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"Sucker Punch" - the movie

A new movie out as of today, which I went to see (because I had seen the trailer and looked interesting)

It is a science-fiction movie with lots of the space age effects.

It is certainly different in its plot. Lots of space-age science fiction segments, with the young gals being the heroes.

I did enjoy it as a science fiction movie goes, with an unexpected twist at the end.  But added to it is a very important teaching and lesson for all of us, as for this lifetimes goes. It's not brought out till the end, but then you look back on the movie and you see that that is what it was all leading up to - an important lesson for us in this life we live.

The music was a bit "wild" (not my kind for sure) - but I guess it went with the movie, so overlooking that part of it, I did enjoy the movie.

It's rated 14A and probably correctly so.  Yes entertaining and I will buy it when it comes to Blockbuster as a "previously viewed."

Facebook and Church fattening

As of today there are 51% USA people on Facebook- that is in the media eyes just steaming alone at fast speed for something as new as Facebook.

Well it has been disclosed that "going to church" may indeed be partly to blame for over-weight people in the USA.
As one pastor said from experience, "Offer free food and the pews will be full."

Churches have now for decades been in the habit of serving food after services - most churches have as a regular offering "pot-luck" meals after the spiritual service.

And from my experience a lot of that food is fattening stuff. Yes even "food preaching" churches like the Seventh Day Adventists and the Church of God (7th Day) ...... well from attending such churches hundreds of times over the last 30 years, and their "pot luck" lunches, I can tell you that far too many of even those churches have far too much fattening foods on the tables, with plenty of fattening deserts to top it all off.

So indeed it is true as the ABC evening news said tonight, "adding the pounds you don't need may very well be done by going to church."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer

A new movie for March 2011

It is the Lawyer/Court Room story of old BUT with a difference.

Unique court-room thriller that has a few turns you do not expect.

Yes, I did enjoy this one - entertaining - will not go down in the "great movie" segment of Hollywood, but for the lawyer/court-room movies one of the best I've seen, come to think of it, they have not put out a lawyer/cout-room movie in quite a long time.

One of those movies that shows you how the bad guy can look and pretend to be so innocent, then a surprise turn at the end, that is unexpected.

Put it on your list of movies to see

How to raise a Healthy Child #3


by the late Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D.

Continued from previous page:

raised about commonly prescribed drugs, most doctors pay no
attention to them. The manufacturers of several of the drugs
doctors most frequently prescribe for children have been ordered
by the FDA to offer proof that they are safe and effective or
remove them from the market. The manufacturers have been sparring
with the FDA for years, while still selling these drugs. In most
instances they have yet to come up with proof that these drugs
are any good, yet doctors keep right on prescribing them. I'm not
talking about a handful of drugs but-literally-hundreds of them.
It seems almost incredible, but American parents spend millions
of dollars every year on drugs that their doctors have prescribed
without any evidence that the drugs are effective or safe or,
worse, in the face of responsible allegations that they are not.
Of the 30 drugs labeled ineffective by the FDA that were most
frequently prescribed in 1979, more than half-including the top
three-are often prescribed for children. Those on the list
include Dimetapp, Actifed, Donnatal, Ornade Spansules, Phenergan
Expectorant, Tuss-Ornade, Phenergan VC Expectorant with Codeine,
Actifed C Expectorant, Bentyl, Phenergan Expectorant Plain,
Benylin Cough Syrup, Marax and Marax DF, Dimetane Expectorant,
Ambenyl Expectorant, Dimetane Expectorant DC, and Teldrin. Next
time your doctor prescribes one of them for your child, ask him
why he is using a drug that the manufacturer has been unable to
defend as doing any good.

During the early years of my practice, when I was still naive
enough to believe what they had taught me in medical school, I
was guilty of the same sort of behavior. During my pediatric
residency I was taught to use x-rays to treat the tonsils, acne,
ringworm of the scalp, and enlarged lymph and thymus glands. No
one told me that I need to have any concern about the long-term
consequences of this treatment, nor did it occur to me to
question whether I might be causing my patients future harm.

In those days I took everything on faith and expected my patients
to do likewise. I'm ashamed of that now and suspicious of every
new medical fad, because those x-ray treatments were responsible
for a virtual epidemic of thyroid cancer among patients subjected
to them. The damage that was done is still being discovered every
day. Even more tragic is the fact that in the case of enlarged
lymph and thymus glands, we were treating nonailments. Their size
ultimately diminished without treatment, in the natural order of

Who knows what the future consequences will be of the things
pediatric residents are being taught today? They, are learning to
use bilirubin lights to treat infant jaundice, tympanostomy for
ear infections, antibiotics for almost everything, hormones to
control growth, powerful drugs to modify child behavior, and
other drugs, tests, immunizations, and procedures whose long-term
effects are unknown. The consequences have yet to be fully
revealed, but if you reexamine the previous disasters that litter
the path of "medical progress" you can be sure they will be many
and tragic.

If there is a given about medical practice, it is that doctors
don't seem to learn anything from their mistakes and that most of
them seem oblivious to the basic tenet of the Hippocratic oath,
"First, do no harm." Doctors do a lot of . harm, but the very
structure of their medical education over time makes them
insensitive to the harm that they do.

"We want our doctors to be caring and sensitive," Daniel
Borenstein, of the UCLA School of Medicine, said recently, "but
if they are overly caring, it's difficult for them to continue to
function. Throughout medical school there's a hardening of the

The pediatric resident may become quite skilled in certain
mechanical procedures frequently performed in hospitals, such as
inserting needles into veins and arteries, performing spinal
taps, and even inserting tracheal and bronchial tubes. However,
these skills diminish rapidly after he leaves the hospital and stops using them.
Within a year or two, you can't depend on him to retain many of the skills
he learned. Fortunately for him, and for his patients, it doesn't
make much difference because he rarely needs to use them. They
were typically learned while treating children in pediatric
clinics who were the victims of economic deprivation, inadequate
hygiene, and poor nutrition and consequently suffered ailments
rarely seen in middle-class or affluent pediatric practices.
Since most pediatricians go where the money is, there isn't much
chance that they'll continue to treat poor children when they
enter private practice. In fact, most of the time they'll be
treating kids who don't need treatment because they aren't
seriously ill.


As part of my preparation for entering private practice I was
taught during my pediatric residency what to do if I made a
terrible mistake. I wasn't told what to tell the parents of the
child so that they could handle their grief more adequately, nor
was I given any ethical standards to adhere to. Instead, I was
admonished to call my malpractice insurance carrier immediately
and let him tell me how to proceed. If I had to say anything
publicly about a grievous-perhaps fatal-error, the magic phrase
was, "What happened to this poor child was one in a million."
That's why, when something goes wrong, you'll often hear a doctor
say, "It was one in a million." In Toronto there was the famous
case of Stephen Yuz, who entered the Hospital for Sick Children
and was diagnosed as having psychological vomiting. He died some
days later from an intestinal obstruction. It was one in a
million, of course, as was the death of a Chicago child as the
result of an asthma test.

I have attempted, in this chapter, to dissuade you from having
blind faith in your pediatrician and to point out that when you
seek medical attention that your child doesn't really need you
may expose him to greater risks. Medical attention should be your
last resort-not your first-when your child is sick. The vast
majority of childhood illnesses will respond to natural bodily
defenses, fortified by your own skills, loving attention, and
common sense.




