Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mad dog G(M)adhafi in for it now!!!

Today the French opened up fire on the insane Madhafi (I call him Mad) military forces. Look out you mad dog Madhafi the Canadians are on their way with a dozen or so space-age fighter jets. Others from the house of Joseph, the British and the USA are on their way also. You like to fight and kill; that is what you are about to get - a fight and as you are a little Hitler, I hope your death, and all the crazy ones with you.

Yes house of Joseph (British Commonwealth and USA)  and Reuben (the French) this is one fight that is justifiable as the world would look at it. So speaking from the point of view of the world - GO TO IT, show this old insane dog what a fight is all about - give him a taste of his own medicine that he has rained down on his people, that want their freedom.

Yes people of Israel it is time to blast away this crazy Hitler of the Arab world, time to reward him according to his works.  Time to show him he can make his last stand (like Custer did) but like Custer he will die alongside his insane army that follow his dictates.
Yes Israel time to rid the world of a dictator that is willing to kill by the thousands his own people, so he can be a dictator and live his wealthy sick lifestyle.

The world has voted - the world says Madhafi must surrender or die - it's time to show him his end has come - time to move into action - powerful swift action and put an end to this insane man.

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