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Hi Keith

Hi ...... {name left out}

I have been reading your teachings with great interest an illumination.

***Glad you found my website.

I agree the last supper was on the beginning of the 14th.

***Yes it was.

But what I am struggling with is that Jesus had to die according to scripture. So would this not mean that he should have died on the eve of the 14th, when as you say the real Passover killing of the lambs took place.

***The Israelites had to eat the Passover at the beginning of the 14th as they were to leave Goshen in the morning of the 14th to Rameses and leave there the evening of the beginning of the 15th, Jesus  was the Passover lamb of the 14th; but no where was it ever said he had to die at the beginning of the 14th. It cannot be found in any prophecy
about his death that he had to die EXACTLY when the Passover lamb was killed and eaten.  It is like this: not all things regarding Christ as the Passover lamb was to be fulfilled EXACTLY the same, i.e. the Passover lamb was roasted by fire; Jesus was not burned at the stake, but hung on a cross; yes his blood was shed when he was speared in the side, cried out and died. So though he fulfilled the Passover lamb in type, not all "type" was done exactly, Jesus was not roasted at the stake as I've just pointed out.

He was to partake of his last Passover with his disciples so he could change the New Testament Passover to bread and fruit of the vine and foot-washing. Dying on the 14 was the main thing; the exact hour was not the main thing. It was unheard of that any Jew was put on a cross and died in the evening. The law of Moses said such had to be taken down before the new day began. That was why they came to brake the legs, so death would happen, but when they came to Jesus he was already dead.
SEE Deut. 21:22,23 with John 19:30-34 ["pierced" is in the aorist tense - action gone in the past].

All of this is on my website but there are many many Passover studies and it is all in one of them.

I know he still died on Passover but the way my brain works because it was 3pm on the 14th day, does this not mean he failed to fulfil scripture or is the time not important.
And if time was not important why was god so specific about the time in the OT.

***Because you must remember the time in the OT was connected with Israel leaving Egypt and the death angel passover over that night of the 14. So the Passover then was much more than just a type of the Passover lamb of God {Jesus} dying on the 14th. The original Passover was tied in with how God decided Israel would leave Egypt. As I've explained in many studies. It was just fine that Jesus died on the 14. Oh and it was not at 3 PM..... I have a study on that also. The first hour was 6 to 7. So work it have an hour in which he died, we are not told what part of that hour he died. So even that proves the exact time on the 14 was not important, as long as it was on the 14.

I have searched for 3 days your teachings but can't find anything that answers this question.

***It's all there but there is so much it may take more than 3 days to find it all. Sure took me more than 3 days to study it all and write it all, about 3 years I would say :-)

In a few days I am due to fly to Uganda to preach do would very much appreciated getting this sorted as I don't want to preach anything other than the word.

***Hope it is now sorted out for you. All the best. Keith

P.S. NOT ALL parables are to be taken to all their full "literal" sense i.e. Luke 18:1-8. It is obvious the "unjust judge" rep[resents God the Father; but he is never unjust. The main teaching of the parable/s is the main thing to grasp. Parables can break down at times in the literal aspect; so it was with the Passover lamb; it was roasted but Jesus was not burnt at the stake, so also as long as Jesus was put to death on the 14th he fulfilled the Passover lamb, the hour he died was not the important part.

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