How to raise a Healthy Child #2


by the late Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D.

Continued from previous page:

What little doctors learn about breastfeeding, the most effective
long-term health protection a child can obtain, is usually taught
by male doctors who, for obvious reasons, have little interest or
experience in this vital function. Despite its enormous influence
on the development and ultimate health of your baby, which I will
discuss later, I heard only one lecture on breastfeeding during
four years in medical school. But the formula makers were wide
awake while my instructors slept, and I was brainwashed by a
deluge of literature that they supplied.

What students do learn in medical school seems to relate as much
to succeeding in business as to keeping their patients well. They
are taught to behave like doctors, to project the appearance and
demeanor of omnipotence, so their patients will hold them in awe.
You may assume that the inadequacies of medical school are
overcome during the pediatric residency, but they're not. There
the resident deals with hospitalized patients and learns to use
cannon to fend off mosquitoes because of the emphasis on
hazardous diagnostic technology, surgery, and other drastic
procedures that are typical of the hospital routine. He still
gets little or no experience in dealing with the vast majority of
childhood illnesses that are brought to a pediatrician for care.

That translates, in private practice, to a compulsion to
overreact to simple illnesses with dramatic forms of
intervention; it is a hazard that demands your constant
vigilance. I'll be more specific about that throughout this book.
When he completes his residency and opens his first office, the
typical pediatrician is poorly educated and largely unskilled. He
knows very little about the risks of the drastic treatments he
administers, the side effects of the drugs he prescribes, the
risks of the surgery he orders or performs, the possible
inaccuracy of the tests on which he relies, or the shortcomings
of the medical technology he employs. He knows virtually nothing
about the most critical items in pediatric health care--the
impact of nutritional, allergic, psychological, and emotional
factors on the well-being of his patients.

Pediatricians actually spend most of their time treating patients
who don't need treatment and refer to specialists most of those
who are injured or seriously ill. In fact, the referral of
patients to other specialists is such an intergral part of their
function that they are sometimes referred to as "access managers"
within the medical profession.

Perhaps because I've been a pediatrician for so long, I have
little remaining conviction that a specialist is needed to
perform this function. Most childhood illnesses can be treated
competently within the home, by informed and caring parents. When
medical treatment is indicated it can be provided as well by
general practitioners or family practitioners or by specialists
to whom their patients are referred. In fact, given the
opportunity, nurse-practitioners could perform most of these
functions equally well. That is actually the practice in many
other countries that have only a relative handful of
pediatricians yet produce medical outcomes that are better than

It may seem anomalous, but those outcomes are better because
there are fewer pediatricians. Children in those countries are
healthier because there is less medical intervention and thus
less exposure to potentially damaging drugs and medical
technology. Although American medical schools teach their
students very little about pharmacology, they do teach them to
exploit all of the new drugs and medical technologies that are
available. New drugs and equipment appear almost daily, spawned
by the laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry and the
medical equipment manufacturers. More often than not, they are
unproven and potentially unsafe. Most parents assume, as they
should have the right to, that they can rely on the federal Food
and Drug Administration to keep drugs off the market until they
have been proven safe for human use. Most doctors, who don't have
the right to because they know better, operate on that premise,
too. This confidence in the FDA is misplaced, because virtually
all drugs are released without appropriate or significant human
trials. They may have immediate or short-term effects of some
patients that have not been discovered. Even more likely is the
possibility of cumulative and long-term effects, which I will
discuss more fully in a later chapter. These long-term effects
are never known at the time new drugs are introduced and perhaps
not for decades after that, when untold harm has already been
done to unsuspecting victims.

The history of medicine, here and abroad, is replete with
examples of drugs approved for human use that were removed from
the market only after countless victims bore evidence of the
damage they caused. You may recall some of the more sensational
examples - DES, MER 29, thalidomide. To compound the problem,
although the FDA has the power to keep unproven drugs off the
market, it has virtually no authority to force their removal once
they have been approved. It also lacks an effective postmarketing
surveillance mechanism that would alert it and the public to the
appearance of destructive effects from the drugs that have been
released. That's why the hazards of drugs are most often publicly
revealed in European nations, which do exercise postmarketing
surveillance that brings their risks to light.


It is a rare doctor, indeed, who investigates the tests to which
a drug or a treatment has been subjected before he begins to use
it on his patients. Even when doubts are


To be contuned

How to raise a Healthy Child #1

In Spite of your Doctor

From the book by the same name by the late
Robert S. Mendelsohn M.D.

If your child doesn't feel sick, look sick, and act sick, the odds are that he isn't sick, or certainly not sick enough to require medical attention. How many times have you been tempted to call the doctor when your child complained of a stomachache or headache and then were glad that you didn't when you found him roughhousing with his brothers and sisters within an hour or two?
I have just given you the first of three rules that you can use to guide you in diagnosis, but I'll repeat it because it is the most important:

Rule No. 1: If your child doesn't feel sick, look sick, and act sick, he probably isn't sick.

Role No. 2: Give Mother Nature ample time to work her magic before you expose your child to the potential physical and emotional side effects of treatments that your doctor may administer. The human body has a remarkable capacity to heal itself-a capacity that in most cases surpasses anything that medical science can do-and it doesn't produce unwanted side effects.

Rule No. 3: Common sense is the most useful tool in dealing with illness. Your doctor is less likely to employ it than you are, and certainly no more able, because that's not what they taught him in medical school!

Granted, there are infrequent illnesses of critical nature for which competent medical treatment is essential, but in the case of children they are the exception rather than the rule. The obvious question is "How can parents tell which ones are serious and which are not?"

The answer is that you can't always tell, and for that matter, neither can your doctor. However, when you have finished reading this book you will be able to determine the seriousness of most of your child's ailments and will need to consult a doctor only in the limited number of instances when you are in doubt.
I have observed, in both the teaching and the practice of medicine, that most doctors do a competent job of treating patients who are very sick and a miserable job of caring for those who are well. This is the major flaw in medical education. The medical student and the pediatric resident, for that matter, learn precious little about how to keep children well, because their education begins with the premise that everyone who comes to their office will require treatment.

In medical school the student gets about three months of pediatric instruction, devoted largely to the discussion of childhood diseases that had importance decades ago when the curriculum was written but now have virtually disappeared. He absorbs a lot of biased information about immunizations but is taught very little about pharmacology, despite the fact that as a practicing physician he'll hook more kids on drugs than the most diligent pusher in town.

Only about 60 hours are devoted specifically to pharmacology during four years in the typical medical school, and most of that time is spent absorbing irrelevant information about abstract pharmacological theory. Ultimately, most of what doctors know about the drugs they administer to their patients is taught them by an army of pharmaceutical salesmen/promoters euphemistically known as "detail men." If you were to equate this relationship to the distribution of street drugs, the detail man would be the supplier and the doctor the pusher.

Virtually nothing is done in medical school to teach students that nutrition may often be the most important element of diagnosis and treatment. Consequently, they begin their practice unaware that food allergies are the primary cause of many childhood ailments and that adequate nutrition is the basis of good health. This ignorance compels them to use drugs in the treatment of diseases that could have been cured with a simple change in diet.

