Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sin of ADULTERY everywhere!!

Last Friday evening ABC 20/20 had a 20 minute segment on the popular Internet sin of ADULTERY! Yes, you read it correctly - the popular, very popular sin of adultery, now practiced on the Internet and of course some of it carried over into real life - literal physical sexual adultery.

And as they showed - the playing field for the Internet is EVEN for BOTH sexes. It's not just men any more wanting that physical fling to satisfy the sexual appetite - it's women as much as men.

One guy interviewed owns an Internet "adultery site" and he said his business is a multi-million dollar business. His site is worldwide and in 5 different languages - some of the countries where business comes in are from nations that have the death penalty for adultery - obviously from some Arab Muslim nations, and he says even the death penalty does not stop some from wanting to indulge in adultery.

So some go on line first to find a person for adultery, then those who travel to this or that town, country, for their job, hook up with the pre-arranged person for adultery.

One fellow said after three years of marriage, his marriage was stale, boring or whatever.

So in todays fast work-a-holic world, it would seem many marriages become stale, boring, lack-luster in sexual matters. Not too surprising, in the world of the 21st century. Many are probably marrying the wrong person for starters, and many obviously are not knowing or caring about making their sexual union interesting and exciting and real pleasurable. So one or the other is on the Internet to partake of adultery, mentally, emotionally, or often in the physical form also.

It is a sad story of a world out-of-tune with God, marriage, and sexuality in marriage, that the Lord so made. Yes God made man and woman, He made marriage, He made sexuality. Why He even has a very open book in the Bible on sexuality in marriage - the Book of Solomon. And if you have not yet studied the study on my website about sexuality and the book of Solomon, then for teens and especially for those married, or engaged to be married, you need to study that study on my website (

The sins of the world are many and MULTIPLIED. They become more and more as time marches on to the end of this age. So it is prophesied, so it was to be, so it is, and so all that is written in the prophecies of your Bible must come to pass. Our nations, the world, has gone beyond the point of return, the line has been crossed, and only the HORRIFIC events of the prophecies of the last 42 months of this age, will bring our nations and the nations of the whole world to DEEP REPENTANCE.

All the prophecies of the Bible are expounded for you on my website and much also on my Youtube.

It may be too late to bring the nations back from falling over the cliff to repentant punishment, but for YOU as an individual it is not too late. If you are reading this, you can come to know the true God and His Word, His way of life, His salvation through Jesus Christ as PERSONAL Savior.

My website is dedicated to bring you the truth of God's word and the restitution of all things.  And part of that truth is to have a happy marriage in all ways, including sexuality in marriage.


  1. Aldultery has been made so light, like it doesn't even matter. One destroyed marriage and 2 shellshocked children later, my wife hasn't suffered a thing. I've lost everything, and although I wasn't perfect, I never struck her, I never stayed out drinking I stayed at home. I was faithful for 15 years. Where's my justice?

  2. Life does not always seem to be fair. I personally know about how a marriage can break up and you sit back and say "Why Lord?" or "Why did this happen to me?" I may not know the full answer, but I do know if you trust the Lord and try to do the best you can and be the best you can (with our mistakes and sins as we all have - 1 John 1 and 2) , there is a reason. Sometimes we do not find the answer till many years later as in my case).
    We may not seem to get justice in this lifetime, but we shall in the life to come. For it is written we shall be rewarded according to our works. So you continue to be the person you were for 15 years. I also lost everything, but you pick yourself up and keep going. The Lord is not slack in noting your good works, and in the life to come you will be rewarded according to your works, so it is written, so it shall be.