Thursday, June 25, 2015


Many parts of the world are experiencing above normal heat. India has come through a heat wave, and they are basically a hot country to begin with. A good portion of western USA, especially California, which they don't need. Here in Calgary we are very close to beating all records for heat for this time of year.

You don't hear much about it on the main-stream news, but the Pacific ocean is undergoing some huge bad evolution from that Japan tsunami and melt-down of their coastal nuclear plant.  It seems the world news media does not want you to know, or they very briefly mention  cannot  poison  the  ocean  and  get  away  with  it.

Coming along on schedule with my moving. Today with the help of a young guy, got a lot taken to the thrift store, and packed into my old 1979 truck. Old but simple; did put a motor and auto transmission into it about a year and a half back, that only had 40 thousand miles on them. Did a lot to it when I bought it for 200 dollars from a friend, about 4 years ago. Had to show the young guy helping me what was under the hood; just main things only. He laughed, you can see the ground; not like the new cars and trucks, so full of everything you can't see the ground.....ah such is 21st century trucks and cars....complicated and more complicated. 

Apple computer guy Steve Jobs and his constant "Make it simple, make it simple; I do not want a one inch thick instruction manuel for it," does not apply to modern trucks and cars. More stuff and more stuff to break and go wrong; keeps people in the repair trade busy and in work I guess, if you want to look on the positive side. 

Well my move will move, has to, so will keep you posted.

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