If the medical student has the opportunity to get some brief hands-on experience in a well-baby clinic, he won't learn very much about the real world of medicine he is soon to enter. Virtually all of his time will be spent administering immunizations, dispensing vitamins, and passing out samples of infant formula supplied by the manufacturer's detail man. The patients he sees have come to the clinic for routine, periodic physical examinations, so he'll rarely see a patient who is really sick and isn't taught how to recognize one who is.
Fledgling doctors are taught to scoff at the holistic health practitioners, at nutritional therapy, and at any other form of health care that does not require an M.D. They learn to rail at "quackery," yet no one points out to them the abundance of quackery that exists within conventional medicine itself. How can any doctor rationalize condemning those who treat patients with Laetrile when he has been guilty of feeding his own patients Bendectin, Oraflex, Zomax, or thalidomide, until they were removed from the market because of the damage attributed to them?



To be continued

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Crazy "holding back" in Libya

So Obama says MADghafi has to go, now they talk about holding back the attack - not to get too involves - stupid and silly and crazy. Speaking as being an Obama, or the Prime Minister of Britain or the President of France, I say blow this mad dog away - say indeed he must go, to 6 feet under, him and his crazies with him - Madghafi said he would show no mercy, so he should be shown no mercy.  Bomb him to oblivion, send in the ground troops to finish him off and put him out of his misery. He said he would fight to the last bullet, so give his "Custer's last stand" and finish him off - no messing around Joseph Israel and Reuben  France.

This INSANE VAIN mad dog MADhafi needs to go alright - go to where he will not be heard from again, until the Lord brings him up in the second resurrection, to give him a clean mind and a chance to REPENT of his sick mind-set and to know the Lord Jesus is the Messiah and Savior.

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Once Upon A Time in the WEST!

Once Upon a Time in the West

Once upon a time, the West had it all: the money, the political
nous, the military might; it knew where it wanted to go, and had
the muscle to get there. Be it Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands
or England, this held true for 500 years. However, the story of
the West's dominance in the second half of the twentieth century
is the story of America.
Whether it was the US troops pouring on to the shores of Normandy
with the Allied forces or the Enola Gay dropping the bomb on
Hiroshima, by the end of the Second World War the baton of global
power (economic, political or military) passed from Great Britain
to the United States. While it took almost fifty years for the
Cold War to play itself out, for the most part the US firmly
maintained its paramount position for the next five decades and
into the twenty-first century.
Of course, in the prelude to the Second World War, the United
States had suffered the consequences of the 1929 Great Depression
(by 1933 the value of stocks on the New York Stock Exchange was
less than zo per cent of what it had been at its peak in 1919,
and US unemployment soared to around 25 per cent) and the trauma
and casualties of the First World War. Although it did not end
the economic crisis of the 1930s, President Franklin Roosevelt's
New Deal was an attempt to reconstruct American capitalism, and
give the not so invisible hand of the government a new and more
dynamic role. At its core America would remain a supporter of
free enterprise, but the plan was for government to play a key
role in orchestrating, supervising and directing the faltering
economy, leading, not following, private enterprise and
administering large-scale endeavours. All this would prepare
America for and enable it to capitalize on the war that would
break the back of Western Europe.
Thus, despite any remaining weaknesses, with the advent of the
Second World War America was in a unique position to direct the
industrial, military and manufacturing sectors to its best
economic advantage. In this sense, the Second World War was not
seen simply as a political and military necessity, but as an
economic opportunity to which it was ready to respond.
For example, in 1941, President Roosevelt signed into law the
Lend-Lease Act which would sell, exchange, lease or lend to
America's allies any military equipment deemed necessary. From
1941 to 1945, under this programme, materiel worth US$50bn
(equivalent to US $700bn at 1007 prices) - battleships, machine
guns, torpedo boats, submarines and even army boots - were
shipped across the waters to its beleaguered allies. Europe took
on a heavy burden of future debt repayments to the US through the
Lend-Lease programme (Britain made the final payment of its
Lend-Lease loan of US$83.83m on the last day of 2006 - fifty
years later), and America peaked economically after the war, in
the 1950s, as a result. Because of Lend-Lease (the Marshall Plan
was, of course, a wholly different proposition) the US had become
the best-in-class manufacturer.

America's actions were a marriage of political imperative and
economic savvy. The manufacture of goods to be shipped abroad was
not just a political act to help the Allies; it also helped boost
the US economy. Indeed, the results of this `great American
intervention' were staggering on almost every level. Thanks to
the global need for US production, America's sluggish economy was
transformed into a manufacturing powerhouse.
By the end of 1944, US unemployment had shrunk to just 1.1 per
cent of the civilian labour force - a record low in its economic
history which has never been bettered (at the worst point of the
Depression more than 15 million Americans - one quarter of the
nation's workforce - were unemployed). The US GNP grew from
US$88.6bn in 1939 to US$135bn in 1944 - an 8.8 per cent
compounded annual increase in half a decade. All this meant that
everything was geared to manufacturing - and scientific and
technological changes intensified. By the end of the war, the
rest of the world was broke: Japan destitute,
Europe bankrupt and United Kingdom penniless, leaving the United
States as unquestionably the economic force.

In its crudest form, the only thing that America lost in the
Second World War was men. And even then, their losses compared to
those of other warring countries were small. Out of the more than
72 million people who lost their lives in the war, the United
States lost 416,800 - o.32 per cent of its population. But,
politically, militarily and economically America won hands down.
The war was, in the most perverse sense, a resounding success.
America came out of the Second World War hugely rich. As the
economic historian Alan Milward notes: "the United States emerged
in 1945 in an incomparably stronger position economically than in
1941 ... By 1945 the foundations of the United States' economic
domination over the next quarter of a century had been secured
... [This] may have been the most influential consequence of the
Second World War for the post-war world."

By the middle of the 1950s America was financing the rebuilding
of post-war Europe and beyond, while at the same time
establishing itself as the foremost exporter of cultural norms
and technological know-how. It was going to be America's century,
and indeed it was.

Not only had the USA avoided direct collateral damage on its own
soil (saving the outlay of potentially billions of dollars to
rebuild its own infrastructure), the very fact that America could
win the war, bankroll its allies during the war and institute the
Marshall Plan (aid to Europe worth US$I00bn in today's terms,
which was around 5 per cent of the 1948 US GDP) demonstrates) ust
how enormously wealthy the country had become.

Christopher Tassava wrote: `economically strengthened by wartime
industrial expansion ... possessed of an economy that was larger
and richer than any other in the world, American leaders
determined to make the United States the centre of the post-war
world economy.' The Cold War would continue for the next fifty
years, but it was this strategy that ultimately prevailed. Barely
scathed, fantastically rich, no country could come close to the
United States. The world was hers.

Rising America infused all aspects of society. Such was its
strength, its confidence, its energy, that it permeated and
infiltrated every sphere of Western-influenced human activity.
The ensuing decades, the 1950s and 1960s, seemed to bear this
theme out. Politically this was the era of social conscience and
the civil rights movement, culturally there was a revolution in
music, literature and art, and American innovation dominated in
science and technology, putting a man on the moon and further
developing the atomic bomb.

