Monday, June 27, 2011

USA President morals?

Do you think that it is only recently that someone can be elected and/or stay out of "impeachment" with "sexually loose" morals. Now your mind may be going back to Bill Clinton who managed to avoid impeachment from the way he told the people about his private "hanky-panky" with ...... the intern girl or "secretary" or whatever her White House duties were that put her in close contact with the President (pun kinda intended)?

If you think the "moral" decline in whatever you consider "moral" or "unmoral" (some would put President Nixon in the "immoral" class over the"Watergate" scandal that eventually took him to having to resign the Presidency) is relatively of recent would be wrong.

Just the other evening the CBC had a documentary on the "sex" side of J.F. Kennedy and in part the whole (well much of) the male side of the Kennedy's. family.

It turns out from eye witnesses that JFK's Dad was well known to have sex with other women (some the age of 18) besides his wife. If fact it is a well known and document reality that the male side of the Kennedy's (most of them) had a very loose, and for them a natural habit within their family tree, of sex with women other than just their wife, and that the wives of Kennedy's also knew about it and had to or did accept that was part of marrying a Kennedy.

As for JF Kennedy, it is now revealed that famous crime catcher Edgar Hoover had no love for JF Kennedy, and no love really was far more "great dislike" than no love. And the crime chief had all kinds of facts and paper work and files on the somewhat openly known sexual exploits with many women, by JF Kennedy.

But the facts go far from just having sex with "hired" women (the people in the documentary did not use the word "prostitutes") but some of the women had connections with the Mafia and powerful guys in the Trade Unions that were into questionable powerful moves right up into politics....and even some that had certain connections with the Communist world.

The facts have come even more to light (from "freedom of access" law) in the last number of years.

Now that 50 years have gone by since JF Kennedy was narrowly voted into the White House, access to documents show just how addicted to sex - having sex with many women (reminds you of the golf guy Tiger Williams)  JF Kennedy was - a veritable addict to having to have sex with many women. And it has been known for decades that he may well have had sex with Marilyn Monroe, who the authorities with the facts say he just looked upon her as another sexual play thing, and then move on, where Marilyn may have had more serious intentions, or hopes for a more serious outcome.

The documentary was of course interviewing USA people as well as the revealing files of crime boss Edgar Hoover.

It was quite a shocking documentary, and certainly blew away any idea that loose morals in Presidents is a new thing. Nope .... from time to time USA people have turned a blind eye to the morals of men they still wanted in the White House, and I suspect it will all happen again at some time in the future if we have some decades yet before Jesus returns to this earth, to put a final end to such immorality, that more and more average Joe and Jill are participating in - adultery. As more people practice adultery I guess they ain't going to say someone as President cannot also do what they like to do.

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