Friday, March 11, 2011

EARTHQUAKES - Japan huge one, and China also!

I'm sure most of you who are watching world events have already been seeing the HUGE Tsunami earthquake that has hit Japan and the massive destruction and deaths it has brought to that nation.
They say it was an 8.9 earthquake under the sea, as one plate is moving under the other. They have a way of reckoning each .1 on the earthquake scale and going say from a 7.5 quake to an 8.9 quake is HUGE HUGE and more huge -- kinda off the chart as they say.

There will be sorrow, heart-ache, crying, and pain, for the population of Japan, for some time, a long time for sure.  We need to pray the Lord will give comfort to the whole nation of people in Japan, having to bear this massive and horrific event.

We are living at the end of the age of man, before the new age of the Kingdom of God arrives. The fault line plates of the earth have been moving for thousands of years. They are getting to where such earthquakes like this near Japan are going to happen more and more. It is one of the signs Jesus gave to show us the end of this age is in the end lap, coming around the last corner of the track, heading towards the finishing line, and Jesus' return.

China was also hit by and earthquake.

We've had the Haiti, Chile, earthquakes. We've had the unheard of flooding in Australia. We have the melting of the North Pole. We have the melting of Greenland. We have the melting of all the world's glaciers. We've had snow this past winter ALL OVER the Britain, from one end to the other end, unheard of in its long history. We've had the Hudson Bay in Canada being ONE month late in freezing over this past winter. We've had storms in the USA during the winter months like as never before. We have the drying up of the huge underground lakes of water that much of the farming belt of the USA has used for decades for irrigation of crops. We have fuel and food price rising. We have worldwide (well except for China, Canada, and maybe India) economic recession. Violence among and inside nations of the earth. We have people fleeing to get out of harms way. We have starvation and refugee camps.

It is all indeed signs of the end times.

You now have the Arab nations moving from dictatorships. You have the freedom of Egypt, who is looked upon as the leading Arab nation, and rightly so, because Bible prophecy says she will be the spear-head of the coming "king of the south" (Daniel 11:40-45)  - an Arab union of nations - that will play a big role in the final events of the last 4 years of this age, before Jesus returns.

And on and on it goes.

You need to understand what Bible prophecy says is to come on this earth. I have expounded for you all the prophetic books of the Bible on my website. It is all taking shape as I've told you it will, as God has told you it will. Prophecy is being fulfilled right before your eyes, if you will but see it. Prophecy is one of the great proofs that God DOES EXIST and that His word the Bible is INSPIRED!


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