The success of the Manhattan Project and advances in the nuclear
arms race heralded an age when America's scientific and
technological mastery seemed unassailable in the West. United
States exports increased from US$9,993m in 1950 to US$19,626m in
1960. This expansion in exports in just one decade was supported
by the increase in US gross fixed capital formation, which grew
from US$58bn in 1950 to US$104bn in 1960.
The three decades from the 1950s saw America wield its influence
in every quarter. From the great industrial complexes such as
General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Mobil Oil, International
Business Machines, United Fruit Company and Dow Chemicals, to the
Hollywood film industry and the music business exemplified by
Motown, all came to symbolize the power of Americana, at home and
abroad. It did not just stop at business.

Through the Peace Corps, established in 1961, America stamped its
moral authority as it exported its values via its youth to
everywhere Americans believed was not like them; with a remit to
`promote world peace and friendship through a Peace Corps, which
shall make available to interested countries and areas men and
women of the United States qualified for service abroad and
willing to serve, under conditions of hardship if necessary, to
help the peoples of such countries and areas in meeting their
needs for trained manpower. And, of course, American values were
not just exported through the Peace Corps. Militarily, the US
invaded Korea, and Vietnam to this day remains the great blot on
America's conscience. The fact that America was growing bolder,
and wielded unparalleled power outside its borders, was

All in all, this was the era that belonged to what the American
journalist Tom Brokaw calls the `Greatest Generation': the
generation of Americans who fought in the Second World War and
returned to build America into the greatest country in the world.
For the next five decades they appeared to have succeeded -
America was the epitome of wealth, power and cultural dominance,
its tentacles reaching to every part of the globe. The rest of
the West was firmly held in America's orbit - how could you not
be in its grip, mesmerized by its power and brilliance? It was
the sun around which other countries all revolved.
Good times, bad times, America was undeterred. From the oil
spikes of the 1970s, the debt burdens and the Wall Street crash
of the 1980s, and even the fall of communism in the 1990s, which
would spawn its fiercest economic competitors, America seemed
unassailable. Through its military might, its industrial
capability, helped by free-market capitalism, and its cultural
monopoly, America had planned it that way - Made in America was
the logo of the times.

But fast-forward to today. See how much has changed. Western
states are facing untold financial calamity, their populations
ageing with few resources to sustain them, much of the necessary
political reform remaining politically unpopular, and their
economic supremacy susceptible to challenges from around the
globe in a way never envisaged before. And while there have been
setbacks before, such as America's savings and loans crisis of
the 1980s and 1990s, the recent financial crisis and the policies
the USA continues to pursue are proof positive that America is
fast losing the hold it once had over the rest of the world. It
has become a region of financial weakness and economic
vulnerability in this, the first decade of the twenty-first
century, to such an extent that, like bad blood, it has infected
the rest of the Western body politic, making the story of
economic decline necessarily one of the West versus a number of
emerging upstarts. However, among the countries of the West,
there remain good reasons to bet on the US being economically
stronger than European countries in years to come.
But what exactly, in economic terms, drives growth?


Much ado has been made of the seemingly inevitable economic
decline of the industrialized West - the United States, in
particular - and the rise of the rest, led by China......


How the WEST was LOST!!



Inside Jacket front:

Amid the hype of China's rise to global power, the most important
story of our generation is being pushed aside: how America's
rapidly growing population of the unskilled, unemployed, and
disaffected threatens the nation's wealth and stature.
In How the West Was Lost, the New York Times bestselling author
and economist Dambisa Moyo sheds light on how a host of short
sighted policy decisions have left the economic seesaw poised to
tip away from America and toward the emerging world. Faced with
this impending calamity, the United States can choose either to
remain open to the international economy or to close itself off,
adopting protectionist policies that will give the country time
and space to redress these pervasive structural problems.
Incisive and illuminating, "How the West Was Lost" not only
exposes the policy myopia of the West that has led it onto a path
of eco nomic decline but also reveals the crucial-and
radical-policy actions that must be taken to stem this tide.

Inside Jacket back:

Born and raised in Zambia, DAMBISA MOYO received a Ph.D. in
economics from Oxford University and a master's degree from
Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. A
former consultant for the World Bank and an investment banker
specializing in emerging markets at Goldman Sachs, she is the
author of the New York Times bestseller "Dead Aid."


On 9 July zoo8 the Chrysler Building, one of the best-loved icons
of the New York skyline, was bought for US$800m by a foreign
government. Thus one of America's most emblematic buildings,
symbolizing its power, its industry, passed into the hands of
outsiders. It was not just any foreign government; not Britain,
not Germany, not France; indeed not any economic power from the
West. The buyer came from the new power bloc of rapidly emerging
countries, which are today threatening the more than
500-year-long economic reign of the West. It was the investment
arm of the Abu Dhabi government. The Chrysler acquisition was a
part of the estimated US$1.8bn spent on commercial property in
the US by Middle Eastern investors in just the first six months
of 2008. It was not the first such purchase; nor will it be the
last. Indeed, after the zoo8 financial debacle, and the collapse
in asset prices that it brought with it, such purchases are only
likely to accelerate.
How the West was Lost is the story of how the world's most
economically powerful nations have seen their wealth and dominant
political position decline to the point where, today, they are
about to forfeit all they have strived for - economic, military
and political global supremacy. There are three main reasons why
the West has seen its substantial advantage erode; an erosion
whose pace is accelerating with every passing year.
First, through blinkered political and military choices, the West
(principally the US) has successfully managed to alienate the
very emerging countries with whom it now competes. Although these
countries continue to trade with their Western counterparts, it
is often done through gritted teeth and with an underlying sense
of mutual mistrust. Naturally, the net effect has been to
encourage polarization, rather than foment credible alliances.
Were it not for a profit motive, the real risk is that come the
day when the emerging nations don't have to trade with the West,
they won't.
Second is what Thomas Friedman describes as the `flatness of the
world' - the lowering of transport, communication and
manufacturing costs, which has made the transfer of technology
easier. Indeed, the technological and economic advantages of the
West have made this possible, and as a natural consequence
encouraged the worldwide adoption of best-practice technology and
governance standards. However, these advantages once held in
Western monopoly have, over time, dissipated, and will certainly
continue to do so.
However, it is the third cause which is the prime focus of this
book. How the West was Lost charts how, over the last fifty
years, the most advanced and advantaged countries of the world
have squandered their once impregnable position through a
sustained catalogue of fundamentally flawed economic policies.
It is these decisions that, along the way, have resulted in an
economic and geopolitical see-saw, which is now poised to tip in
favour of the emerging world.' Unless radical policy changes are
made over the next decade the controlling hand of who owns what
will quickly belong to China, India, Russia or the Middle East,
and today's industrialized West is assured a savage economic


