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Good Day Keith

Hope you are well. My name is Miron Ivanchenko, I reside in Cape Breton, and came to the truth on Dec. 20 2010. thanks to you, and the Lord, your website was instrumental on me being Baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ here in front of my place on the Mira river. Praise the Lord.

I have been following the teachings of our Lord, and proving all things, and to search out His will and have come to many truths. I have been reading on your site that you are doing a good work in India, and as you, have been doing the same with brothers and sisters in India also. Yeshaiah is the fellow, who also is a minister, is trying to get people to come to the truth and has 8 followers of Christ that have been Baptised and are learning as to what the will of the Lord is, but I do have a problem which I hope you can help me with, they do not speak english very well and wondered that the information you send your folks there, is it in english or telegu, which is there native toungue. Can you please direct me to how I may get your studies translated into telegu, that I may send these important studies to them, to help them in more understanding. They need to come to many truths, it took a while just for them to accept the true worship of the Sabbath, sunset fri to sat sunset, its an uphill battle due to the language barrier, and I think it would open up a lot more people there, to the truth, and get them to prove all things instead of being led blindly. Your studies would be helpful indeed. Thank you for your time, and speak truth brother, your one of the few that do out there, and never stop.

warmest regards
Miron Ivanchenko








    Including how to truly read website stats.

  2. As I've stated the "Unique visitors" given on my server say what they say. What it may all mean and how it is  broken down I admit I do not know. Nor am I bothered per se.
    What my server says is what they say under "their" section of "unique visitors." I have just given what they report, that is all. I know SOME around the world find my website and read from it. For how long, and for any serious purpose, only God knows. I do know my website has helped some, has changed some lives, has brought some to true salvation and Jesus as Savior, and a better understanding of God's word. In the end it is all in the hands of the Lord. His people will always in this age be the "little flock" and the "salt of the earth." So it is written and so it shall be until Christ comes to set up the Kingdom of God on earth, when the knowledge of the Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea beds.