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The MARIJUANA Megastore!!!


by Ron McManus

IT looks just like any garden I superstore. The aisles are packed with gardening tools and plant-growing products. Families, pensioners and men in overalls wander the aisles filling their trolleys with items and there are plenty of experts on hand to give garden tips or commiserate on the pests that blight a new crop.
But at the weGrow garden centre, they are in the weed business - "weed" as in grass, pot, ganja or indeed, wacky baccy.

For this is a marijuana megastore, where every product for sale is designed for one thing, growing marijuana plants, and it's all legal.

The weGrow center takes advantage of California's liberal view of marijuana, where possession or use of the drug isn't against the law, as long as you have a prescription saying you take the drug for mediacl reasons.
Doctors generally agree that marijuana can be a potent painkiller, especially with conditions such as arthritis, and it is one of the few drugs that helps to relieve the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.
But most doctors don't believe the drug should be legalised for medicinal use.

In California, they hold a different view and, as a result, legally-cultivated marijuana plants are California's biggest cash crop, worth $14 billion a year.

The state has dispensaries for your marijuana prescription and, if you're a "pot patient", you can grow your own.
That's where weGrow come in.

In the Oakland area, someone with a doctor's marijuana prescription can grow up to 12 plants at home.

The marijuana megastore sells everything from seeds to he "bong" that you use to smoke the drug, and as a turnover of over $1 million a year.

And so it should be and that even more so. It should be as legal as alcohol. For the truth of the matter in many ways, you need to read Tara Chapman's article on this amazing plant on her website -

Political "close your eyes" and mind

There is only about 1 percent of scientists in the world that "poo-hoo" global warming, climate change. And probably those 1 percent are in the USA. There are still some in the Churches of God (Sabbath keeping) on the Internet that still "poo-hoo" the 99.9 percent of scientists on the matter of global warming and climate chaos.

Why do some still hold such ideas of denial?  Most if not all denials come from people in the USA.  It's the old story of the USA - economics of the big ... whatever companies that have and still are making their millions or billions and just do not want to know about anything but continuing to make their billions.

As Mark Hertsgaard took years and travelling all over the world to write his book "HOT - Living Through the next Fifty years on Earth" found out. Here's a little of that political denying from his book, that you should go out and buy:


