Friday, December 17, 2010

Obama and Afghanistan

So the latest speech from Pres.Obama on Afghanistan .... to be expected, kinda wishy-washy.

The fact - this year 500 USA troops killed - the highest in years if not in any year over the 10 years of war. Yes it's been 10 years fighting over there.
The fact - 700 killed this year in total for the Allies.
Then of course who knows the number of injured - loosing parts of their body.

Have you noticed when they show film of the troops fighting, the absolute barren, desert, mountainous landscape - the country is dirt, sand, dust, and looks like the moon in many ways.

I'll say it again, though you can drive back the enemy into the hills, you'll never win the battle. The mighty Russian empire tried it for 10 years and failed. The enemy has been living in those barren hills for decades, they know who to survive and wait to fight another day. You cannot win against a hit and run and hide enemy that also is skilled is planting road bombs that kill you or blow parts of your body away.

Even when the Allies go into "just training" mode - training Afghans to fight Afghans - the war will continue for years to come. The whole thing was a mess from the word go - from the word of Bush boy "Bring it on" - meaning if they want to fight.  Well they brought it on - 700 dead this last year from the Allies, and many innocent people and children as well. To protect our nations at home with every way we can is one thing, but taking the war over to their land was one HUGE mistake - we're not fighting  a Hitler war machine that was both side out in the open - hand to hand - plane to plane - ship to ship - bombs to bombs.
We never seem to learn from history, no wonder the Russians have said we cannot win, they went through the experience for 10 years and could not win either.

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