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DALE EVANS PLAYS THE LEADING LADY.... A YEAR OR SO LATER BECAME ROY'S REAL LIFE WIFE [HE LOST ARLENE HIS WIFE SHORTLY AFTER GIVING BIRTH TO THEIR SON "DUSTY"]. Dale in this movie keeps her natural blond hair; yes Dale was a natural blond. and the cut and curls in this movie make her just that more pretty. She sings a duet with Roy; does a solo number and Gabby later joins in, yes Gabby could sing, they sound nice together. The Sons of the Pioneers [without Roy] do a fine swing number showing their music talent, with a little yodel from Bob Nolan. Bob was Canadian born, and wrote over a thousand cowboy songs; Cool Water being one, and Tumbling Tumbleweeds another. Roy as mentioned sings with Dale and later does an individual song.
When it comes to horse flesh you have all kinds of horses in this movie, and many of them doing all kinds of acting tricks; the original Trigger does some tricks also; you also see Trigger's ability to jump, besides his natural beauty. Roy by the time this movie was made had bought Trigger, an expensive horse, in today's money at least 30 thousand dollars. Trigger was registered and his registered name was "Golden Cloud" - very fitting. As mentioned in the previous post, they hired real life jockeys to do the horse race. They were all anxious to see how fast Trigger could run as they had heard he was real fast. They were not disappointed. Trigger came from a horse racing breeding stable partly owned by Bing Crosby. You also have a new born in this movie, still trying to stand up so it was indeed a new born. The two new born twins could have been real twins, it's very rare for a mare to give birth to twins, but now and again it does happen..
In this movie you see Roy riding another horse or two, unusual but he did do so in a few of his movies.
Going back to Trigger [the first original Trigger] and his speed. Must tell you the story as related by a director of Roy's movie at the time. They were shooting out in some small town; a bunch of cowboys came riding and sat on their horses making detrimental comments about Roy to Roy. The director said Roy took it all in stride, not bothered. Then the cowboys starting picking on Trigger. They wanted to race Trigger. Roy told them, "He's a trained movie horse not a race horse." That did not deter them, they picked on Trigger some more. Roy got upset at them picking on Trigger. He pulled out a wad of bills, threw them to the ground and said, "Okay, match that money and the race is on, but a 1/4 mile race." The cowboys scrambled among themselves to match Roy's amount of money. They did and the race was decided on the course. Roy moved up on Trigger and looked around at what looked like race horses, but before he could think much, the starter said "go." About half way into the race, the movie director said Roy leaned forward and gave Trigger a pat on the neck; this was the training cue for Trigger to move into top gear. He so did and sucked Roy back into the saddle. The director said there was no way Trigger was going to lose that race. Roy rode back, picked up the money and said, "Any times boys, Trigger and I will do it any time."
That's a pretty neat true story. So is this one. One day shooting on location. Dale was sitting on a horse. Some big sound went off and the horse bolted out of control with Dale atop. Gabby shouted to Roy what had happened. Roy jumped on Trigger and off he fly. Trigger caught up and Roy scooped Dale from off the run-away horse. Dale has said [this was before they were married] that from that day on Roy had a special place in her heart. So yes indeed Roy Rogers was every bit the hero and horseman even in real life.

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