For decades, oil and gas had been the heart of the Louisiana
economy and a major source of the state government's revenues.
This made politicians, the business community, and much of the
public reluctant to accept that global warming was really a
problem. Since the start of the first era of global warming in
1988, none of the state's governors or members of Congress,
whether Democrat or Republican, had spoken out or voted as if
climate change was a threat, even though Louisiana was
considerably more at risk than most of the fifty states in the
Union. As late as 2010, despite having seen what Katrina did to
her state, Democratic senator Mary Landrieu was seeking to strip
the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of its authority to
regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Republican governor Bobby
Jindal was urging defeat of President Obama's climate
legislation. A state that so forcefully resists the mitigation of
climate change can hardly expect to be successful in adapting to
it. As Dutch adaptation expert Richard Klein observed earlier in
this book about the Bush administration's foot-dragging, "You
can't adapt to a problem you don't admit exists." ......
But as I dug deeper, I came to believe that the Tampa Bay area,
and Florida in general, confirmed the truth of Pier Vellinga's
warning: you are more vulnerable than you think. The likelihood
of more Category 4 and 5 hurricanes in the years ahead is
worrisome news for Florida for two reasons: first, current
evacuation plans, though impressive on paper, are ignored by much
of the population, who decide to "ride out" storms in their
homes; and second, almost none of the buildings in the state are
capable of withstanding more than Category 3 hurricanes. Most at
risk are the hundreds of thousands of mobile homes in
Florida-there are fifty thousand of them in Pinellas County
alone-which a Category 4 or 5 storm could "hurl through the air
like missiles," said Vickers. Nevertheless- and this is where
social context again rears its head-even disaster officials as
dedicated as Vickers and Gispert were not calling for the state
to upgrade its building codes to require Category 4 and 5 levels
of protection. Why not? Because, they said, it would sink
Florida's economy.
Echoing virtually every disaster official I've interviewed
anywhere, Gispert and Vickers said that many people simply refuse
to evacuate, even when weather forecasts, emergency officials,
and common sense all say it's time to go. When Hurricane Charley
was bearing down on Tampa Bay and authorities ordered people out,
"430,000 people should have evacuated, and we anticipated that
108,000 would actually do so," Vickers recalled. "But our surveys
after the storm indicated that less than 10,000 people ended up
Evacuations inconvenience people and cost businesses money, so
many resist or resent them, especially after episodes like
Hurricane Charley, when the threat to Tampa Bay didn't actually
materialize. By contrast, the commanders at MacDill Air Force
Base, which is located on a peninsula that juts deep into Tampa
Bay, do not hesitate to evacuate it when necessary, said Larry
Clark, the base's head of the Office of Emergency Management.
"But they don't have to worry about the politics of evacuations,"
Clark added. "Pinellas County ordered an evacuation on July
Fourth weekend that led to millions of dollars of tourism money
being lost, and there were lots of complaints from business
people after that, believe me."
In Key West, Florida, tourists are evacuated thirty-six hours
before the arrival of even a Category 1 storm, partly because the
only route out of town is a two-lane highway that stretches over
forty-two bridges and 100 miles before reaching the mainland.
Under the circumstances, "even one accident means gridlock," said
Irene Toner, the director of emergency services for Broward
County. Yet even after Katrina, most locals ignored evacuation
orders, said Toner, adding, "People here are very blase. They'll
tell you, `My grandmother lived through plenty of hurricanes. We
can ride it out. They just don't realize what a big storm would
do. We will be cut off here from water, power, sanitation,
medical care. Life is going to be very hard. So why, why, why
stay behind and put your family in that position? But people just
don't get it."
Of course, the pledge to "ride out" a hurricane implicitly
assumes that one occupies an adequate shelter. Florida law
requires all buildings to be resilient to wind speeds that in
most places are equivalent to Category 3 hurricanes, but in
reality many are not, said Vickers. Upgrades tend to be made when
a building changes ownership; Vickers estimated that full
compliance was still ten years away. And Category 3 protection
will not do much good against a Category 5 hurricane. Even a
Category 3 or 4 storm, Vickers said, "would knock down or ruin
most buildings in Evacuation Zones A and B. We'd lose almost 100
percent of our mobile homes:" In the city of Tampa, the oldest
public hospital sits on the edge of the inner harbor, with
nothing to shield it from the path of a hurricane's storm surge.
Evacuating patients would be impossible, said hospital spokesman
John Gunn. Instead, he told me, the plan was to ride out any
hurricane. But the building was only Category 3 resilient, so how
exactly would that work in the case of bigger storms?
"Economically, we can't afford to build to a Category 4 or 5
level," said Gispert, "much as I as an emergency professional
