Friday, December 31, 2010


I have a friend from afar, with me, who comes to visit a few times a year - Adam. He's a Jew, yes a real Jew, but he's also accepted Christ as his Savior.
He arrived this evening and asked me what good movie we could watch from my large movie collection.

I said he would like the movie "Amazing Grace" - it's not about the life of John Newton, but John is in the movie alright.

It's about one of the GREATEST Englishmen of all time. But few today know about this heroic man. Heroic not in warfare, no not the fame as Nelson, or Wellington - no not in the same kind of fame as Churchill. But this Englishman - Willian Wilberforce (yes told you you would not know the name) goes down in history as one of the greatest men whoever lived for the service of mankind. It's the story of one man's passion and perseverance and how it changed the world. Along the way he met intense opposition from members of the British Parliament, but a reformed slave ship captain by the name of John Newton (who penned the beloved hymn "Amazing Grace") urges him to see the cause through.

This is a 2006 Bristol Bay Production and 2007 Twentieth Century Fox film.

Truly William Wilberforce should be a name that everyone knows as they known the name of Nelson, or Churchill, or Lincoln or Washington.

You should buy this movie. It should be a part of YOUR and your CHILDREN'S education!

You will never be sorry you have this true life movie about the great William Wilberforce.

God has used people for great history-making turning points. This was a mighty turning point for righteousness in the history of the British Empire. And William W. was the man, and the people on his side,  the Eternal used to bring it all.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Guitar Keith

Oh if your wondering I play and teach the guitar, and actually all popular "fretted" instruments (banjo, mandolin etc.). Been doing it since 1975 either part time or full time.

My pleasure has often over those years been my full time work, besides being also a certified Orthopedic Shoe/Orthotic maker (which I do not do any more).

Now my boyhood teacher and inspiration in guitar playing is finally up on Youtube - BERT WEEDON of Britain (as I write he is still alive at age 90).

Bert had a versatility that few have. He is the only guitar player in the world to ever be given his own TV show - it ran for about 6 years.

He was the grandfather of the rock n' roll guitar. But he also played LOVE songs like no other, he had that touch on the electric guitar with love songs that made the instrument sing. Needless to say I copy his style. Parents not knowing all this past history, at my student's concerts (when I may play a few numbers)  have said, "You make it sing." Thanks to Bert Weedon I try. Someday (when I know how) I will upload to Youtube many of Bert's love songs.

So go to Youtube - type in Bert Weedon - and enjoy some of his great guitar playing.

Not long after this post Bert Weedon died at age 90.

Making a Difference

MSNBC has a spot on its TV news broadcast called "Making a difference." We need to remember there are MANY "good" people out there trying to serve and help their fellow mankind. Today it was a lady...well the story goes back 29 years. She is with her young son fighting cancer in some bus or train station, her son is weak from chemotherapy, she props him up on a suitcase. A homeless man comes and tells her she needs help. He carries her suitcases to where she needed to be. Shortly afterward she sees another homeless man shivering in a ...nothing much sleeping bag. She decided to to recycle clothes and materials and sew together, one stitch at a time, warm sleeping bags for the homeless on cold nights. Wow! What she started 29 year ago "We are our brothers keeper one day at at a time" work, has groups doing the same work in EVERY State and around the world.

Now that is someone who has made a difference.

Oh her son is still alive and helping her.

So for all out there around the world, making a difference one stitch at a time or whatever you do to serve and help the needy, the poor, the homeless, the orphan, the widow, the sick.......God KNOWS you and He will remember. He THANKS you for we are our brothers keeper. Jesus said, "....In as much as you have given a cut of water to these least, you have done it unto Me!."

Winter Wonder Land!

Well this December 25th of 2010 will go down in the history books as one of the biggest snow falls for parts of the USA and certainly Europe, in many a decade. And so many had to spend the day in airports snowed under, flights shut down, travel for many at a stop light. Ah many could wish they were up here in Calgary with me, as we are having a 40 F. week-end - the snow just a melting away. Now down East - I mean the East Provinces - they are have very mild weather also but horrific winds and rain - yes rain! They should be snowed under by now, but the wacky weather has given that part of the world rain storms, flooding, fallen trees (on homes and cars) and a whole new mess that is unusual to say the least.
...... gave an article on the legacy of departing Governor of California - Arnold S. (7 times Mr. Olympia).  A nice guy in many ways, but in politics being a nice guy does not count. He discovered that there is just too much to push and lift (pun intended from Arnold's boybuilding days) against and strong bulging muscles do not develop - he was defeated and humiliated many times by the teachers and nurses and others opposed to his ideas. Yes the article brings out all the UN-success he had, but also the good he managed to push through. He was a great guy for the environment. He had build at his expense (which was 100,000 dollars) a jeep type car that could run on cooking oil very well indeed, just to prove to everyone we do have the technology to build such cars. What a shame we do not have the willpower or the political strength to fly with it. Oh it will all come about one day but you can bet it will be 20 or 30 years down the road, if we have that much time left for this age.
Well Arnold the photo of you at 63 that MSN showed as you leave the Governor seat, shows it has taken it toll on you - those aged lines on your face ..... well okay Hollywood can make over as you no doubt will get back into some action movies again.

North Korea is wanting to flex it's muscles (maybe they are getting ready to take on Arnold in the muscle department) and declares it may make "holy war" on......well I guess that would be South Korea and the USA. The new young leader taking over from his Dad looks like he wants to show the world he's not really some fat baby-faced young fellow after all. Can't see what an atheism country like North Korea knows about "holy war" - are but then maybe they have an atheist god of war on their side, you know one of those gods that says he does not exist, but you can worship him anyway if you like.

More deaths, dozens more, is the report in another bomb blast in Pakistan, and some want us to believe we are defeating the enemy, there and in Afghanistan.  Can you just see the Taliban rubbing their hands together with glee as they just abide their time when the USA and allies withdraw, which is supposed to be in the next year or so. They know how to live in those dusty barren mountains in both countries (been doing it for decades)  and wait to return to fight another day. The civil war in Afghanistan is far from over, as is violence in Pakistan.

And before I leave this day of December 25th, if you want to know the truth of the matter about the Christ-mass Roman Catholic adoption and invention of this day as supposed Christ's birthday, and if you  want to know WHO gave us our modern Santa Claus and who he really is - you can find it all on my webiste ( - bottom line of the Bible Study List page, just scroll to the right and you'll find it all.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Birth of Immanuel

Yes I know the world, or more specific the Christian world, has the birth of Immanuel (God with us) - the Messiah Christ, in the WRONG MONTH in the wrong time of the year. But let's put all that to one side for a moment.
Tonight on CBC TV they had a new "Nativity" film - it must have been British for some of the accents were English/British. We'll put that to one side also. The story of the nativity of Jesus was done with a down to earth, relaxed manner, with the usual ending of the shepherds and the three "wise men" coming to the stable shortly after the birth. Yes the chronology with the wise men from the east was way off, but again we'll put that to one side also.
They did bring out the fact that Mary could have been about 16 years old when she gave birth to Jesus, so someone had done a little study into Jewish life in the first century A.D.  It was the norm to move into being an adult at age 12, remember Jesus staying at the Temple and conversing with the Rabbis at the Passover of the family, mentioned in the Gospels. So indeed as Jesus said, He needed to be about His Father's business - 12 years old put you into a young adult reckoning. Some have even thought Mary could have been younger than 16 when she gave birth to Jesus.

As I said the movie was done very down-to-earth and you really did feel the humanity of it all. So I did enjoy it from that point of view.

What really hit me was at the end when you saw Mary holding a baby - looked indeed like a real baby, not some fake doll baby. We too often probably just don't stop to really let it sink in that a member of the very Godhead BECAME a physical baby just like any other baby as far as looks are concerned. But this was no ordinary baby - this was Immanuel - God with us!  That Godhead member was willing to give up eternity, put aside His glory, and was willing to take on all that is human.

As those shepherds and wise men bowed in worship before God in the flesh, yes they really did (as we must do) look at and believe that little baby was the Messiah - God in the flesh - He was that promised to come Messiah and be the Savior of mankind - the One who because He was God in the flesh, could take the sins of everyone who had or will live on this earth, when they acknowledge they are sinners, REPENT of sin, and accept Christ Jesus as PERSONAL Savior.

It truly must have been....well words fail me, to have lived and seen God in the flesh, from a baby to a child to a man. What a time in history to have lived in the Holy Land during the physical life of the promised  Messiah. It was prophecy in reality, happening around you.

There are so many points of that life and history you could think about. The Samaritan woman at the well, that finally realized WHO she was talking to, and then the people of her town who realized it for themselves (they told her not just because she said so) - realized this was the Messiah, the Savior - Immanuel - God with us.

Well you can recall other people and events in the Gospels - the old man and old lady in the Temple when Joseph and Mary brought the God baby to be circumcised. They realized they were truly blessed to literally see this wonderful prophecy of old fulfilled before their eyes, before they would sleep in death.

