Sunday, June 14, 2015


It was a day at the ranch this Sunday June 14. First the owner Mary wanted me to work a four hour shift, someone away. So that took me to 1 pm. and of course get paid for it; many box stalls  to  muck-out etc. when you are  a  horse  boarding  ranch. Then had lunch and talked to a couple of young ladies about my horse Goldie and how amazingly fit she is for 15 years old. Then we talked about Thoroughbred race horses, about huge money game today, and the stud money to get your mare bred with any big winner, just sky high, way out world for multi-millionaires, quite ridiculous. We talked about the great Seabiscuit and how he raced till 10 years old, a different mentality back in the 1930s. We talked about Laura Hilderbrand's book on Seabiscuit and how great it is
....three times better than the movie [but can only get so much into a movie, and they did stay accurate] her research just incredible.  

Well brought in Goldie and got her ready for some work. This time some barrel racing practice. When young she could have made a great barrel racing horse with time and practice, she's catching on pretty good. Again she loves the fast work. 

I was feeling very good today, so thought I'd try the Roy Rogers mount....a jump into the saddle stirrup, Roy did it all the time in his movies, even old Gabby did it at times. Roy  even  did  running  jumps  into  the  stirrup. I have to be feeling fit and strong to do it....but felt I could today. Settled myself, not having long legs [the stirrup seems high up] it takes a pretty good pull on the saddle horn and jump on up into the left stirrup. Went for it....and landed it perfect. I was pleased indeed. Did it a few more times before I quite for the day. Goldie did well and I did well....can't do that Roy jump into the stirrup every day at my age, but when feeling real fit nice to know I can still do it, coming 73 on 9/11....yes Sept. 11 is my birthday, can't forget it now sorry to say, famous for all the wrong reasons is 9/11.  Well a good work and fun day with Goldie.

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