Monday, June 27, 2011

USA President morals?

Do you think that it is only recently that someone can be elected and/or stay out of "impeachment" with "sexually loose" morals. Now your mind may be going back to Bill Clinton who managed to avoid impeachment from the way he told the people about his private "hanky-panky" with ...... the intern girl or "secretary" or whatever her White House duties were that put her in close contact with the President (pun kinda intended)?

If you think the "moral" decline in whatever you consider "moral" or "unmoral" (some would put President Nixon in the "immoral" class over the"Watergate" scandal that eventually took him to having to resign the Presidency) is relatively of recent would be wrong.

Just the other evening the CBC had a documentary on the "sex" side of J.F. Kennedy and in part the whole (well much of) the male side of the Kennedy's. family.

It turns out from eye witnesses that JFK's Dad was well known to have sex with other women (some the age of 18) besides his wife. If fact it is a well known and document reality that the male side of the Kennedy's (most of them) had a very loose, and for them a natural habit within their family tree, of sex with women other than just their wife, and that the wives of Kennedy's also knew about it and had to or did accept that was part of marrying a Kennedy.

As for JF Kennedy, it is now revealed that famous crime catcher Edgar Hoover had no love for JF Kennedy, and no love really was far more "great dislike" than no love. And the crime chief had all kinds of facts and paper work and files on the somewhat openly known sexual exploits with many women, by JF Kennedy.

But the facts go far from just having sex with "hired" women (the people in the documentary did not use the word "prostitutes") but some of the women had connections with the Mafia and powerful guys in the Trade Unions that were into questionable powerful moves right up into politics....and even some that had certain connections with the Communist world.

The facts have come even more to light (from "freedom of access" law) in the last number of years.

Now that 50 years have gone by since JF Kennedy was narrowly voted into the White House, access to documents show just how addicted to sex - having sex with many women (reminds you of the golf guy Tiger Williams)  JF Kennedy was - a veritable addict to having to have sex with many women. And it has been known for decades that he may well have had sex with Marilyn Monroe, who the authorities with the facts say he just looked upon her as another sexual play thing, and then move on, where Marilyn may have had more serious intentions, or hopes for a more serious outcome.

The documentary was of course interviewing USA people as well as the revealing files of crime boss Edgar Hoover.

It was quite a shocking documentary, and certainly blew away any idea that loose morals in Presidents is a new thing. Nope .... from time to time USA people have turned a blind eye to the morals of men they still wanted in the White House, and I suspect it will all happen again at some time in the future if we have some decades yet before Jesus returns to this earth, to put a final end to such immorality, that more and more average Joe and Jill are participating in - adultery. As more people practice adultery I guess they ain't going to say someone as President cannot also do what they like to do.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

FIFA Women's world Soccer

It was the official opening game of the Women's World Cup Soccer - Germany vs Canada.

Germany came in as world cup owners and the favorite, Canada came in as #6 in the world.

The final score was Germany 2 Canada 1. The German goals were good ones. Canadian goal was a super free kick from just outside the penalty area by Canada's super star captain - a delightful goal, that no doubt will go down in history as one of the great free kick goals of all time in women's soccer.

I was the captain of our High School Soccer team, so I kinda have soccer in my heart a little per se.

BUT after this comment of mine on the basic outcome, what have I seen in the now today lady's world Soccer. VERY DISAPPOINTING TO SEE WOMEN'S SOCCER DEGENERATE INTO THE PUSH AND SHOVE, ARMS FLYING ALL OVER THE PLACE, YELLOW CARDS GIVEN OUT, AS IT IS IN MEN'S WORLD SOCCER.

A product of modern wins at all costs in such contact team sports like Hockey and Soccer - degeneration into soccer professionalism.

It is sad to see women's soccer go the way of men's soccer - but such is the secular world.

Not being a follower of Basketball I have no idea if it has degenerated as soccer has.

I guess Baseball and Cricket (which I played and was captain for the last year in High School) is still a basic none contact sport, yet pro baseball has had it on the field fights (disgustingly sad to say).

American Football and Rugby has enough normal contact to make those games hard enough without deliberate foul contact.

Well I doubt from today's Soccer game between Germany and Canada I will watch if any more of the games, maybe the final cup game I will watch, but that is a maybe from the state of how women play soccer today.

More signs of the times in the downward degeneration of so many things in the world today.