would like to see that happen. Florida has some of the toughest
building codes in the United States, but it would cost too much
to make them tougher. We have to keep housing prices low. That's
the basis of the state economy."
"Attracting outsiders has always been our primary economic
engine," explained journalist and Florida resident Michael
Grunwald. The state's prosperity has long rested on "a human
pyramid scheme-an economy that relied on a thousand newcomers a
day ... whose livelihoods depended on importing a thousand more
newcomers the next day." All those new arrivals need places to
live. That means that housing prices, as Gispert said, have to be
kept as low as possible, which in turn spurs the building of more
and more homes, including in vulnerable coastal areas.
This philosophy was shared at the top of Florida's government: as
governor from 1998 to 2006, Republican and presidential brother
Jeb Bush was very pro-development. Governor Bush may have felt
less alarm about overbuilding along the coast because, like his
older brother, he was dubious about the science of global
warming. As late as 2009, Bush the younger said in Esquire
magazine that he was "skeptical" about global warming, largely
because of the (supposed) potential of emissions reductions to
harm the economy.
The refusal to take climate change seriously instead opened
Florida's economy to a different threat. The extra-powerful
hurricanes of 2004 and 2005 alarmed the insurance industry, which
paid out $250 million in damages for the entire Atlantic coast.
Companies responded by dramatically increasing prices and
reducing coverage. Many policyholders were dropped altogether;
those who could still find coverage had to pay much higher
premiums. Some homeowners' rates increased roughly loo percent
over two years, which led many people, especially retirees on
fixed incomes-a sizable proportion of Florida's population-to
give up their insurance altogether, a terrible risk in a state so
susceptible to hurricanes.
By fall 2006 the insurance crisis was the biggest political issue
in the state, with staggering economic implications: without
insurance, houses can't sell, businesses can't get loans,
commerce falters. To entice insurance companies to relax their
terms, the state legislature dangled increased subsidies and
other incentives. But with memories of the 2004 and 2005
hurricane seasons still fresh and with climate scientists
projecting more of the same in the future, insurers wouldn't
So the legislature embarked on a monumentally risky endeavor of
its own: it made the state the insurer of last resort in Florida.
Henceforth, the state government's Citizens Property Insurance
agency would provide insurance to all qualified Floridians,
effectively making taxpayers liable for all damages. In the short
term, this intervention kept people in their homes and businesses
operating. In the medium to long term, it all but promised to
bankrupt the state. "If a Category 4 or 5 hurricane hit Tampa,
estimates are that it would cause $50 to $65 billion in damages,"
said Bill Newton, an insurance expert with the nonprofit group
Florida Consumer Action Network. "Well, the state's entire annual
budget is about $60 billion. So we'd be sunk:" ......
Such a scheme might succeed in managing the unavoidable risks of
the second era of global warming, but what about avoiding the
unmanageable? No amount of federal subsidies can make insurance
economically feasible for long unless global warming is soon
halted and reversed. "If I were the insurance czar of Florida,"
said Newton, "I'd move on three fronts at once. First, we have
got to get serious about cutting greenhouse gas emissions. If
global warming isn't stopped, Florida doesn't have a future,
period. That said, our risks will go up over the next fifty years
no matter what, so we also have to be a lot smarter about what
kind of development we allow in coastal areas. Take the Florida
Keys. You don't want to shut down the Keys; they're incredibly
beautiful and draw tourism from all over the world. But you can
say that mobile homes aren't allowed there-they're just too
dangerous in a storm. Now, you still need people to work in the
tourist hotels and restaurants, so the second thing we have to do
is develop alternative low-income housing that is sustainable and
resilient. Finally, we need to set up rules for what to do when a
community gets wiped out. Which places get rebuilt and which
don't? New Orleans is easy. You have to rebuild there; New
Orleans is too important to the national economy not to. But in
Florida there are lots of places that shouldn't be rebuilt.
They're just not valuable enough to the larger society." .....
The USA has been the blind man on the block - those HUGE oil and gas guys with their billions, other companies that also want that river of money to keep coming in, just want to keep stashing that money into their pockets, and let tomorrow look after itself. Most of those fellows will either be dead or too old to care, so the blindness and political mind-set keep a goin' - they do not mind being laughed out of the room as long as their bank account is flowing over with money.
Can you believe that there are that many nutty people who will not obey the "evacuate" order when it is given. Their physical possessions obviously become their god, and it would seem they would rather die with their physical this and thats around them. Blows me away it does, just blows my mind.

