Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Oscar Pistorius -  his Sentence  for Manslaughter

To Judge  Masipa

As you brought out there could be many different verdicts in the case of manslaughter for Oscar Pistorius, under South African law.

My suggested verdict was but one of them.

I believe you showed in your verdict both justice and mercy. I believe you showed wisdom in all  aspects of what you had before you to render a verdict.

Yes my Lady you did well, even through the somewhat misguided emotions of too many citizens.

To Oscar

From one news report I've read:

2. Will he spend five years in prison?
He could be transferred to house arrest in 10 months, his attorney Roxanne Adams, told reporters. That indicates the defence is not planning an appeal.

I have no doubt you deeply loved Reeva. I have no doubt you will yet have many days and night of shedding tears over what took place that tragic night.

Take the verdict handed you. Tell your defence team it is over, no appeal. You have the possibility after 10 months of house arrest or whatever the law allowed in your verdict. Even if it is 5 years;  what is 5 years in your whole life; when I think where has my last 5 years gone in my life....it is just a bleep on my radar of life. There are still many good  things  you can accomplish in 5 years, use that time to accomplish them, to help, to serve, to bring forth goodness to others even out of this sad tragedy.

Do not let depression  strangle your life; show the world that though you have to live the rest of your life with this heart-break, you can still serve and help others in the difficulties of physical and emotional life they also may /and/or do/ face.

Never give up hope that one day Reeva's parents may meet with you so you can personally tell them how sorry you are as to what happened, and you really loved their daughter so very much. Maybe for now it can only be in a letter to them that they will accept and read.

Reeva loved you and would want you to continue to serve and help others and do much good, in your life yet before you.

You now have time to write a book: call it something like "My Triumphs and Tragedies."  tell about your life from a child to Olympic star, all you went through, the ups and the downs. Bring yourself to tell about they night you wish had never happened - you know the night I mean. Pour out you heart, realize the rashness of your mind; once more give your sorrow, and ask Reeva's parents to forgive you. Donate the income from the book to charity.
If you are not a writer per se then someone will help you, write for you. Often you'll see a book by ……. with…….
The "with" is the person writing it for you as you lay out your life with words to them, questions they may ask you etc.
Do it Oscar, just do it.

To the Prosecuting team

From one news report I've read:

The National Prosecuting Authority, which wanted 10 years, said there is an “appetite” to appeal but no decision yet.

It is over, it is over, let it be over. Do not let the views or ideas of the general public influence you to take more action; the emotions of the public can often be very wrong, as they often look through emotions only, while they put to one side the wisdom, the logic, and correct judgment, that I believe Judge  Masipa  showed  in  this  whole  matter.

It is time for healing....a time for healing to begin. Time now to let the wound heal. Reeva would want the healing to now begin.

To  the  below League

From one news report I've read:

The African National Congress Women’s League said, “We will be making submissions to the state that an appeal will be in the interest of justice.”

I do not question your sincerity of believe with the above statement;  but with kindness I have to say you are wrong in this particular case. Judge Masipa  has been right in the determination of guilt on the part of Mr.Pistorius and the verdict of penalty she has given.  In this whole matter Judge Masipa  has given "justice" correctly. Every case must be taken individually with all factors into consideration. You must be willing to see that the facts prove what Judge Masipa  has given; and if Reeva knew what Oscar did after the rashness of firing those 4 shots, and the heart-ache for him since, the penalty now given him; she would say it is enough, and she would want healing to begin.

To the parents of Reeva

I hear from the news you are glad the trial is over and that you are satisfied justice has been done.

It has been done and it is over, should be over, for everyone.

Like Oscar you will shed many more tears. Healing can come, but now that justice is done, you must in your heart forgive Oscar; you'll only find lasting peace by forgiveness.

Your daughter loved Oscar, and he love her, indeed he did. He will have to live with the actual horrific events of that night for the rest of his life. You must accept his heart-felt sorrow and his broken heart over all this. Reeva, being the great gal she was, would want you to forgive Oscar, yes she surely would. Forgiveness is the way to peace for you both, without it bitterness will eat you like a cancer. Reeva would not want you to live with the cancer of bitterness.

I can tell you this, as a servant of the Most High God, in heaven, you will one day see your daughter again. And that day will come as He has promised, and as it is written: "…the tabernacle of God is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away."


Pastor Keith Hunt

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