How we need God's Kingdom to come. Yes there will be "sports" in the age to come, but all will be played with skill and no "win at all cost" attitude. There will be friendliness with fair play from all sides.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

USA and Same Sex Marriage/Epidemic Diabetes for children

The State of New York has voted to give official status to same sex marriage.
And so they say the biggest State will move many other States into action on allowing same sex marriage.

I've said for a number of years that same sex marriage will be the "norm" for the USA in time.

It is already a National law in Canada and other counties in the Western world.

As the USA becomes more and more "secular" the same sex marriage law will become a part of that secularism.

The sins of the world will grow and grow. Some will be open sins that the Bible makes as crystal clear as a cloudless blue sky. Some sins will be much less noticeable, from a "Christian" false religion that will sweep across and rule the Western world during the last 42 months of this age.

And during that last time, the nations of the world will be judged in no uncertain way by the Almighty and Holy Father in heaven. The world and its nations are on the pathway to sin upon sin and to the judgment that will be the fulfilling of the book of Revelation.

USA children (age 7 to 14) coming down with diabetes 2 is in an epedemic situation. They are saying that 40 percent of all new people diagnozed with type 2 diabetes are children between 7 and 14 years of age.
Type 2 diabetes is mainly due to diet, and can often, in most cases be eradicated from a person's life, through a change in diet.
It boils down to more fruits and vegetables, whole grain products in moderation, and staying away from junk foods, fast foods.


The "Great Courses" company  or "The Teaching Company" out of Chantilly, VA ( have a SUPER course called: "Experiencing Hubble - Understanding the Great Images of the Universe."

Professor David M. Meyer PhD (Northwestern University) is the teacher. There are 12 - 30 minute lectures, of Hubble telescope images.

The 12 lectures are very well presented by Meyer. They reveal so much about the universe that it is truly
mind-bending. What the universe is, what is there, what takes place, what has taken place, and the distances of the seeable universe, which is ever expanding in all directions, is ....... well the human mind cannot really graspe the magnitude of it all. Even secular science now admits the universe had a START! They call it the "big bang" when all that is physical had a beginning.

For your whole family's education I highly recommend you by this lecture series from The Teaching Company. It is not expensive. You will be doing yourself and your family a great service by having this two-set DVD in your home library.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

USA/CANADA - pull out of Afghanistan

Obama and Harper (USA and Canada respectively) are going to do what they have promised - bring troops home from Afghanistan.

Now 30,000 are to come home to the USA by September 2012.....BUT that will still leave 70,000.

A little or big "political" movement really.

It is true the USA people (with recession - unemployment - housing problems - 14 trillion in debt) are fed-up with the war in Afghan. They rightly see it doing little good and very costly to keep the war going against the Taliban.

Canadian news experts say the Afghan training to fight for themselves has fallen short in every department when tested.

So they want to say the Taliban are pushed back, or on the run. The truth really is the Taliban have the common sense to withdraw, move over into Pakistan. When the USA and Canada troops are gone, the Taliban will still remain as they have for decades, and will go back to doing what they have been doing for decades.

I said 10 years ago that the West (specifically the USA, Britain, Canada) could never win against an enemy that plays war with hit and run, ambush, hidden road bombs, and suicides. As well as knowing how to live in the mountains, as they have for decades. They know well how to run away to fight another day.

Europe and Greece seem to be figuring out how to keep Greece from going bankrupt. They have to for if Greece falls they say it will put the whole world in a tail spin, such is the world tied together, Europe with the USA and hence China and India and Japan.  It is no longer a world of individual nations; it is a world that has ties between all nations to maintain any kind of prosperity.

And as Nato continues its war in Libya, old Madghafi is still around and withstanding it all - amazing I find that to be. The troubles in the Arab world will make it long and difficult (from present progress) for them to eventually form an Arab union of nations, the "king of the South" in end-time Bible prophecy.  It could well take a decade for them to form such a bond of unity, but we shall keep watching, as it all depends on whether God the Father decides to slow down end-time prophecy or speed it up.

Record setting floods are in South Saskatchewan and North Dakota, which could move back into Manitoba. One in ten farmers in Saskatchewan will not put in seed grain crops this year.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Death in the SEAS!!!

A NEW study, as on CBC Canadian National news this evening. The SEAS of the world (which is really ONE large sea), is in a dying frame MUCH worse than scientists thought.

