Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Horse up CLOSE

Some have enjoyed seeing my horse Goldie (Final Touch her registered name) doing the run at Diane's ranch in southern Alberta, Canada, and they would like to see my horse close up, so sometime during the summer I will video her in her full glory and beauty, and upload it to my youtube.

So be patient and you will see her close up with no saddle and also with my fancy parade saddle on her.

The greatest outdoor show on earth (Calgary Stampede) ended this evening. Was there to see the finals in the rodeo and all the other great things this highest prize money pay-out rodeo in the world offers. It was the 100th year of the Stampede, so some extra special things brought in, including Garth Brooks for a one night evening show - he flew up from his USA show to do this one-nighter for all here in Calgary.

They come from all over the world to visit the Calgary Stampede and the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Red Coat Mounties did a superb show of horse drills that lasts about 30 minutes. They have all black horses, and stay sitting a trot for the whole time. Great precisions drills of all kinds. We also had a show called "Tails" - about the North American horse and the native and cowboy and ranchers that bonded with them over the last 100 years or so. A very fine trick roper from south of the USA border, three trick-riding young ladies, some music and songs of the West, and just a great entertainment from some of our local native tribe people.

The weather was super good for 8 days, sunny and hot, some rain yesterday, and most of the final rodeo events today done in the rain, but when you can get 100 thousand dollars for being first in your event, the cowboys do not mind the rain - the show must go on as they say, come shine or rain. So some pretty muddy clad cowboys we had, but still big smiles on their face, especially if you made it into the final four to go for that 100 thousand dollars. The cowboys get day money winnings also, in a scale of first, second, third etc. So all get something for being here. Oh yes and to be here you have to be in the top 20 in the world in your event. Yes Calgary Stampede is the biggest pay-day rodeo in the world.

So if you can, come sometime to the Calgary Stampede and the mighty Canadian Rockies.

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