Well friends YOU are living also in days where prophecy is being fulfilled before your eyes. I have expounded all the Bible prophets on my website ( and in my book that should be out in the first part of 2011. You are living right now to see the forming of the last resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire in Europe. This power with a woman church that will ride it, is moving along to fulfill end of this age prophecy. This Europe Beast power will one day rule the Western world; it will be responsible in bringing the GREATEST tribulation and destruction on the human race that mankind has ever seen. YOU are living in the time when the book of Revelation is very near to coming on this earth.

And some of YOU could be living to SEE with your eyes the very COMING of the Lord again to this earth - this time coming not as a baby, but as God in POWER and GLORY and MIGHT! He will come and save the world from obliterating itself and killing off every single person on earth. He will come and fulfill the prophecies of His glorious coming and reigning as King of kings and Lord of lord; establishing the Kingdom of God on earth for the first 1,000 years. Then handing over that Kingdom to God the Father at the making of the  NEW HEAVEN AND NEW EARTH, when God the Father comes down from heaven to live with His children, and to make the new earth the headquarters of the universe (Revelation chapters 19-22).

Yes great and mighty prophecies are to come again to this planet. YOU may have the blessing of seeing them fulfilled before your eyes.

It should all HUMBLE you and desire you to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Island of SHAME - part 2

I will finish this blog with a few more pages at the very end of David Vines book "Iskand of Shame."


The Right to Return

When the Chagossians finally return to Chagos, there will be jubilation but there will be no storybook ending. Too many have died in exile. Too many lives, like those of Julien, Alex, Eddy, and Renault Bancoult, have been cut short. Too many have suffered the sagren of expulsion for too long.
Still, taking in the whole of the history of the Chagossians as a people, the islanders' struggle represents a challenge not just to U.S. imperial power but to more than five centuries of injustice tied to the global expansion of European empires. In the words of their 1975 petition proclaiming, "Our ancestors were slaves on those islands, but we know that we are the heirs of those islands," the Chagossians' struggle says that the governments of Great Britain and the United States can't get away with just one of the most recent injustices befalling non-European peoples.
"We are reclaiming our rights, our rights like every other human being who lives on the Earth has rights," Olivier told me. "A right to liberty, a right - I was born on that land, my umbilical cord is buried on that land, I have a right to live on that land. It cannot be that a foreigner profits from all my wealth, profits from my sea, profits from my beaches, profits from my coconuts, profits from it all, while I'm left with nothing."
"Chagossians are not asking for charity" Olivier explained. "Chagossians are asking for our due for what has happened since we were deracinated.. . . For all the damages that we've suffered. To recognize, to give reparation. To give reparation for all the suffering that we have experienced during these years." But, he added, "We are not only asking for money. . . . We are also asking for our islands, our fundamental rights, and our dignity."
Although the task before us of restraining the power of the military and U.S. Empire may sound daunting; although guaranteeing fundamental rights for all human beings may sound difficult; although realizing the highest ideals of the United States may sound like blind idealism; although restoring the true meaning of freedom - freedom for all, not just for some - may sound like a dream, the Chagossians can give us hope: five thousand people. Five thousand abused people in the Indian Ocean, led by a group of determined women and one of their sons, every day taking on the distant power of the United States and Great Britain. And winning. Five thousand people.
"I will never give up the struggle!" Rita told me. "I've suffered, suffered, suffered so much. And I'm still suffering." But when they finally do win, she said, she'll write a sega so that everyone can remember the victory.


In 1991, the Washington Post received the following strongly worded letter:

It seems to me to be a good time to review whether we should now take steps to redress the inexcusably inhuman wrongs inflicted by the British at our insistence on the former inhabitants of Diego Garcia and other Chagos group islands. The costs would be trivial compared with what we invested in construction and what we gained.... It is my firm opinion that there was never any good reason for evicting residents from the Northern Chagos, 100 miles or more from Diego Garcia. Probably the natives could even have been safely allowed to remain on the east side of Diego Garcia atoll.... It would be safe to let them go back, to North Chagos certainly. Such permission, for those who still want to return, together with resettlement assistance, would go a long way to reduce our deserved opprobrium. Substantial additional compensation for 18-25 past years of misery for all evictees is certainly in order. Even if that were to cost $100,000 per family, we would be talking of a maximum of $40-50 million, modest compared with our base investment there, with the value derived from it, and with the costs of Philippine bases. If we are too poor to pay it, perhaps the Japanese or Germans or Saudis might suggest they would like to allocate some of their Persian Gulf contributions to it.

The letter's author was Stu Barber.

During the course of my research I tried several times to find Stu but had no success. I suspected that he had died but could find no living relatives. A small reference to his having written a memoir about his Navy career encouraged me to keep looking. A week before I was to finish this book my research assistant, Naomi Jagers, found a 2007 obituary for an Anna Barber that we suspected was his wife. The article mentioned two surviving sons. An internet search produced a phone number and an address just two miles from my old apartment in Brooklyn. Although it was after 8 p.m. on a Friday night, I rushed to call.
With the sounds of dishes being washed in the background, I found Richard Barber. He said he was Stu's son. Trying to contain my excitement as well as nervousness about how he might react, I told him about the book. Richard remembered his late father's talking about the base and being "dismayed" to discover what had happened to the people after reading a copy of the Minority Rights Group's 1985 report, "Diego Garcia: A Contrast to the Falklands."'
Over the next two days Richard emailed several remarkable typewritten letters his father had written on the subject. After trying to interest the Washington Post in picking up the story again, Stu had written an admiral who was a former Navy superior, the British Embassy in Washington, and Human Rights Watch, to implore them to help return the Chagossians to Chagos. The "cessation of the Cold War," he wrote, "would certainly permit the return of those natives so desiring to at least the northern islands of the group, 100 miles from the U.S. base."
In another letter, he made an astonishingly honest admission: The expulsion, he said, "wasn't necessary militarily."
According to his son, Stu received no response to his requests for help. "As far as I know," Richard wrote in an email, "the after-the-fact concerns expressed by the guy who thought up the idea in the first place didn't have much impact. To me this is a poignant reminder of the extent to which many of us are more or less complicit in powerful organizations that act on imperatives ultimately beyond our individual control."
Indeed, beyond Stu Barber and the other officials in this story, aren't most of us complicit in the Chagossians' exile and the suffering they experience to this day? Don't we all share responsibility, beginning with the tax dollars that U.S. and British citizens paid to expel the islanders and build the base? Don't the people and governments of countries like Japan, Germany, and Saudi Arabia share responsibility through financial and other contributions that assist U.S. domination of Diego Garcia and the Persian Gulf? Don't we all share responsibility through our silence? And while the base has mostly brought militarization, war, and death to the region, has it not, through U.S. domination of oil supplies and the global economy, in some ways helped support the lives that so many of us enjoy? While culpable government actors must be held responsible for the crimes they commit, each of us must ask ourselves every time we pay our taxes, pump our gas, or return to the safety and comfort of our homes how we too are part of this story of empire and exile, and what we're going to do about it.

Well David Vine, I have not kept silent over this disgraceful matter. I have made your research and voice KNOWN to all who will read this blog around the world. I pray enough voices will eventually get those people back to their homeland and the better life they once had.
I will sign off on this matter by showing people the attitude of many "in power" - from your book pages 182,183.

"In the minds of many U.S. officials, whether consciously or not, removals were (and are) justified by what they saw as the limited impact of removing a small number of people, especially when weighed against the supposed gains to be realized from the base. Henry Kissinger once said of the inhabitants of ther Marshall Island. 'There are only 90,000 people out there. Who gives a damn?'"

I never did like that guy from the word go. I always thought he was bombastic, vain, arrogant, pompous, egotistic, blustering, high and mighty. These words of his prove I was correct. Give a little power to some and they think they rule the universe.

You need to buy David Vine's book for your education and your children's education. And if you have a blog mention this book so more and more voices cry out the SHAME of it all - the Island of Shame.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Island of SHAME!

I've commented about the book called "Island of Shame" by David Vine before. A little recap:

Back cover:

"The story of the U.S. base on Diego Garcia, and the cruel displacement of the island's people, has long been hidden from the American public. We owe a debt to David Vine for revealing it to the larger public." - Howard Zinn, author of  "A People's History of the United States."

"Until I read this book, why had I heard almost nothing about the Chagossians? Their forced relocation from Diego Garcia is a disgraceful violation of human rights that should be far better known. I hope that David Vine's painstakingly researched account is widely read, and that it makes its readers furious." _ Anne Fadiman, author of "The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down."

Well I have finished reading Vines book and yes I am FURIOUSLY MAD, and yes it is a DISGRACEFUL violation of human rights!!

I'll bet most of you do NOT know that the U.S.A. has about 1,000 - yes ONE THOUSAND - military bases, most of them OUTSIDE the soil of the U.S.A.  There are 4 in Australia; 4 in Singapore; 130 in Japan; 287 in Germany; 6 in Columbia; 3 in Peru; 2 in Canada; 57 in Britain; 11 in Iceland; 89 in Italy; 7 in Greece; 16 in Kuwait; 19 in Turkey; 1 in New Zealand; 106 in South Korea; 6 in Israel; 20 scattered across the African Continent; and on it goes. As Davine Vine points out the USA is indeed an EMPIRE! Not as we usually think of the word "empire" like the more familiar "British Empire" or "Roman Empire" of past/recent history. But Vine is correct that the USA with its 1,000 or so military bases around the world is a world EMPIRE! It has since the Second World War determined to be a world Empire, if not THE world empire. In planning to be such an empire it has conducted itself behind closed doors that ..... well in the specific case of the island of Diego Garcia ..... makes you furious and leaves you nothing but a sick feeling in your stomach. Oh and to boot the British were part of the whole disgraceful episode.