The new study was done by 27 worldwide scientists.....and the result is SHOCKING!!

I've just finished mentioning on my Youtube the book of Revelation and one of the last 7 last plagues of Revelation 16 is ALL in the sea dies. This probably sounds way too far out for most people to believe, that such could happen. Well of course with God pouring out those plagues ANYTHING is possible.

But RIGHT NOW .... not in the future ... our 27 scientists are saying we are in the process of killing everything in the sea by climate change, over fishing, pollution, and etc.

The FACTS are now in and unless nations, Governments, enact laws to prevent the death of the sea (which the CBC gave examples of how the sea is vital for our health and existence) that is exactly what we are progressing to do - killing the sea. This is not science fiction - this is the REALITY of what the nations of the world are doing.

The CBC scientist said we as people will bring in laws etc. to safe-guard the sea.

But in Revelation 16 one of the very last plagues on this earth FROM GOD, will be the death of creatures in the sea.

One of the mighty miracles of the Lord for the age to come, when Jesus will set up the Kingdom of God on earth, will be to re-establish the sea for that age of 1,000 years.

All the prophecies I have expounded for you on my website, and in my book "The Biblical Prophets for Today" obtainable from It is also obtainable in Ebook form from also.


Monday, June 20, 2011


Interesting on Canadian TV news this evening. They showed what Obama said about Madhafi having to go from Libya, Canada saying the same, and Nato agreeing.

Now that the dictator of Syria for the 3rd time has spoken .... well the USA is very slow to take the same stand, although one high up guy in the USA administration is admitting the contradiction. What did Harper (the Canadian Prime Minister) have to say...."Well we can't fight everywhere...."

You talk about two-faced contradictory politicians....we have a fine example so far with Obama and Harper, and Nato.

We in Western Canada are having another extremely wet Spring going into Summer, like last year, with many floods, then down in 7 States they have extreme heat and fires so large they can be seen from the satellites in space.

A movie I bought recently - true life movie - Alliance Films - 2010 - "Formosa Betrayed" - very informative and shockingly revealing, that most probably have no clue about. On the back:

Inspired by true events, when a Taiwanese-American professor is murdered, FBI agent Jake Kelly races to track the killers back to Taiwan. Kelly soon finds himself immersed in a dangerous conspiracy as he dodges forces ranging from the U.S. State Department to the Chinese Mafia. A gripping thriller, Formosa Betrayed delivers an unbelievable true story that must be heard.

More segments of my expounding of the book of Revelation are up on my Youtube - keithmhunt - or you can access my youtube from my website -

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sin of ADULTERY everywhere!!

Last Friday evening ABC 20/20 had a 20 minute segment on the popular Internet sin of ADULTERY! Yes, you read it correctly - the popular, very popular sin of adultery, now practiced on the Internet and of course some of it carried over into real life - literal physical sexual adultery.

And as they showed - the playing field for the Internet is EVEN for BOTH sexes. It's not just men any more wanting that physical fling to satisfy the sexual appetite - it's women as much as men.

One guy interviewed owns an Internet "adultery site" and he said his business is a multi-million dollar business. His site is worldwide and in 5 different languages - some of the countries where business comes in are from nations that have the death penalty for adultery - obviously from some Arab Muslim nations, and he says even the death penalty does not stop some from wanting to indulge in adultery.

So some go on line first to find a person for adultery, then those who travel to this or that town, country, for their job, hook up with the pre-arranged person for adultery.

One fellow said after three years of marriage, his marriage was stale, boring or whatever.

So in todays fast work-a-holic world, it would seem many marriages become stale, boring, lack-luster in sexual matters. Not too surprising, in the world of the 21st century. Many are probably marrying the wrong person for starters, and many obviously are not knowing or caring about making their sexual union interesting and exciting and real pleasurable. So one or the other is on the Internet to partake of adultery, mentally, emotionally, or often in the physical form also.

It is a sad story of a world out-of-tune with God, marriage, and sexuality in marriage, that the Lord so made. Yes God made man and woman, He made marriage, He made sexuality. Why He even has a very open book in the Bible on sexuality in marriage - the Book of Solomon. And if you have not yet studied the study on my website about sexuality and the book of Solomon, then for teens and especially for those married, or engaged to be married, you need to study that study on my website (

The sins of the world are many and MULTIPLIED. They become more and more as time marches on to the end of this age. So it is prophesied, so it was to be, so it is, and so all that is written in the prophecies of your Bible must come to pass. Our nations, the world, has gone beyond the point of return, the line has been crossed, and only the HORRIFIC events of the prophecies of the last 42 months of this age, will bring our nations and the nations of the whole world to DEEP REPENTANCE.

