Thursday, October 1, 2015

USA.....Campus Shooting once more

Another young man goes on a killing  rampage, many are killed, many injured.  

The  shocking  facts  are this  is  the  number  41  of  school  shootings  in  2015!  And  a  lot  more  than  that  since  2012!

They say this is the 15th or so time President Obama has had to go before the USA population to inform them another mass killing has taken place, on a school campus.  

The USA has a gun problem, but the gun lobby would disagree; saying it's the sick person not guns. But the fact is guns  are too easily obtained in the USA.  

The gun controversy and the USA government, is dealt with in a full in-depth book on the history section of my website. Those who quote the 5th amendment need to read this book.

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