David Vine wonders what we as individuals will or can do. Well I certainly can devote some space on this Meltdown Blog to expose the sordid disgrace of the two brother-peoples who forcefully ejected people from an island that the USA wanted as part of its worldwide desire to Empire itself around the world with military bases.

I'll bring you some of the last pages of David Vine's book and I hope you will desire to want to buy this book, to read it, to educate yourself as to what goes on, on the inside of the "war machine" of the mighty United States of America. Sad to say it is often not a pretty story.



     In May 1973, the last boatload of haggard and hungry
Chagossians deported from Chagos refused to disembark in
Mauritius. The group of about 125 demanded that they be returned
to Chagos or else receive compensation and housing in this
"foreign country" where they had "no housing, no money, no work."
For five days, the people resisted all entreaties to get off the
boat, living and sleeping on a deck designed for less than half
their number and in the ship's dark hold, in what a local
newspaper called "deplorable conditions."
     After days of negotiations, the Mauritian Government finally
convinced the group to disembark. The government paid adults Rs5,
children Rs3, and gave nineteen families what turned out to be
dilapidated apartments, amid pigs, cows, and other farm animals,
in the slums of Port Louis. Twelve other families found their own
housing, crowding into the shacks of relatives and friends.
"In '72, I was deported," described Aurelie Lisette Talate, one
of the last to go. "I left Diego-Diego was closed," in 1971.
After that she was sent to Peros Banhos before her final
deportation. "In '72, I left Peros. I went via Seychelles."
"I came to Mauritius with six children and my mother," Aurelie
said. "I arrived in Mauritius in November. November '72 we got
our house near the Bois Marchand cemetery, but the house didn't
have a door, didn't have running water, didn't have electricity"
     A stick-thin woman in her sixties, Aurelie eats little,
smokes a lot, and speaks with a power that earned her the
nickname ti piman-little chili pepper: In Mauritius the littlest
chilies are the hottest and the fiercest.
     "The way we were treated wasn't the kind of treatment that
people need to be able to live. And then my children and I began
to suffer. All my children started getting sick."
     Within two months of arriving in Mauritius, two of Aurelie's
children had died. The second was buried in an unmarked grave
because she lacked the money to pay for a burial. "We didn't have
any more money. The government buried him, and to this day, I
don't know where he's buried."    
     In the first years in exile, most of the islanders' anger
was directed at the Mauritian Government and Prime Minister
Ramgoolam, who were understood to have "sold" Chagos and the
Chagossians to Britain in exchange for Mauritian independence.
Mauritians "committed more than a crime," Aurelie said. They
"deracinated us. Sold Diego so that Mauritius could get its
independence. We lived there. We lost our houses," and suddenly
in Mauritius "we had none. We were living like animals. Land? We
had none.... Work? We had none. Our children weren't going to
school.... I say to everyone, I say to them, 'Yes, the English
deceived me.'"
     A tradition of resistance among Chagossians started in 1968
when some of the first islanders prevented from returning to
their homes protested to the Mauritian Government, demanding that
they be returned to Chagos. From the beginning of what they came
to call lalit chagossien-the Chagossian struggle-women have been
at the forefront of the movement, protesting in the streets,
rallying supporters, going on hunger strikes, confronting the
police and getting arrested.
     The 1975 petition delivered to the British and U.S.
governments cited failed promises of compensation made by British
agents in Chagos. "Here in Mauritius, everything has to be bought
and everything is expensive. We don't have money and we don't
have work." Owing to "sorrow, poverty, and lack of food and
care," they said, "we have at least 40 persons who have died" in
exile. The Chagossians asked the British Government to "urge" the
Mauritian Government to provide land, housing, and jobs or return
them to their islands. "Although we were poor" in Chagos, they
wrote, "we were not dying of hunger. We were living free."
     The petition and numerous other pleas to the governments of
Britain, the United States, Mauritius, and the Seychelles went
unheeded. The U.S. Government declared it had "no legal
responsibility" for the islanders; the following year, a British
official sent to investigate found the islanders "living in
deplorable conditions." Both governments did nothing.
     In 1978, after years of protests and pressure, the
Government of Mauritius finally paid compensation to some of the
islanders from the 650,000 pounds it had received from the
British Government in 1972. When the money proved "hopelessly
inadequate," Aurelie and several other Chagossian women went on
what would be the first of five hunger strikes over four
years to protest their conditions. The protesters demanded proper
housing: "Give us a house; if not, return us to our country,
Diego," proclaimed one of their flyers.
     The hunger strike lasted 21 days in an office of the
Mauritian Militant Party (MMM), a leftist opposition party whose
leaders had assisted the struggle since the first arrivals in
1968. Later that year, four Chagossians were jailed for resisting
the police when Mauritian authorities tore down their shacks.
Both protests yielded few concrete results but added to mounting
political momentum for the islanders.
     In 1979, with MMM assistance, several Chagossians engaged a
British lawyer, Bernard Sheridan, to negotiate with the British
Government about providing additional compensation. Sheridan was
already suing the United Kingdom on behalf of Michel Vincatassin,
a Chagossian who charged that he had been forcibly removed from
his and his ancestors' homeland.
     British officials reportedly offered 1.25 million pounds in
additional compensation to the group on the condition that
Vincatassin drop his case and Chagossians sign deeds "in full and
final settlement," waiving future suits and "all our claims and
rights (if any) of whatsoever nature to return to the British
Indian Ocean Territory."
     Sheridan came to Mauritius offering the money in exchange
for the renunciation deeds. Initially many impoverished
Chagossians signed them more precisely, given near universal
adult illiteracy, most provided their thumbprints on deeds
written in English. When Chagossian and MMM leaders heard the
terms of the deal, they halted the process and sent Sheridan back
to London. A support group wrote to Sheridan to explain that
those who had "signed" the forms had done so without "alternative
legal advice," and "as a mere formality" to obtain desperately
needed money, rather than out of agreement with its conditions.
No compensation was disbursed.


     Before long Chagossians were back in the streets of
Mauritius, launching more hunger strikes and their largest
protests yet in 1980 and 1981. Along with Aurelie, Rita was part
of a group of women who guided the movement. Together they
repeatedly faced police intimidation, violence, and arrest, to
lead hundreds marching on the British High Commission, protesting
in front of government offices, and sleeping on the streets and
sidewalks of the Mauritian capital. In one notorious incident,
now recounted with embarrassed glee, a group of women faced off
against a line of male riot police officers in downtown Port
Louis. The police charged some the women, hitting them with
batons to get them to disperse and knocking them to the ground.
Suddenly and spontaneously, a woman reached up and grabbed a cop
by the testicles. "Grabbed his, grabbed his testicles, his balls!
Yes!" said Aurelie. "She grabbed the cop's balls! She grabbed his
balls and then he fell to his knees." Yelling in pain, he and
other riot police ran off in full retreat.
     "No one was afraid," Rita said of the women protesters. "We
weren't afraid. They were shooting tear gas at us, so we hit
back, threw rocks at them. We weren't afraid."
     Led by women like Rita and Aurelie, the islanders demanded
the right to return to Chagos as well as immediate compensation,
decent housing, and jobs." "We yelled, 'Give us back Diego! Give
us back Diego that you stole, Ramgoolam! That you sold,
Ramgoolam!'" Aurelie recounted. "We went and we yelled in the
streets: 'Ramgoolam sold Diego! Ramgoolam, give us back Diego!
Get a boat to take us to Diego!'"
     For the first time, a broad coalition of Mauritian political
groups and unions supported the people under the Kreol rallying
cry Rann Nu Diego--Give Us Back Diego. The slogan served to unite
the Chagossians' struggle with the demands of many Mauritians to
return Chagos to Mauritian sovereignty and close the base.
Ambiguity in the Kreol phrase, however, also obscured key
disagreements between the groups still visible today in what are
at times difficult alliances: Does rann nu mean "give us back" or
"return us to"? Does the us mean Chagossians or Mauritius and the
Mauritian people? And does giving back Diego mean evicting the
base or only a reversion of control over the island with the base
allowed to stay?
     During this moment of unity, though, the coalition soon won
results. Following violent clashes and the arrest of six
Chagossian women and two Mauritian supporters during another
eighteen-day hunger strike, Mauritian Prime Minister Seewoosagur
Ramgoolam left for London to meet British Prime Minister Margaret
Thatcher. The two governments agreed to hold talks on
compensation with Chagossian representatives.
     After two rounds of negotiations, the British Government
agreed to provide 4 million pounds in compensation, with the
Mauritian Government contributing land it valued at 1 million. In
exchange, most signed or thumbprinted so-called "renunciation
forms" to protect the U.K. Government from further claims for
compensation and the right to return.
     Many Chagossians have later disputed the legality of these
forms and their knowledge of their contents, again written in
English without translation. Rita explained, "I didn't make my
thumbprint to renounce my right. I made my print to get money to
give my children food. They had no food."
     Rita continued insistently, "I never renounced my right....
You can show me my thumbprint, my thumbprint, my signing, there
was Rs8,000 for me in the bank, but I don't know how to read. I
don't know how to write.... I took it because my children were
dying of hunger. I was pulling food out of the trashcan to give
to them. I went to buy food so I could give them food," Rita
said. "If I didn't sign, I would have been pulling food from the
trashcan again to give to my children.... I did not renounce my