All the prophecies of the Bible are expounded for you on my website and much also on my Youtube.

It may be too late to bring the nations back from falling over the cliff to repentant punishment, but for YOU as an individual it is not too late. If you are reading this, you can come to know the true God and His Word, His way of life, His salvation through Jesus Christ as PERSONAL Savior.

My website is dedicated to bring you the truth of God's word and the restitution of all things.  And part of that truth is to have a happy marriage in all ways, including sexuality in marriage.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

MS - Vitamin D3 and Liberation Theropy



Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord. It is the result of damage to the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells, due to inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body's own immune cells attack the nervous system, known as an autoimmune disorder. When this nerve covering is damaged, nerve impulses are slowed down or stopped.
According to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, "Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease. While it is most often diagnosed in young adults, aged 15 to 40, we know that it affects children, some as young as two years old. The impact is felt by family, friends and by the community. MS is unpredictable, affecting vision, hearing, memory, balance and mobility. Its effects are physical, emotional, financial, and last a lifetime. There is no cure."

An estimated 55,000 to 75,000 Canadians and 400,000 Americans have Multiple Sclerosis. Canada is a high risk area for the disease, which occurs more often in countries that are further away from the equator. A study published in the February 8, 2011 issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, claims to know the reason. "People who spend more time outside in the sun and those with higher vitamin D3 levels are far less likely to ever develop MS than those with inadequate sun exposure and low levels of vitamin D3."

Once again we see the many benefits of vitamin D3 for our good health. Several studies have shown that higher levels of vitamin D3 can actually prevent Multiple Sclerosis. This sunshine vitamin is known to reduce inflammation and possibly autoimmune activity.
High dosages of vitamin D3 are proving to be beneficial to those with Multiple Sclerosis. Studies show relapses occur less frequently. A quick search of the Internet provides many testimonies to its benefits. Here is one of them: "I have secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and because of vitamin D3, I no longer have to use my wheelchair or use a cane. I take one capsule of vitamin D3, 50,000 IU a day. Vitamin D3 is the only addition I've made, and is definitely the reason that I am now able to walk more than 1.8 miles in 40 minutes, read books and newspapers again, speak more clearly, see things in focus instead of blurry ...."
Clinical trials at the Research Facility of the University of Toronto have proven that there is no evidence of adverse effects from MS patients taking large dosages of Vitamin D3 every day.

Another treatment for MS sufferers that's been making headlines in the last couple of years is what's known as Liberation Therapy. Discovered by Dr. Paolo Zamboni, an Italian doctor, he claims that MS is not the disease the medical establishment believes it to be.

When his wife began to show signs of having MS, he decided to do his own research on the disease. Searching medical books from as far back as 100 years ago, one common denominator kept appearing in cases of MS patients .... excess iron. This heavy metal can cause inflammation and death of cells, a recognizable trait of MS. Knowing from previous research that iron buildup damages blood vessels in the legs, he proceeded to test for similar problems with blood vessels of the brain.
Through the use of ultrasound machines, he found that over 90% of the people he tested with MS have a blockage in their veins that drain blood from the brain, due to iron buildup. As these vessels rupture, the iron and other intrusive cells cross the crucial brain-blood barrier, where they destroy myelin sheathing of the cerebral nerves, and this leads to Multiple Sclerosis.

Upon these findings, Dr. Zamboni performed a simple operation on his wife to unblock the veins. Three years later, and his wife has yet to suffer another attack. Afterwards this same operation was performed on a group of 65 MS patients. The results were astounding .... 73% of the patients are completely free of the symptoms of MS.

Closer to home, a gentleman made the news here in Kingston, Ontario last year when he travelled to Costa Rica to have liberation treatment for his MS. The positive results of the treatment were visible from the moment he came out of the operation room. "My wife immediately noticed that there was more colour in my face," he recalls. "The very next day I was telling my doctor what colour his shirt was through my left eye, which had been colour-blind for the last two-and-a-half years. My vision is progressively getting better ... Every day there's more detail I can make out." His balance greatly improved after the treatment, and his temperature - even began to regulate itself again. "Right away the tingling in my hands was gone, and my feet felt warm - before they were always cold," he says, adding that he is now able to sweat for the first time in over two years.