In September 2008, the world witnessed an unprecedented assault
on the financial structure that the West had taken for granted
for the previous fifty years. Shockwave after shockwave battered
the system. Every day seemed to bring a new calamity. In just
three weeks, Lehman Brothers, a stalwart of the US banking
system, collapsed; the prime US mortgage lenders, Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac, had to be nationalized; AIG, the world's largest
insurer, was brought to its knees and its very existence called
into question (the company would receive a hefty US$85bn
life-line from the American government to keep it afloat). And,
in Britain, the bailout of banking giants Lloyds TSB and the
Royal Bank of Scotland was running well above US$ 1.4tn (รบ850bn)
in 2009. Through it all, trillions were wiped off stock exchanges
from New York, to London, to Reykjavik, and most places in
between, placing millions of people's pensions and savings in
But however extraordinary and cataclysmic these events were, How
the West was Lost is not about the immediate whys and wherefores
of this shattering and unexpected financial disaster. It is
undeniable that the crash overwhelmed the world but just like a
tsunami that appears seemingly out of nowhere and leaves death
and destruction in its wake, the events of 2008 were the
inevitable consequence of fault lines and shifts in economic
tectonic plates that lay undetected under the seemingly calm
financial waters upon which Western economies had sailed smoothly
for the last half-century.
However, unlike the plates beneath the sea, had these economic
faults been detected and dealt with, the financial crisis of 2008
might never have happened; certainly not to the degree and with
the ferocity with which it did occur. The collapse was the
culmination of a catalogue of policy errors and mistakes that had
been gathering momentum over the last fifty years, erupting into
the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
Extraordinarily now, as if blind to the real causes of the
turmoil of 2008, many governments have kept these flawed policies
in place.
But there is a bigger story to be told. It is a mistake to view
what happened as an isolated and relatively contained episode. In
fact, what happened in zoo8 marked yet another step in a
fundamental transition from one economic power to another; from
the West, to the Rising Rest.
For many a political scientist, this shift has troubling
hegemonic consequences. To them, whether we live in a uni-polar
world (for example, where the US dominates), a bi-polar world of,
say, the Cold War era, or a multi-polar world governed by a
multiplicity of states with differing political ideologies, is a
matter of supreme importance.
But viewed through the narrow utilitarian prism of an economist,
what matters most is economic prosperity (for the West, coupled
with freedoms), rather than who ultimately rules the world.
Economics and economists are guilty of viewing the world,
economies and countries as if on a league table with only one
winner, although it is undeniable that it is the global financier
who decides who wields military and political might.
Should it really matter if some other country is richer and more
militarily powerful? Who cares whether a country has economic
supremacy, as long as your country is prosperous and can manage
its own internal affairs? For example, the societies of Denmark,
Sweden and Norway, each economically advanced, seem to have no
qualms about who rules the world as long as they are left alone
to be prosperous and peaceful, though their attitude might well
change were whoever held the purse strings to start to curb their
freedoms and encroach upon their way of life. But until that
happens, whether the global financier is China, Russia or America
seems, for them, largely irrelevant.
Obviously, the political-economic dichotomy is a false one. In
reality, politics and economics are bound together, and even
inextricably linked. That noted, however, in How the West was
Lost I will focus on the economic shifts and how they are certain
to transform the world in which we and future generations will
Time is running out. Unless the West adopts radical solutions,
many of them offered in this book, and adopts them quickly, it
will be too late. Not because China will necessarily become so
much richer, but rather because of America's own folly in
policymaking. How did the West give its undeniable lead away?



TWO books worth having!

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn M.D. wrote a few books that you as individuals and you are parents with children, especially if you are just starting a family, need to have!!!

The one book is a general book for everyone - "CONFESSIONS OF A MEDICAL HERETIC" - it will open your eyes to the "not so good side" of the Medical world, a side you need to know about to protect yourself from.

and Dr. Mendelsohn has much good teaching for you and your family, especially if you have small children or
plan to start a family in the future.

Dr. Mendelsohn was an M.D. of some fame in his State of Illinois and the Medical world in general. A few people tried debating with him on the radio, at one time, but it was soon ended BECAUSE other doctors said he knew too much and such a debate would only be a loss for them, and so no one would debate with him anymore.

I was blessed in seeing him a few times on a few TV programs before he died.



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gadhafi should be called MADhafi

For any who have been watching the Libya story for the last 3 weeks or so, it should be clear as crystal this Gadhafi guy is really MADhafi......he is a vain nut-case - fruit-nut case. He is another one of the ones that have come along in the world since Hitler left this world - a crazy violent dictator that will hold on to power even if it means killing tens of thousands of his people (and others) living and working in Libya.

The nations of Israel (Britain, USA, France, Canada) need to go for the jugular of this man. No messing around, as he said he would show no mercy on the people under his thumb, the nations of Israel now at war with him, need to pull no punches.

So you leaders of the Israel nations sending in your fire-power on this mad-dog Madhafi - if any of you are reading this, you need to pull out all stops and blow him and his sons and anyone supporting him, from off this planet, and show no mercy.

Few times do I justify war, and certainly no Christian can under the New Covenant get personally involved in the warfare of this world. But speaking as under, as if under the Old Covenant, and speaking as the world speaks.......the armies of Israel need to go for the heart of this mad insane guy and all who want to support him, and deal him the death blow and not hold back, and as he said he would have no mercy, so it should be for him, that you nations of Israel show him no mercy.

Mad dog G(M)adhafi in for it now!!!

Today the French opened up fire on the insane Madhafi (I call him Mad) military forces. Look out you mad dog Madhafi the Canadians are on their way with a dozen or so space-age fighter jets. Others from the house of Joseph, the British and the USA are on their way also. You like to fight and kill; that is what you are about to get - a fight and as you are a little Hitler, I hope your death, and all the crazy ones with you.

Yes house of Joseph (British Commonwealth and USA)  and Reuben (the French) this is one fight that is justifiable as the world would look at it. So speaking from the point of view of the world - GO TO IT, show this old insane dog what a fight is all about - give him a taste of his own medicine that he has rained down on his people, that want their freedom.

Yes people of Israel it is time to blast away this crazy Hitler of the Arab world, time to reward him according to his works.  Time to show him he can make his last stand (like Custer did) but like Custer he will die alongside his insane army that follow his dictates.
Yes Israel time to rid the world of a dictator that is willing to kill by the thousands his own people, so he can be a dictator and live his wealthy sick lifestyle.

The world has voted - the world says Madhafi must surrender or die - it's time to show him his end has come - time to move into action - powerful swift action and put an end to this insane man.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally and FINALLY the UN moves

Well FINALLY the UN has given the "go ahead" to UN troops and mainly the British and USA troops to nail the hide of mad dog (G)Madhafi to the wall. Speaking from the view of the world, this crazy vain old insane dog needs to be blow away; him and any of his military that stand by him. What a shame the UN did not come to the "yes" vote about two weeks ago. This fellow is truly not Gadhafi but MADhafi - a crazy vain lunatic as Hitler was.

Such mad dictators as Madhafi need to have a lesson in humility, and get what they deserve - destruction, a feel of what it is like to battle someone with just as much firepower - well of course even more. Unless he decides to humble himself you could well be Madhafi's last stand - Custer had his last stand, now it may be mad Madhafi who if he likes can die, along with any of his dumb troops who want to fight by his side.

Speaking from the mind of the world, this is one fight the USA and Britain are FULLY JUSTIFIED in bringing on the dictator of Libya and those crazy enough to fight against Israel Joseph, as they liberate the people of Libya from a filthy rich man and his sons, who are indeed insane.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Quake and Arab nations call out

Are you keeping up with the latest news programs on the MASSIVE Japan quake. It moved the main Japan mainland by 8 feet. The deaths from this earthquake could run into the tens of thousands.

A possible Nuclear breakdown disaster could still come for the Japan people. I was surprised that the Japan Government has not replied to the USA who is offering Nuclear experts and as much help as they want in regards to this matter.