     In the wake of the compensation agreement, many felt that
their interests had not been well represented by some of their
Mauritian allies and spokespeople. Several, including prominent
Chagossian leaders and former hunger strikers Aurelie and
Charlesia Alexis, created the first solely Chagossian support
organization, the Chagos Refugees Group (CRG). With Rita's help,
they asked her last son born in Peros Banhos, eighteenyear-old
Louis Olivier Bancoult, to join the organization. The women felt
their illiteracy had allowed the community's manipulation in the
past, and Olivier was one of the few community members who had
gone to secondary school and was literate. "They needed a
Chagossian who had some education," he explained.
     The CRG, under the leadership of Aurelie, Charlesia, Rita,
and Olivier, pressed for the right to return and additional
compensation. They continued their work through the 1980s and
1990s but showed little progress. Gradually they lost support
among the exiles.
     Another organization, the Chagossian Social Committee (CSC),
eventually took charge of the people's political struggle, led by
CSC founders Fernand Mandarin and his Mauritian barrister Herve
     The group pursued out-of-court negotiations with the U.K.,
U.S., and Mauritian governments for compensation and the right to
return. While the CSC had little success in pursuing substantive
talks, the group gained recognition for Chagossians as an
indigenous people before the UN. A CSC leaflet showing Fernand
participating in a session at the UN Working Group on Indigenous
Populations proclaims, "To live on our land of origin: A sacred
right, wherever our origin may be!"

The fight still goes on today. The people who were FORCED off their homeland because the USA wanted the Island for a USA military base with no native people. Both the British and the USA are responsible for this disgraceful treatment of the native people from Diego one writer on the back cover says: "Island of Shame illuminates the interior workings of the American empire as it penetrated and shattered the lives of the people of the tiny island of Diego Gracia in the Indian Ocean.
David Vine turns his anthropological lenses not only on the victims, the people who were expelled to make room for a military base, but on the perpetrators as well, the American officials who
oversaw the tragedy." - Frances Fox Piven, coauthor of "Regulating the Poor."

You need to read this book! You need to have it in your home library! You need to have this part of history in your children's education. You need to realize OUR ISRAEL nations of JOSEPH have
done some mighty large sins in our time as world Empires (and we are still doing some mighty large sins) and we will NOT go UNpunished - we shall reap what we sow - the Lord will not hold back His justice of punishment forever. I have expounded for you all the prophets of the Bible on my Website, which will soon also be in regular book form and eBook.  Our day of judgment is coming. David Vine's book is just one example of WHY judgment must come upon us.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Disasters/world and home

It was just reported that 2010 was the year for more natural disasters than any year on record. Now a lot had to do with poor construction of buildings in earthquake zones, but still more natural disasters than ever.

And the weather is still going crazy - Australia in their summer time, parts are having SNOW!

California is being hit with rain and snow like never before for December.

Europe is still crippled under snow and arctic air, as never before, certainly for Britain.

Thousands of 2 and 3 YEAR olds are admitted to hospital emergency rooms each year, because they have successfully gotten into medicines left within easy each - many of them die. They ran an experiment with 2 and 3 years olds, most of them got into plastic bottles, medication trays, within a every short time, some within seconds. When given the really well made plastic containers for drugs and pills (child proof) they were NOT able to open them.
So should be some important lessons here. Dangerous stuff (cleaning things also) should not be where children can get to them. One set of parents who lost a child from medications she should not have gotten into, and her brother who just about died......well they keep such things now LOCKED AWAY!

You need to KEEP DANGEROUS things well away and SECURE from children. Oh they also mentioned about VISITORS who also bring along drugs etc. that children should NOT be finding and certainly NOT getting into the containers they are stored in.

PRIDE -the movie

No this is not about "pride goes before a fall" as the Proverb says. I was peaking around Blockbuster today, as I usually do about once a week, to see what true life movies I might find.  And I was fortunate: a movie I'd never heard of -  goes back to 2007 - from Lionsgate.
It stars one of my favorite black actors Terrence Howard - very good talent. I certainly agree with the two comments on the front cover: "Two Thumbs Up" - Morris and Roeper - "Inspirational...Will Touch Your Heart" - Star Magazine.
On the back cover: "....shows how an ordinary man can do something extraordinary..." - Claidia Puig, USA Today. And: "This movie will inspire you." - OK Magazine.

"Based on true events, PRIDE is the inspiring story of Jim Ellis, a charismatic schoolteacher who changed lives forever when he founded an African-American swim team in one of Philadelphia's roughest neighborhoods."

Yes a mighty good family movie that not only your family should see but all High Schools should be made to have time out to see it also. Many lessons of things that should not be done and things that should be done - if all school kids would take and run with the positive we'd have healthier, friendlier, and just plain better young people who would be better adults, and so better societies.

Mark it down and plan to see it with your family and friends.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

States are deep in the RED!

60 MINUTES tonight had a very revealing segment.  The USA States are in the RED....DEEP in the red!

The pretty blond Meridith Whitney, the financial guru on money, banks etc. (who told it like it happened way before it happened in 2008 - the big Fall/Wall Street and Banker guys) is saying it again .... 2011 could see most if not all the States implode and 100s of thousands jobs lost. Most US states cannot pay their debts. In simple language the States are all in one hell of a mess, and it seems no way out, unless the money printing machines that the Feds have keep printing 24/7 more dollar bills to hand on each State. Well the whole revealing segment you can see on the 60 MINUTES Internet website. It's quite the eye opener.

Also on 60 Minutes (and on their website) is the astonishing findings of the 5 people they have discovered so far with the brain memory that gives them the power to recall their daily events (or world events) from way way back in their lives, one guy from the age of 6 years old. They have been put to the test, it's no trick, no sit down and memorize daily newspapers and/or diaries they kept of their lives every day for years upon years. The astonishing gift (if you want to call it such) can be seen on 60 Minutes website.
The 5 people say it's not like they are in a blinding snow storm of daily information blasting their mind all the time. They simply have it there and can recall it (the happenings on any day) - bring it to mind when they desire.
I'm thinking are these people given a gift of God's mind of having everything at your need if needed. Now I'm saying just a little bit of God's brain, that 99.999 percent of us do not have. Well it or they I do believe are showing us a little of the ability, and I mean just a little (though incredible as it is) of the HUGE ability (that our minds cannot come close to grasping) of the mind/brain of God.
This extraordinary brain these people have reminds me of the extraordinary UNIVERSE we are discovering more and more about each day and month. The universe and what is out there in the distance  of billions of light years (and the universe is expanding - moving out all the time) is so humungous our little brains cannot come close to really comprehending it all - after a while our brain just closes down. I mean as I watch season one and season two (the DVDs I have)  of the "universe" from the History  channel, it just blows my mind.
Surely as the apostle Paul said, we look through a glass darkly, but one day we shall know even as we are known.  Just think of inheriting the universe, and the very brain of the Father and Christ. The Christ came to earth as a man - went through our world as a man - then inherited what He had before - glory and eternity and the very brain and power of God the Father. And the Scriptures say (Romans 8) that WE are co-heirs WITH Christ. all that He inherited after His resurrection we can inherit - we can be like Him (see 1 John 3:1-3), for one day we shall see Him as He is. We shall never be the Father or Christ, of course not, The Father is the Father and Christ is Christ - they will always be the TOP of the very Family of God. But what we, as children of the Father can one day inherit is beyond the human brain to fathom right now, but we can know what the Father created mankind for. If you have not done so you need to go to my website ( and read and study my article called "A Christian's Destiny." Then you need to know how you can inherit it all. So then you need to study my studies called "Saved by Grace" "Real Repentance" and "Saving Faith."

If you did catch the Dec.19th 60 MINUTES then go see it on their website, while they have it up (not sure how long they keep them up, maybe now with modern technology it is forever).

Victory is: not always the Gold Medal

LENGENDARY - Samuel Goldwyn Films - says on the front "Surpasses The Blind Side" - Marcos Matos.  And "Some Legends are born out of Struggle."

On the back: "Heartfelt and Inspirational. It will make you stand up and cheer." - Avi Offer.

In the small town of Sallisaw, Oklahoma, the Chetley name is synonymous with victory. This inspirational tale of a young man's dream to reunite his family through amateur wrestling is a triumphant as it is profoundly touching. WWE Superstar John Cena is Mike Chetley, a former high school and collegiate champion estranged from his family. Things change when his awkward, undersized, younger brother Cal comes back into his life with a plan to unify Mike and their widowed mother Sharon, but not without major setbacks. With the guidance of Red, Cal learns that winning against all odds is worth more than he could have ever imagined."