He went on to witness the similar success of his fellow patients: "One lady hadn't been able to use her hands in over seven years, but by the time we left she was typing with both hands," he says. "Another man was in a wheelchair when we first went down, but after the procedure he was taking steps."

You would think the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada would be thrilled with these dis coveries, and at the very least encourage more testing in our own country. But just like all other alternative medicines, the government and the medical establishments continue to turn a blind eye. The Canadian Medical Association and the Association of Ontario Neurologists both maintain that patients should wait until more research has been done on the procedure before seeking liberation treatment.

Recently, Multiple Sclerosis patients held rallies across Canada, calling on Ottawa to make liberation therapy available in Canada. Some members of parliament joined in the support. Let's hope enough voices are heard so that treatments such as this can be made more readily available here at home.

Rich Coupland writes for

Liberation theropy has been adopted in Saskatchewan, which was the first Province in Canada (1961 - the year I came to Canada and to Saskatchewan) to bring in Provincial Medicare. And from there Canada adopted the National Medicare, which it has to this day. So Saskatchewan has always been the first runner in medical adoption when enough people have benefited from a new treatment.

Liberation theropy does not work for everyone, but a significant number of people have had good to super results from liberation theropy.

Keith Hunt

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minority Vancouverites riot/Greece people riot !!!

Vancouver Hockey fans were disappointed to see their team beaten by Detroit 4-0 in the last 7th game of the Stanley Cup. Detroit win the cup for the first time since 1972.

Detroit deserved the cup - over the 7 games they were the clear winner and the better team.

It is disgraceful that a minority in Vancouver should make the loss an excuse to riot. It is disgusting and shameful on the city of Vancouver.

In contrast when the Calgary team (where I am) got to the cup final and lost the 7th game, there was no rioting. And Calgary were not outplayed in any of the 7 games - they lost by one goal only. So this rioting by the few in Vancouver shows they have a different mind-set than sports fans in Calgary.
The situation I hear now as the night moves on is getting worse - sad indeed. It is a city on edge they say - cars on fire, one building on fire. The craziness of the human heart, it can go crazy indeed. The violence is not as bad as it was in 1994 when Vancouver lost the cup in the 7th game also.  But any such rioting is disgraceful, and is a black mark on the "peaceful Canadians" as most of the world looks upon us.

The troubles in Greece over its economy and big moves it must take if Europe is to continue to bail them out, is also causing riots. It is a large concern for the health of Europe and in the long run serious troubles for Europe is going to effect the economies of the world, hence the recession for the West will not move up and away.
The Western world stock market figures took a tumble today. The USA is far from getting close to pre-2008 economy life, and with Europe on a tight-rope, the troubled recession for the West continues. At present it seems only Canada is weathering the storm. The rest of the year of 2011 is going to be interesting to see how well or un-well the West will do in its troubles economy.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today is PENTECOST 2011

Sunday June 12th -  2011 and it is PENTECOST.

In my study on my website ( under the "Sabbath and Feasts of the Lord" I have a full study on the "history" of Pentecost.  Even the Roman Catholic church for centuries observed Pentecost, probably still do. Sometimes their Sunday Pentecost falsl on the same Sunday as God's true day of Pentecost. The RC church go by, and count from Easter Sunday, which in some years falls on the correct Sunday to count from - counting 49 days and the 50th day is Pentecost Sunday.

It is an obvious day when the Holy Spirit came with power and might on the apostles and brethren of the Lord as recorded in Acts chapter 2. It is the birthday of the New Testament church. And so it was easy for even the popular Catholic church of Rome to see that its observance should be observed; as it fell on a Sunday it was convenient to observe seeing that in the second century A.D. the church at Rome had moved into observing Sunday as the weekly Sabbath.

This all shows that the church at Rome was not really against observing the Lord's Feasts, IF a feast fell on the convenient day of the sun. As Jesus had risen on the first day of the week, albeit not Sunday morning (as most Christians have been taught and believe) but on what we under the Roman calendar call Saturday evening. He rose shortly after the weekly Sabbath was over, and fulfilled the correct wave sheaf cutting by the Sadducees which was done after the weekly Sabbath had ended during the days of the Feast of UNLEAVENED BREAD.