Coping with Arthritis and Gout

by Rick Coupland
Many of us, when we reach a certain age, learn to live with the odd ache and pain. That's part of growing old. Some people, however, have more excruciating aches that they must put up with on a daily basis. If you are one of them, this article may be of help to you.
Arthritis, in its most simplest form, is a constant pain in one or more of the joints of your body. One definition on the Internet states, "The pain from arthritis occurs due to inflammation that occurs around the joint, damage to the joint from disease, daily wear and tear of joint, muscle strains caused by forceful movements against stiff, painful joints and fatigue".
There is a lubricant in your joints known as "synovial fluid", along with cartilages, which absorb shocks and ensures that the ends of the bones are protected. When this becomes damaged, the ends of the bones rub against each other causing pain, known as osteo-arthritis.
Again relying on the Internet, we find gout can be described as "recurrent attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis. It is caused by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood which crystallize and are deposited in joints, tendons and surrounding tissues".
There are several types of arthritis and related ailments, not everybody is going to benefit from the same remedies. But perhaps you can gain some relief from one or two of the following all-natural, non-medicinal suggestions.

Readers of my past articles will know I sing the praises of juicing. A good juicing machine can extract the nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables and immediately inject them into your bloodstream. Well, according to an interview with Eve Campanelli, PhD in Prevention magazine, 85 percent of her patients had experienced at least partial relief of arthritis-related symptoms by drinking two glasses of black cherry juice twice a day. She recommends using cherries which have been kept cool and moist, and which have a deep maroon or black colour.

What makes cherries so beneficial? Studies show that eating cherries and/or drinking their juice helps to keep uric acid levels in check. Some say they are the most powerful medicine in the world for eliminating gout. Eat a cup of cherries a day. Strawberries, blueberries, oranges and guava also help to neutralize the uric acid.
Pineapples are also highly recommended, as they are the only source of the antiinflammatory enzyme "bromelain". The more you read about this enzyme, the more you will be amazed at this all-natural wonder.
(Bromelain can be taken as a supplement). It is a natural anticoagulant that breaks down the blood-clotting protein fibrin, therefore possibly helping to improve the symptoms of angina. Bromelain has potent antiinflammatory properties and may improve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It is said to have anti-cancer properties, aid with urinary tract infections, and so much more.

For vegetables, none may prove any more effective than celery. A nutrient found in celery, "Lueolin", has been shown to be highly effective against inflammation. Luteolin is also found in smaller amounts in peppers, parsley, thyme, basil and peppermint. Include two or more glasses of fresh celery juice with your daily diet.
And according to Cherie Calbom, AS, a certified nutritionist, and co-author of "Juicing for Life", people with rheumatoid arthritis should include in their daily diets juices high in the antiinflammatory nutrients. She adds that parsley, broccoli, and spinach can assist in the treatment of arthritis, since these contain beta-carotene, along with carrots, apples, and ginger, all of which contain copper.

Vitamin E is helpful not only in preventing the breakdown of cartilage, but also in aiding the components necessary for the manufacture of cartilage. Collagen, which is an important element of the cartilage, requires the presence of vitamin C. There are, however, some foods you may want to avoid. In some individuals, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers can actually prevent collagen repair.

Here are a few other natural remedies that can be taken in supplement form:
l. Glucosamine & Chondroitin - two of the most popular arthritis relief supplements, these two compounds are found naturally in the body and can aid in promoting joint health
2. MSM - a naturally occurring sulphur compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory
3. Manganese - an important antioxidant nutrient that helps facilitate enzymes and slow the aging process, useful in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
4. Niacinamide - also known as Vitamin B3, it helps maintain the integrity of cells and tis sues, slowing the progression of arthritis
5. Turmeric and Ginger Extract -two powerful antiinflammatory herbal extracts that have shown to be effective in the treatment of the rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

There are herbs that have been used to treat joint pains for centuries. Some herbs typically used for arthritis include: black cohosh, devil's claw, feverfew, rosemary, stinging nettle, wild cucumber bark and wintergreen. Your local health store should carry most of these, and they can provide you with the best method of ingesting them.

Another alternative treatment that you may want to consider is acupuncture. Accord ing to Dr. Peter Yea of the Canadian Association of Acupuncture, almost anyone with arthritic pain will feel some relief after the first treatment. Based on the Chinese theory, acupuncture is thought to decrease pain by increasing the release of chemicals that block pain, called endorphins, (morphine-like chemicals produced in our own bodies during times of pain or stress). Many acu -points are near nerves. When stimulated, these nerves cause a dull ache or feeling of fullness in the muscle. The stimulated muscle sends a message to the central nervous system, causing the release of endorphins. The endorphins then block the message of pain from being delivered up to the brain.

Ultrasound heat therapy is also known to benefit individuals suffering from arthritis. Ultra sound works by warming the affected areas, then invades the body and reaches the inner tissue. Muscle tissue and ligaments are very receptive to this form of energy. The relief this form of treatment provides is long lasting.

Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) has both antiinflammatory and anti-arthritic properties and it can be absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is one of the most important of the essential minerals in the body, and it is commonly deficient in the American diet. A commonremedy for arthritis is a hot bath of Epsom salts. The heat of the bath can increase circulation and reduce the swelling of arthritis.