It is truly a fine movie, for the whole family (well those in grade 1 and above).  It is an inspiring true story. Two thumbs up for this one. Getting the gold medal is not always about who crosses the finishing line first.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time for LOVE!

One of my recent favorite love story movies is: LETTERS to JULIET - Summit Entertainment - 2010

It is based upon a certain basic true story in Italy. The back cover says: "In Verona, Italy - the beautiful city where Romeo first met Juliet - there is a place where the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help. It's there that aspiring writer Sophie finds a 50-year-old letter that will change her life forevcr. As she sets off on a romantic journey of the heart with the letter's author, Claire, now a grandmother, and her handsome grandson, all three will discover that sometimes the greatest love story ever told is your own."

It stars the young Amanda Seyfried (who is wonderful in roles like this) and the famous Vanessa Redgrave. Yes it's two thumbs up for this one from me.

NIGHTS in RODANTHE - Warner Brothers Pictures - 2009 - Richard Gere and Diane Lane -  a very touching love story.

LAST CHANCE HARVEY - Alliance Films - 2009 - Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson - as it says on the front: "Richly funny and touching, it's too good to resist!"

NEVER BEEN KISSED - Twentieth Century Fox - about 2002 - a comedy love with big-heart - Drew Barrymore.

EVERLYN - United Artists - 2002 - Pierce Brosnan like you have never seen him.  "A Near Masterpiece, A Wonderful Film." - Larry King. "Genuinely Inspirational." - Chicago Times.
It is based on a true story.

THE SOLOIST - Dreamworks Pictures - 2009 - back cover says: " extraordinary and inspiring true story of how a chance meeting can change a life.....a Los Angels newspaper reporter who discovers a brilliant street musician.....and the unique friendship and bond that transforms their lives...." - Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr.

PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS - Columbia Pictures - a few years back - Will Smith in a very touching role of the true story of a man, who with his young son, climbes up from the street to success.

Ah indeed all very fine love stories that come in different packages, but all with LOVE in the center.

I think all these love movies I've mentioned on the Meltdowns should all be shown to Middle and/or High School kids as part of their time out in education. Maybe we would have a world with a lot more love and not hate or discrimination or bullying.

My Name is KHAN

I did not know this movie existed - My Name is Khan - a Fox movie - 2010 - one of the greatest movies from "Bollywood" - yes Bollywood not Hollywood - a gem from the people of the land of India, but set in the most part in the USA. Two of  Bollywoods biggest stars - Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are truly magnificent - just unbelievable acting. The setting is up to and after the horrific 9/11. It's a story that you could well believe could happen.
It has joy, lightness, love, simplicity, laughter, and sorrow and sadness that tares you apart (so if your like me better have kleenex ready).
The front cover says: A Remarkable Man, An Incredible Journey, A love Story For All Time.

The back cover says: "....this epic romance that proves true love knows no boundaries. Rizwan (Khan), an Indian man with a unique way of looking at the world, moves to San Francisco and meets a vivacious single mother named Mandira (Kajol). They form a special bond and fall in love against all odds, but fate and tragedy conspire to tear them apart. Then when Rizwan embarks on a remarkable journey across America to win back the love of his life."

I give this movie ***** stars - three thumbs up if I had three of them.  It is an epic - 161 minutes, but you'd never know it, captivating from start to finish.

What's another main lesson of this movie? There are two types of people in the world - the good and the bad. It matters not what religion you are, what ideology you hold, what political mind-set you have; two types of people in the world; either good doing good deeds; or bad doing bad deeds.

I was fortunate in my young life to have a mother that could sit and watch love story movies, and love being test by many problems that can come in life, but wins out in the end, and sit and cry, tears rolling down her cheek; so she taught me it was okay for a boy, a man, to cry also, and as a young kid going to a Bible School I had read many times "And Jesus wept."

So make sure you buy this movie, and have the kleenex handy.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Some good recent Movies

Those of you reading my Meltdowns for a while know I'm a bit of a movie geek (the ones worth seeing, many are not of course).

So for the "science fiction" lovers (I do like some of them)

PERCY JACKSON and the OLYMPIANS - 2010 - Twentieth Century Fox - as it says on the back cover "A Bolt of family fun." Ya it's about the "gods" of Greek or whoever legends, so you know it's science fiction right off the bat.

TRON - just came back from seeing it - so hot off the press. It's a "good" science  fiction one - 3D also.

THE TOURIST - Jonny Depp and Angelina Jolie - new off the press so to speak also.  An interesting plot with a twist at the end that is somewhat not what you're expecting. It was an okay movie.

TANGLED - A 3D Walt Disney movie - for the whole family. And some singing - very well acted and sung whoever were the voices, people I'd never heard of. Some good lessons in the movie. I give it two thumbs up.

CHRONICLES OF NARNIA - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  The 3rd in the series, and the last one I believe.  It was in 3D. And in some ways the best one of the three.  Many may not know but Lewis wrote this with "Christian" religion in mind. At the end of this movie you have the words about the Lion something like "You'll know him by a different name in your world."  And that name in our world is the Lion from the tribe of Judah - Jesus Christ!

Yes indeed two thumbs up for this movie.

I've already bought the Percy Jackson movie (previously viewed at Blockbuster) and probably will buy the others mentioned when they are on the previously viewed rack at Blockbuster.  On the previously viewed rack today I got 3 for the price of 2 - good deal. One I've seen at the theater, the other two - one true life story that I've never heard about, and the third sounds like a great love story, I'd not heard about.
Will tell you about them in time.

Obama and Afghanistan

So the latest speech from Pres.Obama on Afghanistan .... to be expected, kinda wishy-washy.

The fact - this year 500 USA troops killed - the highest in years if not in any year over the 10 years of war. Yes it's been 10 years fighting over there.
The fact - 700 killed this year in total for the Allies.
Then of course who knows the number of injured - loosing parts of their body.

Have you noticed when they show film of the troops fighting, the absolute barren, desert, mountainous landscape - the country is dirt, sand, dust, and looks like the moon in many ways.

I'll say it again, though you can drive back the enemy into the hills, you'll never win the battle. The mighty Russian empire tried it for 10 years and failed. The enemy has been living in those barren hills for decades, they know who to survive and wait to fight another day. You cannot win against a hit and run and hide enemy that also is skilled is planting road bombs that kill you or blow parts of your body away.

Even when the Allies go into "just training" mode - training Afghans to fight Afghans - the war will continue for years to come. The whole thing was a mess from the word go - from the word of Bush boy "Bring it on" - meaning if they want to fight.  Well they brought it on - 700 dead this last year from the Allies, and many innocent people and children as well. To protect our nations at home with every way we can is one thing, but taking the war over to their land was one HUGE mistake - we're not fighting  a Hitler war machine that was both side out in the open - hand to hand - plane to plane - ship to ship - bombs to bombs.
We never seem to learn from history, no wonder the Russians have said we cannot win, they went through the experience for 10 years and could not win either.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LOVE and HATE Marijuana

The Canadian TV tonight had a documentary on marijuana. It's a love and hate world. Educated science now knows the plant helps many people with medical problems and chronic sufferers of pain. So Canada has "legal" growers of the plant for medical reasons. The USA has 13 States that have "compassion clubs" to serve people with marijuana for medical needs. Obama has told the Feds to keep hands off these places in those 13 States. Wow one thing he seems to have right in the last two years in the White House.
If you have not yet done so, you need to go to Tara Chapman's Website (www. and read her study about the marijuana plant and all the many benefits it could be used for to move us into a much "greener" world.
It is a fact that 50 percent of all medical "drugs" are made form plants. For anyone reading the Bible they know God gave us plants to eat to provide good health. True not all plants are for food, some will kill you either quickly or longer.
It has yet to be proved that the marijuana plant is harmful to you, now of course I'm speaking of the organic natural plant and in moderation. Many "good things" for you become bad things for you if moderation is not used.
So we have this contradiction in our lands - we love and at the same time hate this marijuana plant. We still spend millions of dollars to fight the growing of it, and haul people to court and maybe into prison. Yet we cannot deny it's good, so we "legalize" some to grow it. Hence the black-market goes on. Our Governments admit they are fighting a loosing battle, but we continue to spend tax-payer's money to fight it while we love it and give some legal authority to grow it.
I do not used marijuana - and have no intentions to do so unless down the road my health situation says I should use it. But it really is time to put marijuana into the same apple cart as that of alcohol - make it legal - stop the under-ground black-market and simply tell the world that the moderate use of marijuana is no more unhealthy for you than the moderate use of alcohol.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As the World Turns

60 MINUTES had a segment on Brazil, a country we hear not much about. It's in a boom! 5th largest world economy. Sky-scraper buildings all over the place. It's the world largest cattle producing industry. The GDP is larger than all the other South American countries put together. The last year it has had a 7 percent growth. The country is just about the size of the USA. And for its size it is the "greenest" economy in the world. Brazil has everything that the booming power of China needs. It has the 3rd largest airplane manufacturing industry in the world. The outgoing President of Brazil had a grade 4 education, but in his 8 year term he's done wonders for his country. He's brought Brazil to a world power. Stiff banking rules, so they were not effected by the Wall Street fall-out guys and the recession they caused. He's helped the poor  - created jobs. He's hand-picked the next President - a gal this time around. Oh yes, Brazil does have slums, a 3rd world slum areas and 90 percent of the roads are not paved. The preparations for the 2014 World Cup soccer are behind production, but that's 4 years away. Brazil has discovered they have deep sea oil off its shores, which could put them in the 3rd or 4th world production of the black stuff. Brazil has no nuclear bomb, and not much of a fighting force, they have not had a war since the middle of the 19th century.
So look out for Brazil to make itself an economic force and be an important player on the world's stage of economics in the years ahead.