All this truth is found in my studies on Pentecost on my website. The studies include the correct way to count to Pentecost. For indeed Pentecost must each year be counted, and is never a set calendar date as the Pharisees had come to believe, which to them was always Sivan 6th. Hence if you are looking at the Hebrew calendar on the Internet, most of those calendars will be by those who are in theology from the Pharisees, and so Pentecost will be in their calendar Sivan 6th. Which is INCORRECT!!

You should turn to Acts 2 today and read the account there of the day of Pentecost. We find the somewhat famous verses of Acts 2:38 and the words of Peter. Peter for a time was the leading disciple of the NT church. Truly God used him in a mighty way. He brought the first heart shaking sermon to the world at large, to thousands who were gathered at Jerusalem to observe Pentecost. Peter was indeed the stone that Jesus initially founded the church on as far as physical humans was concerned. The NT clearly tells us that Jesus was always the corner stone - yet Peter was the stone or piece of rock that was next to Jesus that the NT church was built upon. It is clear from the first number of chapters of Acts that Peter was the mighty one of the disciples that humanly speaking was the spear-head of the Christian church, at least for a while. Then it becomes obvious to those who read Acts with the mind of a child that within some years, especially when the apostle Paul was called to the ministry, there was no longer ANY ONE particular man that spear-headed the Church of God. Paul as we read in the book of Galatians took a back seat to no man, not even the original 12 apostles of Christ. Then the church was founded upon all the apostles, Jesus being the chief corner stone.

The teaching of the Roman church that they have the line of foundation from Peter, whom they claim was the first Pope of Rome, is TOTALLY FALSE!!

The truth of the matter on "Church Government" is covered fully and in great detail on my website, as is the role of women in the church. For all that truth on that subject I refer the reader to those studies.

My friend Adam (a Christian Jew - yes a real Jew - not a "wanabe" Jew) is with me this Pentecost week-end. We shall enjoy the day together with Bible reading and spiritual fellowship.

Last evening, the beginning of Pentecost we watched the movie "Walk the Line." It is the life story of Johnny Cash. It is in many ways the redeeming - the transforming - of his life to Jesus Christ, as much as was revealed to him, given to him, about the life of Christianity that he should live. True he was not given all the truths of the Lord, but he did take Jesus as his Savior, and after that lived the best he knew how to live with what was revealed to him.

It is an inspiring story. It is also about June Carter who was used, with the help of her Mom and Dad to get Johnny cleaned up from drugs and alcohol. It shows how traveling road entertainers can easily slip into drugs and alcohol abuse, as many of them did back in the 1950s...well as even today they can do.

Johnny hit the bottom as they say, was about as far down the gutter of the world of drugs and alcohol abuse as you can get. He ruined a good marriage with a woman that loved him, and if you see the movie you cannot blame her walking away, especially when Johnny had fallen in love with June Carter as they did road shows together. June also had two failed marriages. The traveling entertainer has a very difficult time to keep a marriage healthy and strong, unless they are both entertaining together.

Well Johnny hit the skids and was down and out, at the bottom. His entertaining was at an end. He was an alcoholic and drug pill popper. June had given up on him, and you certainly could not blame her for that. But Johnny tried to keep in touch with her. And one "thanksgiving time" Johnny's parents and June and her parents came to Johnny's country home by the lake. He was drunk as usual. He got into a tiff with his Dad, and went out to try and get his tractor out of being stuck in the mud. Jonny's parent left. June and her parents were about to leave. It was June's Mother who said she better go and help this man. All three stayed (June and her parents) and they helped Johnny work through the "withdrawal" from alcohol and drugs.

It was the start as June told Johnny, of a new chance, God was giving him a new chance to make a new start in life. And Johnny accepted Jesus as Savior and he took the new start, and once more the two of them with Johnny's old two band members, started a new entertainment period. It was a transformation for Jonny. And as they say he never looked back.

Johnny had asked June to marry him many many times. From what they both had been through it was understandable she refused his offer those many times. He asked her just before getting to Toronto for a gig. She refused and said he was not to talk to her but only on stage.

