and Quarn used wrongly that is the much hate and murder around us. We Christians will not hate you; we will though have to obey what it tells us to do [prayer and admonition 2 or 3 times - this is my third time for you] towards someone who leaves the faith and will not repent of such a blatant heresy as you are in right now.

I'm still here to be your friend, if you find me worth talking to.

ANSWER: I'm doing what I'm supposed to do when someone leaves the faith. God still loves you; I and ones like myself still love you; yet I must follow the instructions left to us by what I consider inspired through Paul and John and wherever found in the New Testament.

But please stop projecting to me that you've got it all figured out.  It's not healthy for a person to be of that mindset.  I SURE don't have it all figured out and don't believe anyone does.  The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know.

ANSWER:  Well  I  guess  you  do  have  much  more  yet  to  study;  I've  got  40  years  start  on  you;  yes  I have  figured  it  all  out,  even  if  you  do  not  like  me  saying  it.  THIS  IS  ALL  A  HEART-ACHE  I  NEVER  THOUGHT  I'D  HAVE  TO  DO,  THEN  AGAIN  MY  FRIEND  ALLEN  [A  FUNDAMENTAL  PROTESTANT]  SAYS  IT'S  HAPPEN  BY  THE  THOUSANDS  EVERY  MONTH  AND  YEAR.



EPHESIANS 4: 11,12  "And  he  gave  some, apostles, and some prophets, and some evangelists,  and  some  pastors and teachers.  For  the  perfecting  of  the  saints,  for  the  work  of  the  ministry,  for  the  edifying  of  the  body  of  Christ."

ACTS 20: 17  "And  from  Miletus  he  sent  to  Ephesus,  and  called  the  elders  of  the  church...."

TITUS  1: 5  "For  this  cause  I  left  thee  in  Crete,  that  you  should  set  in  order  the  things  that  are  left  undone [margin],  and  ordain  elders  in  every  city,  as  I  have  appointed  you."

TIMOTHY 3: 1  "This  is  a  true  saying,  If  a  man  desire  the  office  of  bishop [overlook, leader, elder]  he  desires  a  good  work."

JAMES 3: 1  "My  brethren,  be  not  many  masters,  knowing  that  we  shall  receive  the  greater  judgment [margin].  See  this  verse  in  the  Amplified  Bible.

ROMANS 16: 17-18  "Now  I  beseech  you,  brethren,  mark [take note] of them which cause  divisions  and  offences,  contrary  to  the  doctrine  which  you  have  learned;  and  avoid  them. For  they  that  are  such  serve  not  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ.....and  by  good  words  and  fair  speeches  deceive  the  hearts  of  the  simple."


2  CORINTHIANS 2: 17  "For  we  are  not  as  many,  which  corrupt  the  word  of  God:  but  as  of  sincerity,  but  as  of  God,  in  the  sight  of  God  we  in  Christ."

2  CORINTHIANS 6:  14-18  "Be  you  not  unequally  yoked  together  with  unbelievers  [certainly  includes  being  a  very  close  friend];  for  what  fellowship  has  righteousness  with  unrighteousness?  And  what  communion  has  light  with  darkness?  And  what  concord  has  Christ  with  Belial?  Or  what  part  has  he  that  believes  with  an  infidel?  And  what  agreement  has  the  temple  of  God  with  idols?  For  you  are  the temple  of  God;  as  God  has  said,  I  will  dwell  in  them.  and  walk  in  them,  and  I  will  be  theith  God,  and  they  shall  be  my  people.  Wherefore  come  out  from  among  them,  and  be  you  separate,  says  the Lord,  and  touch  not  the  unclean  thing;  and  I  will  receive  you.  And  will  be  a  Father  unto  you,  and  you  shall  be  my  sons  and  daughters  says  the  Lord  Almighty."

2  CORINTHIANS 11:  3-4  "But  I  fear,  lest  by  any  means,  as  the  serpent  beguiled  Eve  through  his  subtilty,  so  your  minds  should  be  corrupted  from  the  simplicity  that  is  in  Christ.  For  if   he  that  comes  preaches  another  Jesus,  whom  we  have  not  preached,  or  if  you  receive  another  spirit,  which  you  have  not  received,  or  another  Gospel,  which  you  have  not  accepted,  you  bear  well  with  them."