Sweden had its first terrorist bomber - blew himself up - killed no one but himself, but could have been terrible if his plan had be executed with more precision.

A MASSIVE snow storm hit the USA and the snow-belt of Canada in lower Ontario,  people had to be rescued and housed by friendly towns and neighbors - dozens of cars and big-rigs had to be abandoned, the worst snow-storm for a few decades, even going down into Florida.

COTTON - well it's going up in price through the roof, and so is other things like nylon. They say we could see a large price increase for clothing. The biggest producers of cotton are:  1st China; 2nd India; 3rd USA.

Japan - the Yen going up and up - which makes their goods less competitive on the world scene. So they are not out of the deep woods of a troubled economy.

Mexico - huge troubles with the drug cartel - violence and killings are growing and growing.

The two fastest growing economies in the world - China and India, are meeting to see how they can grow even faster from the trading between themselves. China is the winner so far, hence India would like to even the playing field some.

The unions in Europe are on the demonstration ride - protesting the cuts of many Europe countries. Some fear a double-dip recession could happen. Europe like the USA is still in deep economic troubles.

Speaking of the USA, the Canadian expert for CBC is saying that the USA could be close to going over the cliff with its large unemployment. 93% of its people say the country is out of control. 70% say action should be taken immediately. 65% agree that their needs to be tax increase and spending needs to be under control. The country is having to borrow more and more - the rich are keeping for now, their tax cuts. Money is  again being printed like no tomorrow. But when asked what should be cut - well people give a list of what NOT to cut - anything that would effect them in a personal way. So it's like being between a rock and a hard placed.

Yahoo - is cutting 600 jobs - the 4th cut in three years - has to cut down to compete. Soon the Internet will be run by just two or three - the survival of the fittest and the most powerful.

Folic Acid - the pill that does help pregnant women, but Canadian research is unsure of the benefit for the average person. It seems like anything, too much of a good thing can harm you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

News and LOVE movies

The USA is in a bond sell-off. Cost of borrowing for the USA is up slightly . The tax cuts to be extended have some concerns, means in simple language, the USA cannot but borrow money and hence more deficit. Well they have been racking up debt for decades so what's a little more. They'll never pay it back anyway and one day it will probably just get wiped off the sheet.

Japan market - economy expansion of 4.5 percent. Strong Yen but they say it looks like no growth for last quarter of 2010. They still have high unemployment.

The books stores - Borders, and, Barnes and Noble, are thinking of joining forces, as book stores may now face big competition from Google Ebooks - the new way to read books. The two BIG book stores in Canada joined arms together some years back. I still prefer to have and read a hard copy book, one I can mark up, highlight, put notes in the margin etc.

So Britain after sleeping in the same bed with the USA in the finance and housing crash and recession, done by the "mad" leaders of the "no laws" finance world, under the "mad" leaders of national governments (Ireland, Iceland, and others included) now want to slap the small  guy - the college people with huge tuition fees. So I think to be expected in this crazy world, the young people of Britain rioted the other day in protest to the tuition rise.
As I've said many times in the past, God in his word to our nations says our leaders are MAD and our prophets (the leading religious guys/gals) are PROFANE!!

THE BANK of Canada says there could be a world down-turn once more; I guess that means they are saying a dip in the recession, a dip in the dip to a dippier recession. The Bank says this may happen due to the terrible Europe economy and the mess they are in. and they add Canada will probably not escape the fallout this time.

Well if Haiti was not already badly off now they have violence and killings over the election there, which looks like as many are saying was "rigged." So troubles upon troubles for Haiti, as if they did not already have enough.


SENSE and SENSIBILITY - Columbia pictures from...well some time ago, but very nice indeed - Emma Thompson - Kate Winslet - Hugh Grant.

LOVE COMES SOFTLY - Hallmark Entertainment - family movie - 202 - very warming and charming.

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE - Focus Features - 2005 - as it says on the back cover : "Lushly romantic and subtly sexy" "Makes you believe in true love and happy-ever-after."

MR.HOLLAND'S OPUS - Hollywood Pictures - Richard Dreyfuss - one of my all time favorites as it concerns the life of a High School music teacher - so many lessons to learn from it. Surely a must for all families and should be required watching for all in school bands.

SHALL WE DANCE - Alliance Atlantic - Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopex, Susan Sarandon, at their best. A warm delightful film - on the back cover: "An entertaining crowd pleaser" "Full of genuine delight"

I AM SAM - Alliance Atlantic - Sean Penn and Michelle Pfeiffer at their best. On the back cover: "A wonderful movie about the power of the human spirit."

Ah yes some great movies from some superb actors. More wonderful LOVE movies at a future time.

Friday, December 10, 2010

When Love is not Enough

Maybe to the shock of thousands of Christians around the world, God and the Bible do NOT say or teach that alcohol per se is SIN!

I have devoted a large in-depth study on my Website ( to proving that the arguments by well-intended but wrong theology ideas are ill-founded. I go into detail to prove the Scriptures of the Bible do not teach that alcohol in and of itself is sin.

But alcohol CAN be sin! Indeed it is written in the word of the Lord that no drunkard shall enter the Kingdom of God. This is, no person who does not control the use of alcohol, but lives a life of alcohol addiction, who is controlled by it, shall enter the Kingdom of God. An uncontrolled addiction to alcohol is a sin that will prevent you from eternal life. In other words the sin of addiction to alcohol must be put away - must be rooted out of a person's life.

God does NOT condemn the moderate and controlled use of alcohol.

Sin and the person being controlled by sin can take the form of many types of sin. God created sex, the bed (for husband and wife) your Bible says is "undefiled." But the Bible DOES condemn the WRONG use of sex - fornication (sex before marriage) and adultery (sex with someone other than your wife or husband) is sin! If you are addicted to sex in its form of sin, you must put that sin away as being a form of life-style - you have to stop practicing fornication or adultery, if you are to inherit eternal life.

The Bible also relates that other forms of sex are also sins - homosexuality, lesbianism, beastiality, incest, child-abuse in sexual ways, are all sins, that if practiced as a way of life, will keep you out of the Kingdom of God. All such sins must be put away - abandoned.

So it is with those who are controlled by alcohol - commonly known as being alcoholic and/or a regular drunk.

There is help for alcoholics.  I saw the movie when it came to the theaters and I've just bought it on DVD - "When Love Is Not Enough" - as it says on the front cover "An Epic Story Of Devotion, Recovery And Hope."

On the back cover: "The Lois Wilson Story, is based on the true story of the sorely-tested but ultimately enduring love between Lois Wilson, co-founder of Al-Anon, and her husband Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Together, Lois and Bill Wilson started movements that have helped millions of people around the world. Together, they've given the world a noble and inspiring love story."

Superbly, superbly acted by Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper.

It is a movie that not only brings tears to the eyes, but is inspirational.

It is a movie that makes you praise the Lord that such a couple endured for years, but eventually found the way to overcome the addiction of alcohol, and indeed their organizations have help millions around the world.

Some of you may be right now in the need of help to stop being an alcoholic, or you know someone who needs to put away the control of alcohol over their lives. For the rest of you - well this is a movie you should have in your home library for your entire family. A true life story all your family should see eventually when they are at the age that it will have a lasting effect on them, to never want to be controlled by alcohol.

Make sure you buy this movie.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Many Items

I did not know until it came on the news that resident doctors in North America, often have two days a week where they work a 24 hour shift (they are on call for any of those hours). One hospital in Quebec, Canada, has "done away with it." Interviewing those young doctors told us how much sharper-minded they were. Now it does not take rocket-science to figure that simple equation.
The USA is in 2011 bringing in a no more than a 16 hour work shift.
Britain already has a law that doctors cannot work more than 49 hours a week (not sure, the news did not say what maximin shift length the British doctors work).

So how do you like the new Facebook facelift that came into being December 7th? I'm sure it will not be the last facelift they will have.

Aspirin - take one a day - already known to help reduce heart-attacks. Now with an 8 year study they have found once a day aspirin to reduce by about 25 percent the chance of getting common cancers.

A "religious" Theme Park in Kentucky is going to build a Noah's Ark. Which brings me to the topic of Noah's flood. Many Christians (like I did) just take for granted the flood in Noah's day was worldwide, around the entire globe. Most Christians (I was one of them) have NEVER studied the subject, or they may have read books like "Deluge Story in Stone" (an old book from way back when). Now there was a worldwide flood all around the earth, BUT it was in Genesis 1: between verses 1 and 2. IT WAS NOT AT THE TIME OF NOAH!!  Saying that is going to SHOCK and even ANGER some Christians. Well God tells us in the book of Proverbs that it is FOLLY to answer a matter before you hear it. need to go to my Website ( and study the study (be willing as I was to meditate on the subject for months if needs be) called "Noah's Flood - Not Universal."