Well it was quite the stage talk. During the singing of one song Johnny stopped and asked June to marry him. She told him to keep singing, he asked again, she told him the audience wanted them to sing; he refused to sing. He told her he would never hurt her again, and asked her to marry him. June with some tears rolling down finally said yes! Johnny said to the audience, "If you did not hear that, she said yes." They hugged and kissed right there on stage, the audience stood and cheered and clapped.

Yes that took place in Toronto, Canada. And they went on to have a wonderful marriage and life together for 35 years.  June died first and Johnny died 4 months later. Johnny recorded many gospel songs.
I have one of his DVDs - his spiritual singing with June, at various times in their 35 years together. They had one son, who was the producer of the movie in honor of his parents.

It all reminds me of Acts 2 and the inspiring sermon of Peter. It makes no difference what your sins have been. Peter cried out "REPENT YOU and be baptized, everyone of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit" (verse 38).

That is what it is all about friends. We are sinners in one way or another. Your NT says that ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. It makes no difference what is YOUR sin/s - you may have hit the bottom as Jonny Cash did. But you can look up, you can, if you really want to, REPENT of sin, take Jesus as YOUR personal Savior; put your faith in Him who came and died for all who have sinned, and that is everyone, you and me. You can cry out to God the Father and Jesus His Son, and they WILL hear. Upon your repentance you can be forgiven, you can have the blood of Christ wash away your sins. You can have a a new life, a change of life, you can be rescued from sin as Jonny Cash was, and find peace and salvation.

I urge you to read Acts chapter 2. Then read Romans chapter 1 through 8.

Today, the birthday of the NT church, can also be your birthday into a new life with Christ, with God the Father, and with their Word the Bible.

Whatever is your burden, your yoke, Jesus said, "Take by burden, take my yoke for it is light.....I am the way the truth and the light.....I am the resurrection.....He that comes to me shall in no way be cast out."

Maybe today - Pentecost - is a good time to read some of the wonderful chapters of the Gospel of John, to know who Jesus was and is, and that BOTH the Father and the Son are there wanting to come and live within you through the Holy Spirit.

If you have not yet accepted Jesus as YOUR PERSONAL Savior, then today, this Feast day of Pentecost, is a good day to take that step of faith, and become a child of God, walk in His light, be a part of the firstfruits to God, that will rise in the resurrection to meet Christ in the clouds upon His return to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

You have everything you need on my website to walk in the ways of the Eternal God of heaven.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Syria and Nato - Recession Dip

China's exports are down. The reason given is probably because Europe and the USA have not come out of recession, and have actually fallen back from recovery, hence people in Europe and the USA ain't buying "made in China."

Then also we have China "importing" more - they need the things that can give them energy to keep their wheels turning, which though not as good as a year ago, nevertheless is still marching along pretty darn good.

So will things ever be as before 2008 when the recession hit MOST countries? Europe will bounce back eventually to be the trading center of the world.  How long that will take is another question. Time for end-time prophecy is in the Father's hands in heaven.

It should be very plain to see that NATO and the USA/BRITAIN have a two sided face when it comes to "dictatorships" running as muck. The dictator of Syria is getting away with mass murder, and the rest of the world just stands by watching....well some say they do not like it, but the truth of the matter is, they showed one face to Madhafi in Libya, and another face to the mad dog dictator in Syria.
It seems it is politics as politics has always been.....politics, and not righteous judgment.
I think you should get the picture, pretty plain really. I need say no more, but SHAME and more shame on Nato, the USA and Britain, and others also.

And speaking of Madhafi and Libya......bombs upon bombs upon bombs have been dropped on Madhafi by Nato, Canada, and others, and YET this dictator has not been removed. It is amazing how many bombs an army can take smashing down on them, and still the Dictartorship in Libya has NOT crashed to the ground. This is truly amazing to me. Maybe until they send in James Bond and his crew to "get" Madhafi, this guy is going to hang on and hang on, who knows for how long, so far nothing has moved him okay Nato better call up James Bond to deal with this guy.

More rain across Canada, still more flooding in Manitoba. Now we have a huge (can see it from space) forest fire in Arizona. More horrific natural disasters.

It is Pentecost week-end this June 12th - Sunday. I have all kinds of studies on my website concerning the great Feast of the Lord we call Pentecost.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

UNCERTAIN - USA in trouble/ Yemen civil war USA troubled

The word is "uncertain" for the small business people who are not hiring or expanding.

House sales down.

Unemployment at 9.1.

