Friday, December 31, 2010


I have a friend from afar, with me, who comes to visit a few times a year - Adam. He's a Jew, yes a real Jew, but he's also accepted Christ as his Savior.
He arrived this evening and asked me what good movie we could watch from my large movie collection.

I said he would like the movie "Amazing Grace" - it's not about the life of John Newton, but John is in the movie alright.

It's about one of the GREATEST Englishmen of all time. But few today know about this heroic man. Heroic not in warfare, no not the fame as Nelson, or Wellington - no not in the same kind of fame as Churchill. But this Englishman - Willian Wilberforce (yes told you you would not know the name) goes down in history as one of the greatest men whoever lived for the service of mankind. It's the story of one man's passion and perseverance and how it changed the world. Along the way he met intense opposition from members of the British Parliament, but a reformed slave ship captain by the name of John Newton (who penned the beloved hymn "Amazing Grace") urges him to see the cause through.

This is a 2006 Bristol Bay Production and 2007 Twentieth Century Fox film.

Truly William Wilberforce should be a name that everyone knows as they known the name of Nelson, or Churchill, or Lincoln or Washington.

You should buy this movie. It should be a part of YOUR and your CHILDREN'S education!

You will never be sorry you have this true life movie about the great William Wilberforce.

God has used people for great history-making turning points. This was a mighty turning point for righteousness in the history of the British Empire. And William W. was the man, and the people on his side,  the Eternal used to bring it all.


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