The Europe finance ministers are meeting to try and figure a way out of the uro money mess they are in, and they are at present in some pickle for sure. Ireland has to try and go on an 8 Billion cut - take the icing off the cake, and maybe all the fruit and nuts and cherries in it, with half the flour also. The Italy Opera at La Scala in financial cuts from the Italian Government - they have to cut back also. Many in the Opera world over there are of course upset.

Obama in the USA has had to compromise on NOT taking away the tax cuts (as was planned) to the wealthy. They will get an extension and tax relief.

China has many of its main powerful companies in the negative - so not all rosy for them either.

USA admits defeat in trying to get Israel in the Holy Land to stop building in the West Bank - it's back to the talking table for the USA, Israel, and the Palestinians - nothing new under the sun for those three Governments as far as sitting around the peace-talking-table.

The Korean tensions - South Korea and the USA are trying to figure out what they will do if North Korea does another attack on any land belonging to South Korea.

WikiLeaks founder - Mr.Assange has turned himself in to the British police, not to do with WikiLeaks of leaks by the tens of thousands but on some "wrong sexual episode" charges, that many do not think will hold up in court. Yet many Governments are happy he is off the front lines of WikiLeaks. But he has a staff that says they will continue and now apparently many doors have opened (some threw him off) for new servers to serve his Website.

And last - December 8th - the 30th anniversary of the killing of John Lennon of the Beatles fame.  They asked Paul McCartney some year back why the Beatles music was still so popular. He paused for a few seconds and then said, "I think it is because we have melody in our music." I had to admit that was the true answer. Orchestras have performed the Beatles music - it does have melody, can be put into great harmonies. The "rock n' roll" bands that have come after the Beatles .... well it's been basically shouting and screaming and way over amplification and screeching guitars - wild, wild, and more wild.
One fellow they have interviewed who knew John Lennon very well said about him, "He was a kind man." I think that is pretty good to have that said about you. We need more people in this world who are kind! We all should try to be. Jesus said, do unto others what you would like them to do to you - and kindness is sure one of those things.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feds Reserve/Economy/Facebook's new face

60 Minutes tonight: interesting show.

Top Feds Reserve guy interviewed. Yes he admits 9.8 percent unemployment is very bad, bad indeed. Admitted it may be 4 or 5 years before the USA is back to kinda normal percent unemployment. Realizes the Wall Street fellows and Bank guys are back making pockets full of money. They are the ones who like to say (well USA Government does also) we are out of the recession- they've been shouting that pie-in-the-sky declaration for some time now. He knows there is a "deflation" "inflation" argument going on. Feds Reserve is going to throw another 600 Billion yes with a "B" into the fan. This top guy says he believes he can control inflation, got this and that he can pull out in 15 minutes if needs be to put the breaks on inflation.  He says now is not the time to think about fighting the deficit - that's for the better economy days down the road. He believes the Tax Code needs to be restructured, whatever structure he has in mind. He says it was right to throw 3.3 Trillion with a "T" to banks, and all kinds of other companies, and that most of it has been paid back. But it ain't put jobs on the table for sure. He says the Fed Reserve is doing the opposite from what was done in the 1930s depression. Well....hum...maybe, but unemployment has gone up to 9.8 percent. When asked how the Fed Reserve allowed all this to happen in the first place 2 years or so back (actually it had been going on for about 20 years before it blew itself up), he admitted they were NOT looking at things like they should have been. Now that is quite some under-statement I would say (red face, red face for them). On the question of the gap between the rich and the poor is wider than ever, he really did not have much of an answer, well something to do with "education" - those with only High School 10% unemployed compared to University with 5% unemployed.
In the long term he sees the USA in a good position, but did add there are difficult years still ahead. Yes he's already said 4 to 5 years to get people back to work as it was before 2008. Well at least he's facing the reality of it all, which I've been saying for a while is more the reality of it all for sure.
I guess the USA people can take some comfort in knowing Britain and Europe are in the same boat with them. Canada at the present has a few extra sails than the others, and our Canadian dollar walks pretty well alongside the USA dollar, which means I can spend more on buying things from the USA ....wwwuuupppeee!! I can get more interesting and educational DVDs from the USA on things I'm interested in.

Tomorrow - Monday - Facebook gets a new face-lift. 60 Minutes interviewed Mark Z. the founder tonight.  There are at present 500 Million with an "M" using Facebook around the world. Some figure the Internet will belong to Mark Z. eventually.  In their new "offices" just one word up on the wall - Hack. As Mark explained "hack" means to build quickly. He employs 500 hackers - working sometimes into the late hours of the night - hacking away. He stole (if that's the right word, maybe not) 200 tech geeks from Google. Ah yes one expert says Facebook and Google are on a head-smashing course with each other.
And Mark did go to see the movie about himself and the creation of Facebook. He says a few things were correct but many things he views were wrong. But anyway he took his whole staff to see the movie. He says many people have contacted him to say it was inspiring, if he could do something like that, then maybe they can do something in life. People should feel they can contribute something positive in life, I fully agree. I saw the movie also.
The big guy twins in the movie are still upset and claim Mark stole their idea which they began in 2002, and Mark was working with them, and then in 2004 did his own thing with Facebook. The same "expert" that was on earlier thought nobody should feel sorry for the big boy twins - they did get 65 Million dollars. I agree that's a nice sum to retire on on your late 20s.

So tomorrow - Monday - a new facelift for Facebook - you can be out there with your friends and family even more, and no doubt more still down the road - photos, who your closest to, what's important to you, sports, and etc.

There is the question of "privacy" - and the experts and law people and who and what else, will battle that issue out I guess over the coming years. But look (pun intended) you do not have to wait for the Beast of the book of Revelation to brand you with 666, and some system that will track your every move.......why, starting tomorrow, you can throw out your every move, thought, idea, talk, and what-have-you FREELY yourself on Facebook for the whole world to see.  As for me I'm still trying to figure out the old Facebook and where everything goes, and to whom, when I post something. Well young people I know your going to have real fun with the new Facebook look. But please be nice when I go to the movies and turn off your cell-phones, iPads, and whatever else gives you a bright screen; most of you do, but now and again some "screen" "texting" geek tries to break the darkness and it is annoying to put it mildly.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Church Abuse///3 Fine Movies

Sad to say but there are always going to be "abusive" Christian churches - shocking you might be thinking. Do churches abuse? Yes indeed SOME do!!

You will be amazed just how far out some "church" organizations and leaders of those groups can and will go, to abuse and control those that come within their fellowship.

Ronald Enroth did years of research before he compiled his book "Churches that Abuse" and published it in 1992. What he found in some church organizations, what he found from people he interviewed who had been a part of such organizagtions, will BLOW you away!!

If you are at all "Christian" religiously minded, you need to go to my Website ( and read Enroth's book. Then you will also find on my Website the story of my late friend Jesse and her experience in a church organization that was abusive. You will also find helps to either get out of or nor enter such churches that abuse.


1. The Green Zone - Matt Damon - the historical story of one USA army man who went into Iraq supposedly to find "weapons of mass destruction."  He found nothing but false information being fed to him and his men. It shows in clear facts that the so-called facts given by Bush and Blair to declare war on Iraq, were as far out as Pluto is from earth. The supposedly inside facts from the "spy-eye-in-the-sky" to ground whatever facts from wherever, were nothing but pie in the sky wish-full thinking so the USA and Briatin could declare war on Iraq. A movie you need to have in your "history" movie library.

2. When Love Is Not Enough - another true factual movie.  The Lois Wilson Story. On the back cover it says: "Is based on the true story of the sorely-tested but ultimately enduring love between Lois Wilson, co-founder of Al-Anon, and her husband Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholic Anonymous. Together Lois and Bill Watson started movements that have helped millions of people around the world. Together, they've given the world a noble and inspiring love story."

Yes, it is inspiring. What people can do when it needs to be done is proof of the strength of the human heart and mind. A movie again that should be in your historic library.

3. Robin Hood - the latest version with Russel Crowe and Cate Blanchett.  The back cover say: "In an age of oppression and shameless tyranny, an outlaw becomes the unlikely hero that saves a nation and inspires generations to fight for freedom."

Ah yes it is a super adventure story different in many ways from the past Robin Hood movies. I do enjoy such movies based on some history but maybe not exactly as it was. It's the "little guy becoming the hero guy" that inspires others to stand up for right over wrong. Entertaining it is indeed.

Did Moses write the first 5 books?