And a couple of final helpful tidbits: (1) Take a spoonful (or two) of pure apple-cider vinegar daily (2) Drink as much water as you can to flush uric acid from your system.

Rick Coupland writes for

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The Secretariat book

The movie was out recently about the great race horse called Secretariat. He was certainly one of the great thoroughbred race horses of all time - a Triple crown winner - a winner of 16 out of 21 races, and the famous jockey who rode him said he should never have lost even one race. He was the type of horse that got better the harder you worked him (very unusual indeed). He won the Belmont (the last of the 3 races making up the Triple crown) by 31 lengths - the largest gap of victory EVER for that race, And on that dirt track Big Red still holds the record as the fastest ever run over 1 and 1/2 miles, and this was way back in 1973.

Now the world record for that distance is NOT held by Secretariat. The great Sec. or "big red" as many called him does not hold ANY world records for any distance anymore. But he was still one of the great race horses, in the overall of horse racing, and let's face it records are made to be broken sooner or later. Some horse may have just the right conditions and just have a super day that day, and set a world record, and may have done nothing before or after that day as anything worth noting, such it can be in the horse racing world.

I bought also the book called "Secretariat" - a book that would have been much better if it had been about have as many pages, unless you like boring pages of pedigrees and family history of this and that person. Yes, leaving out all that lack-luster and boring stuff would have made the book much more exciting and interest holding. The book for reading does not compare with the book written about Seabiscuit - which is gripping from page one to the end.

And the movie......well the book gives some of the true facts that are not portrayed in the movie, not so much about the horse, which they had right in the movie but about the lady owner, she was not in reality quite like the lady given in the movie, so some "hollywood" fudging went on. And surprisingly she was not as in love and sure about Secretariat as the movie gives you. And sad to say she was caught up in the world of horse racing to the point that her marriage did end in divorce. Her husband I guess was just not that interested in horses and horse racing as the lady Tweedy became.

So for the real life of everything the Seabiscuit movie and book is far more real and gripping than the Secretariat movie and book. But certainly both horses were unique in their day. Both had trainers and jockeys that were also unique, and both jockeys were by the way Canadians. And in the case of Big Red - Secretariat - the trainer was Canadian also.

Oh yes, Secretariat was chosen as one among 50 of the greatest athletes ever, the only horse or animal of the 50. I think the chooses made a large error here. They should have also put TRIGGER - the horse of Roy Rogers in among that 50 greatest athletes of all time. As Roy himself said, the first and original Trigger was in every movie he made. He ran like the wind, jumped, ran up and down hills, you could rope from him, stunt ride from him (which only certain horses will allow), and did all this as Roy said without EVER pulling a muscle - he was as tough as old leather - NOW THAT in my book (and I'm a horseman) is SOME GREAT ATHLETE!! Yes indeed TRIGGER was for me one of the greatest athletes who has ever lived, and a beautiful looking horse to boot.

Robots and Drones for Warfare!!

The CBC had a full hour documentary Thursday evening on the modern invention of robots and drones for warfare.
Many do not realize the speed that is moving things along into future warfare that will be by machines of all types and sizes, from flying bat types to larger planes, to ground robots of all kinds, guided from an office computer AND even just by themselves, making decisions for themsleves, as to when to fire and kill or drop bombs etc. and etc.
Warfare in the next 20 years is going to be vastly different than it is today. And they showed how relatively cheap such robotic war machines could be made. They have right now competitions open to anyone, to make flying machines that will fly around a building for under $300 - some going at speeds of 200 plus miles an hour. As electronics and batteries get smaller and cheaper and the power greater and greater, many war generals are openly saying that in the very near future waging war will be vastly different from the warfare of today.

Now of course there is a down side to all this, for such will also be in the hands of the terrorists, who will also be able to make these land and air war machines in a cheap way. So the prospect of hundreds or thousands of these flying bats invading and dropping bombs or using machine-guns flying in and around the buildings of North America is a very real reality of the near future. Hence the production of anti-flying drones of some kind also have to be invented to defend against the incoming drones of the enemy.

We are folks entering a new age of how wars will be fought. And the book of Revelation is coming more to literal life and reality than ever before. Future wars will be guided from the offices of the military command centers and computer specialists, with the press of buttons or the click of the mouse.