Now the push may finally come for the USA and Canadian Governments to beef up protection for the West coast, as scientists says we are overdue for a monster earthquake on the West coast. Personally if I was living on the West coast I'd be looking to move inland by quite a large number of miles.

In what some are regarding as a surprise, the Arab nations (not sure if Iran is among them) are calling for the UN and the USA to bring in a "no fly zone" in Libya.
And what foot dragging the UN and USA are doing. Speaking from the natural mind, the UN and USA forces should be blowing this mad insane dog called Maghafi out of the water as the saying goes. The USA should have backed up its word of "You have to go" with bomber planes and missiles on this mad dog (G)Madhafi guy. They should have given him a few days to move on out, and if he did not, then Britain and the USA should have sent in the bombers and missiles. Did you catch it on BBC news? A team of British reporters were beaten up by soldiers from Madhafi. This act alone should have sent the British in with their James Bond's and fire-fighters and bombs and missiles and blown this guy away.

When it is as clear as day what this Madhafi family is like, no need for space eyes to look down and for the British and USA to have to analyze the situation like they did for declaring war on Iraq and in Afghanistan, the cell-phones and digital cameras gave the upfront proof of what Maghafi is all about and his thugs. Speaking with the natural mind, it makes me mad that Britain and the USA have not yet blasted this crack-pot into dust, him and all his thugs with him. He thumbs his nose and speaks great vain words against the USA and Britain and WE SIT BY and do nothing!!!!
We need a Winston Churchill back with us.

Friday, March 11, 2011

EARTHQUAKES - Japan huge one, and China also!

I'm sure most of you who are watching world events have already been seeing the HUGE Tsunami earthquake that has hit Japan and the massive destruction and deaths it has brought to that nation.
They say it was an 8.9 earthquake under the sea, as one plate is moving under the other. They have a way of reckoning each .1 on the earthquake scale and going say from a 7.5 quake to an 8.9 quake is HUGE HUGE and more huge -- kinda off the chart as they say.

There will be sorrow, heart-ache, crying, and pain, for the population of Japan, for some time, a long time for sure.  We need to pray the Lord will give comfort to the whole nation of people in Japan, having to bear this massive and horrific event.

We are living at the end of the age of man, before the new age of the Kingdom of God arrives. The fault line plates of the earth have been moving for thousands of years. They are getting to where such earthquakes like this near Japan are going to happen more and more. It is one of the signs Jesus gave to show us the end of this age is in the end lap, coming around the last corner of the track, heading towards the finishing line, and Jesus' return.

China was also hit by and earthquake.

We've had the Haiti, Chile, earthquakes. We've had the unheard of flooding in Australia. We have the melting of the North Pole. We have the melting of Greenland. We have the melting of all the world's glaciers. We've had snow this past winter ALL OVER the Britain, from one end to the other end, unheard of in its long history. We've had the Hudson Bay in Canada being ONE month late in freezing over this past winter. We've had storms in the USA during the winter months like as never before. We have the drying up of the huge underground lakes of water that much of the farming belt of the USA has used for decades for irrigation of crops. We have fuel and food price rising. We have worldwide (well except for China, Canada, and maybe India) economic recession. Violence among and inside nations of the earth. We have people fleeing to get out of harms way. We have starvation and refugee camps.

It is all indeed signs of the end times.

You now have the Arab nations moving from dictatorships. You have the freedom of Egypt, who is looked upon as the leading Arab nation, and rightly so, because Bible prophecy says she will be the spear-head of the coming "king of the south" (Daniel 11:40-45)  - an Arab union of nations - that will play a big role in the final events of the last 4 years of this age, before Jesus returns.

And on and on it goes.

You need to understand what Bible prophecy says is to come on this earth. I have expounded for you all the prophetic books of the Bible on my website. It is all taking shape as I've told you it will, as God has told you it will. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes, if you will but see it. Prophecy is one of the great proofs that God DOES EXIST and that His word the Bible is INSPIRED!


The End of the World - Maya Calendar 2012

I not only went to see the movie "2012" I also bought it (when it was previously viewed at Blockbuster). It was a pretty good science-fiction drama, for science fiction entertainment. But I had no idea this is a serious subject for TENS OF THOUSANDS around the world.

The on their "doc zone" segment of their website has a documentary on the subject. It is an eye opener for the fact of how many people are taking this December 21st 2012 as the end of the planet as we know it. The December 2012 stuff is based on some partial Mayan calendar, which when the serious guys come down to brass-tacks, end up saying, "Well the Mayans figured some big event was to happen on this December day of 2012 according to their invented calendar.

This may blow you away but there are 40 million - yes Million with an M, of Internet connections on this 2012 event. All kinds of people from the youth to the middle-aged to the older folks, who are "into" this "end of the world as we know it" on that date.

Many are busy building underground bunkers, the documentary shows you some of them. Then of course you have the big developers (making good money of course on it) building and selling underground hotels and massive complexes that can house 10,000 to 100,000 people. AND people are buying their unit, and deciding which family members will share it and which will not.

Oh yes of course you have the "religious" side of it all. People from all over the world gathering at retreats to get in tune with the comic nature - not the true God of the universe, but the mystic stuff of the Mayan cult. Then you have to add to that the individuals making money of course of mystic "charms" and "clothes" or "pictures" or whatevers .... to help you be in tune with the mystic side and so maybe spared from death and live on to rebuild the world.

Yes, so the "new world order" is also a part of the crowd that is into this December 21st 2012 bag and crash and blow and swamp the earth with whatever the various ones think is going to turn the world upside-down.

And all of that ranges from some near miss of some cosmic star passing the earth, to a solar sun flare of huge magnitude, to the reversing of the poles, to the turning of the orbit of the earth in the other direction, causing....well you can guess what they say that would cause.

The scientist from Nasa on the show, says the poles maybe change every 3 to 4 hundred thousands years....and that folks is way before man was created by the Eternal. And the scientist said the reversing of the earth to turn in the other direction has never happened (I would probably say he is right correct on that).

Well you should go watch the show ...   and under TV shows you'll find Doczone  - many interesting documentaries they have done and ready to view.

All the people "into" this December 21st 2012 are naturally not Bible believing people. Hence one reason so many can get hooked on stuff like this as like on a hard core drug.

It is, I agree, as the scientists from Nasa said, a whole bunch of RUBBISH!!!!

It is the Bible and God's prophecies in the Bible that tell you what the future holds, and that future does NOT have anything to do with the wrong ideas dumped on the Mayan calendar, which the Mayans themselves did not know, only their calendar stopped at 2012.

It is LAUGHABLE if it was not being taken so serious by THOUSANDS around the world.

There will be NO worldwide disaster in December 2012.  And for those "Christian" religionists who have adopted 2012 for the Great Tribulation (and hence Jesus' return by 2015 or 19 depending on the theology of a last 3 and 1/2 years or 7 years they have chosen to teach) ....... IT AIN'T GOING TO BE SO IS MY ANSWER TO YOU!!!!!

The date setters using the Mayan calendar ARE WRONG!! The date setters using .... whatever in their theology for 2012, 2015, 2019, ARE WRONG ALSO!!