I have this series of "course study" lectures (just bought a few weeks back) from The Great Courses (  I bought 5 courses. One of them is this gal (of course the courses are by leading PhDs or the equivalent)  teaching the Old Testament. I should have known that there was a good chance she would be a "modern" theologian with such ideas as the books of Moses (commonly called) - the first 5 books of the Bible, were not at all written by Moses and in fact were written centuries after Moses ever walked this earth. Of course the course she teaches gives forth ideas like some of the Old Testament (OT) is myth, legend, story telling, borrowed ideas from pagan nations, and on and on. Well the course certainly is educational to keep up with the latest turn your back on the Bible, tear this out, forget that, disbelieve this, doubt this happened, or make up this story based on some wild practice by some wild nation from over the hill.
So for her, Moses sure never wrote the first 5 books of the Bible. Obviously she either never read the New Testament (NT), or if she did, she did not believe Jesus' words. If she ever lectured on the NT most of it for her would be story telling, fancy dreamed up myths, and apostles drinking too much wine or too much coke (and not the stuff that comes in a bottle at the grocery store).

It is obvious people like this gal do not believe Paul when he wrote the Scriptures are "inspired" or God breathed. It's no wonder that the Bible has been thrown out of our schools, courts, governments, and that  the phrase "In God We Trust" has come to mean "In God We Do Not Trust" - for the Bible to these people is as about reliable as the Moon being made of Swiss cheese, planet Pluto being a planet (for now they say it is not).

Well God sits back and has a good belly laugh at such ignorant "educated" folk. One day they will see His work on this earth in no uncertain way, when end time prophecy comes crashing down around them. They will see that the Almighty is just that - Almighty and it's nothing for Him to INSPIRE His word of Scripture and make it as Jesus said, "The Scripture cannot be broken." He who made this whole universe, which to my amazement the evolutionists admit "started" up out of nothing with a BIG BANG! A universe that is EXPANDING and contrary to normal science, is moving faster away from the big bang at it continues to explode into expansion. Ah yes I have season One and season Two of The Universe from the History Channel - and you need to get them if you do not have them. When you see the created universe as we are seeing it more and more from the telescopes we now have in space,  you will see the AWESOMENESS of the creator God.  Then you will also see that for Him to inspire every word of the Bible, is as nothing.

Well back to the authorship of the first 5 books of the Bible.  Did Jesus (a member of the Godhead, eternal one, who came to earth as a human man - visit my website:  - and learn all about God from my studies) teach that Moses wrote the first 5 books of the Bible (as most standard theologians in the past have taught) ?
Look up these verses and read the context: Mat.8:4; 19:8; Mark 1:44; 7:10; 10:3; 12:26; Luke 5:14; 16:29; 16:31;24:44; John 5:46; 6:32; 7:19; 7:22-23.

Could Moses have been inspired to tell us how creation started as given in Genesis 1 and 2?  Do you not think it was very possible for God to make sure things were handed down from generation to generation of the stories that Moses wrote about in Genesis and Exodus till he was called of God to do the Lord's work. Was God sleeping when the things before Moses happened and so He was not able to have Moses know any of those things. Does the creator of this universe fall asleep, get absent-minded, forget things? Does His power and mind run down and He must take a "time-out" to charge up His batteries again? Hence does He miss things that went by? I say all this in sarcasm to the weak-minded and uneducated (they must have not read the whole Bible and seen what God says about Himself) people that are supposed to be teachers of the Bible.

God sits and laughs at them, they are blind leaders of the blind, and Jesus said all of them would fall into the ditch.

So the "educated" ask, "How could Moses write about his own death, before he died, so he could not have written the first 5 books of the Bible."
The answer is very simple: Moses was inspired to write it correctly as it would so happen, or, as the "books of Moses" were put in the side of the Ark of the Covenant, Joshua added the words about the death of Moses, and Joshua was also inspired!

You see it all comes down to believing what is already written in God's word by His inspiration: "Is there anything too hard for the Lord" (Genesis 18:14).

Oh the foolishness of the darkened mind of people who want to teach the word of God, and have no clue about what they are teaching, except it be the fumbling of the carnal (natural) mind without the Spirit of the Lord. They are uninspired so they teach an uninspired Bible, and a weak and powerless God. I also could laugh at them if they were not so serious about what they teach.

Friday, December 3, 2010

USA unemployment UP!

The USA Wall Street geeks and others have been trying to tell us the USA is out of the recession. I've been telling you this last year that until people get back to work, the "out of recession" is a pipe dream. Today December 3 the news hit - the USA is at 9.8 unemployment - up by .2 percent.
28,000 jobs lost just in retail sections. The Demo.and Repub. are fighting each other - so what else is new under the sun? NBC news went out on the streets to talk to people - bad, bad and more bad is the overall mind-set. I guess so, can hardly blame people.

This same day Pres.Obama flies off to Afghanistan to bring seasons cheer to the troops. He's quoted as saying to the USA troops, "The finest fighting force the world has ever known." Welllll.....some general raised from death from the Roman Empire might debate him on that statement.  So might the old Celts in B.C. Europe and maybe the old Huns and the Crusaders of the Middle Ages. And so the armies of Britain over the last 3 or 4 hundred years. So much for easy they can be spoken.

WikiLeaks is getting "dumped" by some servers. The question now is will it survive? Time will tell.

Europe and Britain under snow. Britain especially. The eye from space image - unreal sight - just about all of Britain is under snow - pretty well unheard of. The crazy world weather continues. Greenland and the North Pole continue to melt. The Hudson Bay of Canada, well the polar bears still waiting on shore for the freeze up, so they can hunt for seals to eat before they sleep for the winter - no seals - no live, just that simple.

The ozone hole over the North Pole they say is smalerl than it was. But the big question is will it continue to get smaller - only time will give us the answer.

The countries from here and there around the world are meeting in Mexico on the subject of "climate change" once more. China and the USA are the "out-laws" - just not possible as yet to get a legal contract for the world. They say it is, "Well we will try and be good boys, or better boys, but you must leave it up to us to do it on our terms and at our time."

Back to WikiLeaks - the Clinton gal from the USA is working overtime to save face with all nations and apologize if needed. She's pretty good looking for her age, so she will probably sweet talk her way into the hearts of all the other nations.

The biggest leak they say from WikiLeaks is that China would like to see North Korea back in unity under South Korea. China has more things to be concerned about than a once friend of N.Korea. China wants to concentrate on moving into a powerhouse world economy. And she is steaming along to so be.

Well kind of an interesting last few days. But no large events to move prophecy forward in any huge way. So we'll keep watching the  signs of the times.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WikiLeaks/Canada and USA

So WikiLeaks continues to leak and today December 1st 2010 we in Canada learned some in the USA
often said "Canada has an inferior complex" ..... welllll, I guess we only have 1/10 of the USA population, don't have the massive military might and the atomic bomb; we don't have the Hollywood Stars; we don't have the great "places in the sun" and many of us like to "go south" for the winter. We did not send a man to the moon; we don't have a huge Wall Street finance elite (then now maybe that's a blessing, right); we don't have Banks that can do as they please to people (hey, that could be another blessing); we don't have a super Football league like the USA; we only have one team in the great Baseball League (Toronto - who did win the World Series twice in a row in the 1990s); we don't do very well in the Basket Ball league (though we've produced some star players); and maybe others can think of "inferior" things we in Canada have compared to the mighty USA. BUT, we still have a pretty good pro Hockey team (men and women) that often beat the USA national teams. Canada did win more gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics than any OTHER nation! We do produce some mighty fine Ice Skating champions, as well as Curling champions. We do produce some great entertainers (actors and singers) that many in the USA probably think are Americans.  Canada has the highest purse money in the world of Rodeo (the Calgary Stampede), and in the Show Jumping horse world (the International at Spruce Meddows in Calgary).
To sum it all up, if you watched the Winter Olympics from Vancouver 2010, you will have be shocked (even Canadians were) to see we did not think ourselves inferior to ANYONE period!
Talk is cheap as they say, anyone can say anything about a nation, and not have a clue what they are talking about. I think there are some red faces in the USA right now over this "revelation" by WikiLeaks, and with more leaks coming there will be more red faces in the USA (and elsewhere).

Britain and Europe still getting walloped with snow, they got it slammed at them last winter also; it's becoming a regular for them.

Revealed on Canadian TV news tonight the shocking facts about "elite special army units" (like SWAT teams)  that are supposed to swear to silence. The Canadian one, one of them now retired is breaking the silence, and it is a disgusting tale he tells, of things seen done by armies to civilians (too horrible to recount here) of the opposite camp, and some killings by the "special team" on people with hands in the air surrendering. The USA does have a much more open door of "no secrets kept" but accountability to its elected officials. So Canada is indeed at present "inferior" to the USA on this matter.

What a blessed day it will be when the new age comes, and nations will learn war no more. War is anything but pleasant, it is horrible, gruesome, revolting, repulsive, disgusting, vile, hideous, foul, odious, abominable, and a lot more words that my Reader's Digest gives under "horrible," What armies will do to innocent people (children included)  ...... well I guess we only have to look at the horrors done by the Hitler geeks in the Second World War. Sad to say some of those horrors are still being done by some as they fight each other.
Oh, the Canadian news on "their special army 'swat' teams" say that when most of those fellows go back into regular society a lot of them commit suicide, end up on the wrong side of law and order, and become criminals.
Oh indeed we need the Kingdom of God on earth, to create a different spirit in all peoples of all nations, so it will come to pass as the Lord says, "Nations shall not lift up sword against nation, they shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain."