Friday, June 10, 2011

Syria and Nato - Recession Dip

China's exports are down. The reason given is probably because Europe and the USA have not come out of recession, and have actually fallen back from recovery, hence people in Europe and the USA ain't buying "made in China."

Then also we have China "importing" more - they need the things that can give them energy to keep their wheels turning, which though not as good as a year ago, nevertheless is still marching along pretty darn good.

So will things ever be as before 2008 when the recession hit MOST countries? Europe will bounce back eventually to be the trading center of the world.  How long that will take is another question. Time for end-time prophecy is in the Father's hands in heaven.

It should be very plain to see that NATO and the USA/BRITAIN have a two sided face when it comes to "dictatorships" running as muck. The dictator of Syria is getting away with mass murder, and the rest of the world just stands by watching....well some say they do not like it, but the truth of the matter is, they showed one face to Madhafi in Libya, and another face to the mad dog dictator in Syria.
It seems it is politics as politics has always been.....politics, and not righteous judgment.
I think you should get the picture, pretty plain really. I need say no more, but SHAME and more shame on Nato, the USA and Britain, and others also.

And speaking of Madhafi and Libya......bombs upon bombs upon bombs have been dropped on Madhafi by Nato, Canada, and others, and YET this dictator has not been removed. It is amazing how many bombs an army can take smashing down on them, and still the Dictartorship in Libya has NOT crashed to the ground. This is truly amazing to me. Maybe until they send in James Bond and his crew to "get" Madhafi, this guy is going to hang on and hang on, who knows for how long, so far nothing has moved him okay Nato better call up James Bond to deal with this guy.

More rain across Canada, still more flooding in Manitoba. Now we have a huge (can see it from space) forest fire in Arizona. More horrific natural disasters.

It is Pentecost week-end this June 12th - Sunday. I have all kinds of studies on my website concerning the great Feast of the Lord we call Pentecost.

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