My website gives you the true understanding of the prophecies of the Bible. There are signs to watch for, as Jesus taught. You CAN KNOW the signs to watch for. That is the ONLY WAY this world, this age will come to a close, and Jesus to return to establish the Kingdom of God over all nations on this beautiful blue planet.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Obama-Gadhafi-USA poverty children

So we have President Obama finally saying the mad insane dog Gadhafi must go from Libya. The USA has climbed out of bed with him, but he still has much of the firepower hardware provided by the USA (and some other Western countries over the last few decades) . So from the perspective of the unconverted mind-set of the West and especially the USA what should they do?
The USA should be flying and ship-loading tanks, guns, rockets, bullets and bombs to those AGAINST this Arab mad dog, that is the least they could do. Something like that would REALLY send a message to Gadhafi to move his wagon-train out of the country, that his time has come to an end. Words from Obama to Gadhafi to "get out" are useless and hot air unless you back those words up with physical tangible reality of war arms to those who are opposing this insane Arab leader.

And as a side note to Obama and the West is that they need to move faster and faster AWAY from the use and dependancy  on OIL - the West should be putting aside the "oil lobbyists" and moving as never before into space-age technology that does not depend on the black stuff from under the ground.

The Arab world is moving into a new phase of its prophetic life that had been foretold thousands of years ago in the pages of Bible prophecy. There is to arise in the last days an Arab union of nations that the Bible calls "the king of the south" who will be led by Egypt.

The Bible prophets were inspired by the Eternal God thousands of years ago to write down the events of the last days, especially the last 42 months of the end of this age into the return of Jesus Christ to earth. I have expounded for you all the prophetic books of the Bible in my book just off the press called "The Biblical Prophets for Today." It is obtainable from

Go to  and their book section, type in either the name of the book or my name - Keith Malcolm Hunt - there you will find my book. You need to know, you CAN KNOW what the future of the years ahead in this century will bring on earth, and also the GOOD NEWS of the age to come and what that age will be like.

On the "60 Minute" program tonight there was the shocking and sad segment on the huge rise of about 25% of children that are living in poverty conditions. Though some jobs have been created in the USA ion the last month, the sad truth is that MANY are still out of work, and if married with children, that effects them in a serious manner. One million homes last year had foreclosure signs on them. They expect it will be one million more this year of 2011 also that will go under foreclosure.

Whole families are in hotels and motels, or in friend's homes, or relative's homes. Tens of thousands of children going to bed in the USA HUNGRY!
There has never been the like of this in the USA since the depression of the 1930s. It was heart-breaking watching this segment of truth and reality as shown on 60 Minutes tonight.

The USA is the richest nations on earth; the USA has more money than any other nation on earth; the USA has more physical wealth than any other nation on earth; the USA is still the number ONE economy of all nations on this planet; yet we are now having 25% of all children in the USA living in POVERTY!

The nation as a whole from the Government down must take the responsibility, for it - the Government over the last 20 years - did not have laws and an agency set in place to oversee the Bankers and the Wall Street fellows, who with unchained freedom were taking the people for a ride, while they were gaining MILLIONS of dollars in their personal bank accounts. It was a CRIME - and only a few (probably can count them on one hand) have been put in gail for their crimes against the people. That crime is still being played out with now 25% of USA children living in poverty.

I often wonder if Presidents watch TV shows like 60 Minutes. If they do how do they sleep at night? You would think they would be calling for special meetings of their top staff to speedily get putting some things right where it is wrong.

Then again I also wonder if people who are multi-millionaires or Billionaires watch programs like 60 Minutes, surely if they did, they would call a meeting with fellow billionaires to meet with President Obama to work out a plan to give to the poor and needy.

One thing you will find in the New Testament and the book of Acts is that the Church of God taught that the poor and needy should be looked after.

Jesus, when talking to the young rich man who wanted to know how to have eternal life, was told by Jesus he lacked one thing: Jesus told him to take, to sell, to give all the money and wealth he had, and to give it to the poor (ah, not the "church") - see it for yourself in Matthew 19:16-22 - and then come and serve the Lord.
Now, that was an individual case with Jesus, it does not mean all wealthy people should give all their wealth away to the poor. But it sure does show and teach that if you are wealthy you better be helping the needy and poor - the truly deserving needy and poor. Other teachings in the Gospels teach you are to be a wise steward of what God has given you - it is not just to be thrown around nilly-willy.

So if you reading this are wealthy in the physical goods of this earth, well there are surely many in the world and the USA who would appreciate a hand up as they try to get back up on their feet from loosing their job and house.

Time for LOVE movies

I enjoy love movies. I believe we should all relax with love movies from time to time.  Love  hormones are good for the soul and the body.

Here is a list of some very fine ones:

"Beautiful" - an older movie, classified as a "chick flick" - funny and some good lessons in many ways.
An Atlantic Alliance film. Classified as PG.

"Charlie St. Cloud" - a recent movie with the relative new-comer Zac Efron.  As it says on the front cover - "Heartfelt and Powerful" - a Universal Pictures - classified as PG.  Again certain things in life pull us down and we have to pull ourselves up and move on, sometimes love gives us the victory.

"Sleepless in Seattle" - ah one of my very favorites. Love can come in different ways for sure. The one scene when the main character is asked by a radio host what he loved about his late wife, and his answer "do we have all night" still breaks me up. But love lost does not mean we cannot find love again.

"The World Trade Center" - yes a movie about 9/11 and two firemen caught in the ruins - a true movie about two real life firemen. It actually did happen. A movie by Paramount Pictures - rated as PG. Very moving and inspiring.

"The Lake House" - 206 Warner Brothers movie - rated as PG - a love story in a science-fiction setting.
The front cover says "A rare and unique love story. There should be more movies like this one." It stars Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Yes very enjoyable.

"My Life" an older movie by Columbia Pictures - rated PG - staring Michael Keaton and Nicole Kidman. The back says " love story about a high-powered executive, diagnosed with terminal cancer, who's forced to make plans for his unborn son. And so he begins filming a home movie, MY LIFE, in which he teaches his son all the things a man must know: how to shave, how to slam dunk and, most of all, how to love."
Yes a fine movie indeed.

"Somewhere in Time" - another old movie - Universal Studios - rated PG - staring Christopher Reeve (Superman movies) and Jane Seymore.  A science-fiction of time travel in the story of love.  Very nice and interesting love story movie.

"A Walk to Remember" - Warner Brothers picture - rated PG - 2002 movie.  A touching love story. Love brings together what peer pressure and lifestyles seek to keep apart in this coming-of-age story. A movie about trust, hope, goals, faith, unconditional love. The remarkable steps to a life changed - and to  a "A Walk to Remember."

"The Time Traveler's Wife" - 2008 Alliance Films - rated PG.  A love story on science-fiction time travel.  As it says on the back: "Loose yourself in timeless love, with this gloriously romantic story of the journey of two hearts."
It is a movie that weaves together destiny and devotion, past and future to turn an extraordinary love into an extraordinary love story.


3 Good Movies

I've seen 3 very fine movies in the last 2 weeks.

The one I saw today is "Adjustment Bureau" - a love story movie indeed, but quite a different setting and plot for a love story. Without saying it in plain words, it is kinda based of some principles of the Bible.

It is all about free-will, the problems and trials that can come in life, and how you will deal with them as you put true love in your heart and mind; how you can overcome trials and road-blocks that you meet in life. Yes, I enjoyed it, so two thumbs up, and I'll buy it when it comes out on DVD. A good movie for adults and children 6 years old and up.