GALATIANS 1:  6-10  "I  marvel  that  you  are  so  soon  removed  from  him  that  called  you  into  the  grace of  Christ,  unto  another  gospel;  which  is  not  another,  but  there  be  some  that  trouble  you,  and  would  pervert  the  gospel  of  Christ [I  guess  some  reject  it  and  Christ  -  Keith Hunt].  But  though  we,  or  an  angel  from  heaven  preach  any  other  gospel  unto  you  than  that  which  we  have  preached  unto  you,  let him  be  accursed [anathema].  As  we  said  before,  so  say  I  again,  if  any  preach  any  other  gospel  unto you  that  that  you  have  received,  let  him  be  accursed.  For  do  I  now  persuade  men,  or  God?  Or  do  I  seek  to  please  men?  For  if  I  yet  please  men,  I  should  not  be  the  servant  of  Christ."


GALATIANS 6: 1, 6,  "Brethren,  if  any  man  be  overtaken  in  a  fault,  you  which  are  spiritual,  restore  such  a  one,  in  the  spirit  of  meekness;  considering  yourself,  lest  you  also  be  tempted......Let  him  that is  taught  in  the  word  communicate  unto  him  that  teaches  in  all  good  things."

EPHESIANS 5: 11  "And  have  no  fellowship  with  the  unfruitful  works  of  darkness,  but  rather  reprove  them."

EPHESIANS 5:  17  "Wherefore  be  you  not  unwise,  but  understanding  what  the  will  of  the  Lord  is."

EPHESIANS 6: 11-12  "PUT  ON  THE  WHOLE  ARMOR  OF  GOD,  THAT  YOU  MAY  BE  ABLE  TO  STAND  AGAINST  THE  WILES  OF  THE  DEVIL.  For  we  wrestle  not  against  flesh  and  blood,  but  against  principalities,  against  powers,  against  the  rulers  of  the  darkness  of  this  world,  against  spiritual  wickedness  in  high  places."

COLOSSIANS 2:  4-8  "And  this  I  say, lest  any  man  should  beguile  you  with  enticing  words.....As  you  have  received  Christ  Jesus  the  Lord,  so  walk  you  in  him.  Rooted  and  built  up  in  him,  and  stablished in  the  faith,  as  you  have  been  taught,  abounding  therein  with  thanksgiving.  Beware  lest  any  man  spoil  you  through  philosophy,  and  vain  deceit,  after  the  traditions  of  men,  after  the  rudiments  of  the  world,  and  not  after  Christ."

1  THESSALONIANS 5:  12-13  "And  we  beseech  you,  brethren,  to  know  them  which  labor  among  you,  and  are  over  you  in  the  Lord,  and  admonish  you.  And  to  esteem  them  very  highly  in  love  for  their  work's  sake....."

1  TIMOTHY 1:  19-20  "Holding  faith,  and  a  good  conscience,  which  some  having  put  away  concerning  faith  have  made  shipwreck.  Of  whom  is  Hymeneus  and  Alexander,  whom  I  have  delivered  unto  Satan,  that  they  may  learn  not  to  blaspheme."

1  TIMOTHY 4:  13-16  "Till I come,  give  attendance  to  reading,  to  exhortation,  to  doctrine.....Take  heed  unto  yourself,  and  unto  the  doctrine;  continue  in  them:  for  in  doing  this  you  shall  save  yourself  and  them  that  hear  you."

1  TIMOTHY 6: 3-6  "If  any  man  teach  otherwise,  and  consent  not  to  wholesome  words,  even  the  words  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ,  and  to  the  doctrine  which  is  according  to  godliness;  he  is  proud,  knowing  nothing,  but  doting  about  questions  and  strifes  of  words,  whereof  comes  envy,  strife,  railings,  evil  surmisings,  perverse  disputings  of  men  of  corrupt  minds,  and  destitute  of  the  truth,  supposing  that  gain  is  godliness;  from  such  withdraw  yourself."

2  TIMOTHY 2:  16-18  "But  shun  profane  and  vain  babblings  for  they  will  increase  unto  more  ungodliness.  And  their  word  will  eat  as  does  a  canker:  of  whom  is  Hymeneus  and  Philetus;  who  concerning  the  truth  have  erred,  saying  that  the  resurrection  is  past  already;  and  overthrow  the  faith  of  some."