All of this is showing the USA is still a long way out of economic recovery.

Canada is wanting a trade relationship with Europe.

Europe is still in trouble like the USA but prophecy says Europe, with a the largest "Christian" church in the world, will eventually be the mighty trading power of the world. She will be the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire; she will be the Babylon Mystery Religion empire of the book of Revelation. She will have a miracle working "false prophet" who will be the head of the Babylon Mystery church that has made drunk most nations of the earth in many theological and custom traditions and practices.

It is just a matter of time. And that time is in the hands of the Father in heaven. But it will come to pass.

All the prophetic books of the Bible I have expounded on my website (

The leader of Yemen was just about killed the other day. Many bodyguards around him were killed. They now say the leader of Yemen may be out of the country getting medical treatment. The fact is that civil war is under way in Yemen. And it all worries the USA for until now Yemen has been on the USA side to fight the Taliban and other fanatical groups of Islam that are against the USA and the mind-set of the West. A vacuum in Yemen could mean the fanatical Islam group/s could take power and hence have a large location for training to make continued war against the USA and the West.

The Arab world will in the main move away from dictatorships and so make the freedom possible to form a UNITED Arab union that is called the "king of the south" in Daniel 11. Yes, it will come to pass, and Egypt will be the spearhead of this future Arab union.  What this will all mean for the world is expounded on my website. All the prophetic books of the Bible are expounded on my website.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Syria blood bath!!

The type street war taking place in Syria and Damascus has reached new heights of Government. Some countries are now saying the Syrian leader is guilty of war crimes. The USA through Hilary Clinton has finally voiced that this bloody dictator of Syria should "go."

Syria and Damascus are mentioned in Bible Prophedcy - Isaiah 17:1-3; Jeremiah 49:23; Amos 1:3; Zechariah 9:1.
Syria will fall and be punished by the coming Beast Babylon Holy Roman Empire of Europe., when that Beast power brings in the Great Tribulation at the very end time, the beginning of the last 42 months of this age.

God is no respecter of persons. All nations (the large players of the world) will be punished according as the Lord as proclaimed they will be at the last days, when all that is written will come to pass (Luke 21:22).
Jesus called it the "days of vengeance" and Paul was inspired to say that vengeance belongs to God. The time comes when the Eternal will say enough is enough, sins and wickedness and punishment must come on all the big player nations of the earth. The last 42 months of this age will see the greatest time of tribulation ever to come on earth since Adam and Eve. The book of Revelation will be fulfilled. All nations will drink of the wrath of God, the earth will be shaken like a rag-doll in the winds of a tornado.

At that time all the world will see the power of the Almighty, and they will know God does exist. The evolutionists will flee to the caves of the earth as will others to try and hide from the face of Him that will CONFOUND their minds and vain self-righteous mind-set. Judgement is coming on this earth, in God's time table.

I have expounded for you all the prophetic books of the Bible on my website ( and a great deal of prophecy on Youtube (keithmhunt).

Yes you can know what lies ahead for this planet and the nations upon it.

Those that have ears to hear with need to hear and prepare to meet their God.

USA employment troubles/ E-COLI as never before!

There are still 13 MILLION USA people out of work. Un-employment is 9.1 percent.

This is the latest and over April and into May it is a downward fall. So the USA is far from out of the woods and back into the times before 2008.

It is now the greatest deadly E-COLI outbreak in the world. Started in Germany, but has now spread to other Europe countries and 4 people in the USA (travelers to Germany). They say this particular e-coli is different than other e-coli - they are calling it a super bug, which can get not just on the top of fruits and vegetables but even inside things like tomatoes.  18 deaths so far and nearly 2,000 sick. It is also attacking younger women more, but they figure that is because women eat more fruits and vegetables than do men.

James Arness, the 6'7" sheriff Mat Dillon in the 20 year show "Gun Smoke" dies. He was born in 1923.
John Wayne turned down the job and said only James Arness was the right guy for the big sheriff job, and he was the one to get the badge.
It was one of the most favorite TV series shows. I well remember watching it as a kid growing up in England. Yes it was very popular in Britain. Not really surprising as also the cowboy shows Maverick and Bonanza were also very popular, oh yes and of course Wyatt Earp. And before them there was Roy Rogers who had a huge popularity and fan base in Britain.
James Arness said that his wounds from WW2 made it hard for him to climb up on a horse.