"Unknown" - a drama and thriller with again a different twist to it that you do not find out about until near the end. A lesson on no matter how wrong and sinful you have been you can repent and change your ways. Yes, very good - a drama and thriller with a difference.  Probably children over 10 will be able to follow its different plot with a surprise end twist.

"I Am Number Four" - a science-fiction drama and thriller. Good visual effects, interesting story, and just an overall good science-fiction, not overdone as I find some science-fiction movies can be. I enjoy science-fiction movies as long as they are not too far out and too weird. This one I thought had good balance. Hence if you like science-fiction just to relax with this is one for you.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Biblical Prophets book link

Here is the link to my new book "The Biblical Prophets for Today"

Yes this link does work thanks to Tara Chapman who gave it to me.

This book 8 and 1/2   by   11  -  450 or so pages, expounds to you all the prophetic books of the Bible, and in detail the events that will come on this earth to the coming of Christ Jesus in glory and power to establish the Kingdom of God over all nations. This book makes plain and easy to understand end time prophecy. You'll be able to watch world events unfold before your eyes as the Eternal God has declared they will for the end of this age. The book also gives you the wonderful prophecies of the age to come, the inspiring events and conditions of physical and spiritual life during that age of 1,000 years.

If you know of anyone who is even half interested in Christian religion this book would make a terrific gift for them.

It was not just written to explain the Biblical prophets, but also to show that the Biblical prophets have the message of SALVATION and ETERNAL life. The Almighty Father wants you to understand what SIN IS, what REPENTANCE IS, what SALVATION IS; what SERVING HIM in HUMILITY IS ALL ABOUT!!

This book needs to be part of your home library. You can now have it all, all what the Biblical prophets teach; you can now take it with you, or have it on your iPad etc. and etc. no matter where you are in the world.

Nearly ONE THIRD of the Bible is made up of prophetic books. You need to understand what God teaches in that third of the Bible.  I have made those prophetic books easy to understand, so easy that even a child will be able to understand them.  "The Biblical Prophets For Today" is now laid open for you as never before.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Some good recent Movies I've seen

If you want a THRILLER, with the modern space age mind-set on the fault lines running down the West coast - a drama on what could possibly happen, with all the modern special effects that such movies now have, then the movie from Hallmark Entertainment called "10.5 - The Day the Earth would not Stand Still" is a must watch.  It's a long movie 165 minutes - not new, been out for a number of years,

A good thriller - rated PG.

I'm personally not a golf man - have no interest in watching or playing it, but the movie "The GREATEST GAME ever played" based on the true story of a remarkable young amateur golfer who beat the best in the world in 1913 to win the U.S. Open Championship.
It really does show how exciting golf can be under such a situation as that 1913 U.S. Open was played.

It is way more than just a "golf movie" - it has MANY LESSONS it hands out by the plate full, lessons on life and living, and doing your dream, lessons on true character, and what are some of the true values in life. It's educational and it's inspiring!

It is a Walt Disney movie and so it is rated "G" - yes indeed just a very good movie (a true life one) for the whole family. Children will be taught many fine lessons of life by this movie. And it has the added "features" which include an interview with the original young golf player (when he was an old retired man) who did something that made golf history, that will probably never be done again.


The USA on the JOB move!!?? And Bible Prophecy!!

Tonight the news was encouraging for the people of the USA, as more jobs have been created and the unemployment figure is below 9%.......still means a massive amount of people are yet to find employment, but as they say, it is a start.

ABC news is running this "Made in America" segment for the past week and will continue with it for a while. It is designed to get the people of the USA looking at, and buying things (obviously not all and everything) made in the USA. If people take a little time to investigate and yes even go out of their way to buy things made in the USA, it will create jobs in the long run.

A few years back, when the Western world was brought crashing down from the greed of the Bankers and Wall Street people in New York and all the rest from different countries of the West, that were in bed with them, I'm sure there would have been some religious people proclaiming the end of this age was upon us and Jesus would return. Some have been claiming 2012 will be the start of the Great Tribulation, and hence (depending on time charts from different fundamental prophets) before 2020 Jesus will be back on earth. The date setters have been around the neighborhood for at least 100 years, setting this and that date for the end of this age.

I told you a few years back that the depression to hit the Western world was probably only a dip, and that it could well be the West would rise up again out of the recession. I also told you that even in the recession the fact was the USA was STILL the number ONE economy of the world; yes China is moving up fast, as is India, but the fact is the USA IS STILL THE NUMBER ONE economy in the world. Will it begin to now push even further forward in its number one position? Yes, it may indeed do so.
I've also told you for years now that Europe has a ways to go before she becomes the MIGHTY BABYLON-ROMAN-MYSTERY RELIGION-POWER that the book of Revelation and other prophecies in the Old Testament, tell us she will be at the end time. Actually one prophecy says she will arise to GREAT POWER SUDDENLY!!
I've also been telling you for years that the end of this age cannot come until EGYPT is liberated to spear-head an ARAB nation confederation, which the book of Daniel says is called "the king of the south."
Now YOU DO SEE the BEGINNING of this prophecy taking shape right before your eyes - Egypt is setting herself free, as are other Arab nations. How long will it take for this united Arab confederation to form? Literally God only knows!! The Eternal can speed things up and He can slow things down in the fulfilling of Bible prophecy.



My book expounds ALL the books of the prophets of the Bible. It puts in clear, easy to understand language, what the ALMIGHTY GOD has declared thousands of years ago, WHAT SHALL COME ON THIS EARTH AT THE END TIME!!

The FUTURE of all nations on earth HAS BEEN DECLARED. Bible prophecy is forming RIGHT NOW BEFORE YOUR EYES.

The MESSAGE of the prophets is not all doom and gloom. The prophets also speak about the AGE TO COME, about the Messiah coming in POWER and GLORY, to save mankind from killing every person on earth, and there is MUCH good news about the way many things will be in the NEW AGE to come.

My book is a full account of all this, and ALSO the message FOR YOU PERSONALLY!! The prophets were speaking not just to the nations and their leaders,  but their message is VERY MUCH concerning YOU!! They cry out to you to FIND the TRUE God and the Messiah Son; to find REPENTANCE and SALVATION from sin and death!!


AMAZON.COM  now have my book "The Biblical Prophets for Today" - you can find it under its title or under my name Keith Malcolm Hunt on the website of

The book is 8 and 1/2  by  11 - and about 450 pages.  It also comes in eBook form.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

HOW the West was LOST!

HOW the West was LOST is the title of a new book by author and economist Dambisa Moyo.

She was this evening being interviewed by the CBC. She talked about her new book that is making it plain and simple to see where the West has gone wrong in the last number of decades, and why the West is in the mess economically that it is in.

She also, probably to the dismay of the West, says (and rightly so) that our so-called "democracy" does NOT mean automatic wealth, and economic power for its citizens. She points out (again correctly) that CHINA has over the last few decades brought millions of its people out of poverty, to be right now the SECOND economic POWER of the world!  And China is not a democracy!

I have ordered her book from  - sounds like it should be a good read, and sounds like she is putting the cards on the table in plain sight for everyone in the West to know the reasons WHY we have got ourselves in the mess we are in.

When I've read her book I will report back on here what I have to say about it and the revelations she is bringing to light.