Saturday, June 25, 2011

USA and Same Sex Marriage/Epidemic Diabetes for children

The State of New York has voted to give official status to same sex marriage.
And so they say the biggest State will move many other States into action on allowing same sex marriage.

I've said for a number of years that same sex marriage will be the "norm" for the USA in time.

It is already a National law in Canada and other counties in the Western world.

As the USA becomes more and more "secular" the same sex marriage law will become a part of that secularism.

The sins of the world will grow and grow. Some will be open sins that the Bible makes as crystal clear as a cloudless blue sky. Some sins will be much less noticeable, from a "Christian" false religion that will sweep across and rule the Western world during the last 42 months of this age.

And during that last time, the nations of the world will be judged in no uncertain way by the Almighty and Holy Father in heaven. The world and its nations are on the pathway to sin upon sin and to the judgment that will be the fulfilling of the book of Revelation.

USA children (age 7 to 14) coming down with diabetes 2 is in an epedemic situation. They are saying that 40 percent of all new people diagnozed with type 2 diabetes are children between 7 and 14 years of age.
Type 2 diabetes is mainly due to diet, and can often, in most cases be eradicated from a person's life, through a change in diet.
It boils down to more fruits and vegetables, whole grain products in moderation, and staying away from junk foods, fast foods.


The "Great Courses" company  or "The Teaching Company" out of Chantilly, VA ( have a SUPER course called: "Experiencing Hubble - Understanding the Great Images of the Universe."

Professor David M. Meyer PhD (Northwestern University) is the teacher. There are 12 - 30 minute lectures, of Hubble telescope images.

The 12 lectures are very well presented by Meyer. They reveal so much about the universe that it is truly
mind-bending. What the universe is, what is there, what takes place, what has taken place, and the distances of the seeable universe, which is ever expanding in all directions, is ....... well the human mind cannot really graspe the magnitude of it all. Even secular science now admits the universe had a START! They call it the "big bang" when all that is physical had a beginning.

For your whole family's education I highly recommend you by this lecture series from The Teaching Company. It is not expensive. You will be doing yourself and your family a great service by having this two-set DVD in your home library.

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