2  TIMOTHY 2:  25-26  "In  meekness  instructing  those  that  oppose  themselves;  if  God  peradventure  will  give  them  repentance,  to  the  acknowledging  of  the  truth.  And  that  they  may  recover  themselves  out  of  the  snare  of  the  devil,  who  are  taken  captive  by  him  at  his  will."

2  TIMOTHY 3:  5  "Having  a  form  of  godliness,  but  denying  the  power  thereof;  from  such  turn  away."

2  TIMOTHY 3: 7-9  "Ever  learning  and  never  able  to  come  to  the  knowledge  of  the  truth.  Now  as  Jannes  and  Jambres  withstood  Moses,  so  do  these  also  resist  truth,  men  of  corrupt  minds,  reprobate concerning  the  faith.  But  they  shall  proceed  no  further:  for  their  folly shall  be  manifest  unto  all,  as  theirs  also  was."

2  TIMOTHY 3:  15-17  "And  that  from  a  child  you  have  known  the  holy  Scriptures,  which  are  able  to  make  you  wise  unto  salvation  through  faith  which  is  in  Christ  Jesus [reminds  me  of  me  -  Keith Hunt]. All  Scripture  is  given  by  inspiration  of  God,  is  is  profitable  for  doctrine,  for  reproof,  for  correction,  for  instruction  in  righteousness:  that  the  man [and  woman]  of  God  may  be  perfect,  throughly  furnished  unto  all  good  works."

2  TIMOTHY 4:  2-5  "PREACH  the  word;  be  instant  in  season,  out  of  season;  reprove,  rebuke,  exhort  with  all  long-suffering  and  doctrine.  For  the  time  will  come  when  they  will  not  endure  sound  doctrine;  but  after  their  own  lusts  shall  heap  to  themselves  teachers,  having  itching  ears.  And  they  shall  turn  away  their  ears  from  the  truth,  and  shall  be  turned unto  fables.  But  watch  you  in  all  things,  endure  afflictions,  do  the  work  of  an  evangelist,  make  full  proof  of  your  ministry."

TITUS 3:  9-10  "But  avoid  foolish  questions  and  genealogies, and  contentions, and  strivings about the law: for  they  are  unprofitable  and  vain.  A man [ and woman]  that  is  an  heretic,  after  the  first  and  second  admonition  REJECT!  Knowing  that  he  that  is  such  is  subverted,  and  sinneth,  being  condemned  of  himself [herself]."

1  JOHN 2:  18-19  "Little  children  it  is  the  last  time,  and  as  you  have  heard  that  anti-christ  shall  come,  even  now  are  there  many  anti-christs;  whereby  we  know  it  is  the  last  time.  They  went  out  from  us,  but  they  were  not  of  us;  for  if  they  had  been  of  us,  they  no  doubt  would  have  continued  with  us:  but  they  went  out,  that  they  might  be  made  manifest  that  they  were  not  all  of  us."

1  JOHN  4:  1-3, 6  "Beloved,  believe  not  every  spirit,  but  try  the  spirits  whether  they  be  of  God:  because  many  false  prophets  are  gone  out  into  the  world.  Hereby  know  you  the  Spirit  of  God:  Every  spirit  that  confessess  that  Jesus  Christ  is  coming  into  the  flesh  is  of  God.  And  every  spirit  that  confesses not  that  Jesus  Christ  is  coming  into  the  flesh  is  not  of  God;  and  this  is  the  spirit  of  anti-christ,  whereof  you  have  heard  that  it  should  come;  and  even  now  already  is  it  in  the  world......We  are  of  God:  he  that  knows  God  hears  us;  he  that  is  not  of  God  hears  not  us;  hereby  know  we  the  spirit  of  truth,  and  the  spirit  of  error."

2  JOHN  9-11  "Whosoever  transgresses,  and  abides  not  in  the  doctrine  of  Christ,  has  not  God.  He  that  abides  in  the  doctrine  of  Christ,  he  has  both  the  Father  and  the  Son.  If  there  come  any  unto  you,  and  bring  not  this  doctrine,  receive  him [her] not  into  your  house,  neither  bid  him [her]  God  speed:  for  he  that  bids  him [her]  God  speed  is  partaker  of  his [her] evil  deeds."





THE  CASE  FOR  A  CREATOR  by  Lee  Strobell

THE  CASE  FOR  CHRIST  by  Lee  Strobell





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