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The King's Speech - Stuttering Slim - My horrible reading

The movie "The King's Speech" may do a blockbuster at the Hollywood Oscars. It has been a smashing hit around the world even if it does not. CBC tonight had a short documentary on the recent movie and the actual facts. For once the movie got it pretty well right, as they had done their homework on all that is available on that side of King George VI life. The producer wanted to do this movie 25 years ago, asked the Queen mother if he could, and she asked him to not do it in her lifetime as it was still such a tender nerve and would bring back a time she really did not want to visit again.

Those who have had stuttering problems know how pain-full and humiliating it can be. For whatever reasons stutterers can SING without stuttering. Few people of the millions around the world who have loved (and still love) the singing of Slim Whitman (I am one of those millions) know about the early life of Slim and his huge stuttering problem as a child and into his early adult life. It was so bad that he became an outcast in school, and was for years a "loner." An interesting true story is the time a friend of his sister said to her, "Poor O.D. (Otis Dewy his birth name) he'll never amount to anything." Slim's sister replied, "Oh, you never know, he may become a knight in shinning armor."
Otis Whitman did finally become Slim Whitman, and took a singing entertainment career, that made him a household name in the world in the 1950s. At the beginning of his singing career his wife did have to do the introductions because he still had a large stuttering problem. Slim finally did overcome his stutter which made all who knew about it so proud of him.

I can relate to it in a manner - not that I ever had a stuttering problem, but as a young child till about 11 years of age, I had a humiliating reading problem. I was a terrible out-loud reader in school. One teacher would have us all take turns reading a paragraph from a book. Two or three students before my turn I would frantically try and figure out which paragraph I would be reading, and  be reading it to myself. Most of the time my guess was correct, and so I did okay, but if I would have been wrong  I knew it would have been terribly humiliating for me, and sure enough I would have been made fun of, as I knew that out of 40 kids in the class, I was the worst reader of all.

Fortunately for me I was a good singer and doing a song in a Boy Scouts Concert a lady watching asked me afterwards if I would consider joining her "Concert Group" (the group did songs and skits and a variety of stage numbers for charity groups). I said I would join. What I did not know at the time was that this lady was also an "elocution" teacher (speech trainer - teaching children and adults to talk like the Queen of England). She asked me to come for lessons, and I did. It was remarkable how my reading ability took an upward curve off the page within a year or two.

So watching the movie about the King's Speech, knowing the stuttering problem Slim Whitman had when a boy and young man, brought back the humiliating problem I had as a young child with reading out-loud in public.

The King's Speech is an inspiring movie in many ways. I hope it does real well at the Oscars. It does have a section with strong language and so adults may want to mute that section if showing the movie to their young children. The King was a seaman and they are known for strong language at times.

A Drink a Day - Keeps your Heat-attack away!

ALCOHOL DRINKING. Researchers in Calgary, Alberta, claim they have done THE ultimate research in alcohol and the heart. Studying hundreds of studies from around the world, they claim the truth of the matter is in: one or two drinks of alcohol per day gives you a 25% lower risk of getting a heart-attack, and also gives you a better cholestrol read, which also helps keep the heart in better shape.

So they prove the Bible truth that drinking alcohol in MODERATION is NOT a sin. The studiers also said that their study shows drinking more than two alcohol drinks a day BLOWS AWAY any good effect and does the opposite. This is also the teaching of the Bible  -  MODERATION!!


THE NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE:  The country is on a major world fault line, one of the lagest on earth. It is certainly heart-wrenching to see the news reports covering this terrible event. Many dead and many more injuried. I can not help but think that a country that knows it is situated on a major fault plate line, would have over the last number of decades REALLY gone out of their way to RE-INFORCE all buildings, especially those directly over the top of the fault plate line.


CANADIAN NEWS on earthquake reality tonight brought out that the BIG ONE for the West coast of North America WILL COME ONE DAY. A major fault line stretches from Alaska and all the way down the West coast of Canada and the USA. It is not MAY come, but it is WHEN. All scientists agree it is not a may, but a when.
Western Canada from Victoria on Vancouver Island to Winnepeg, Manitoba, is under record breaking (for this time of year that covers such a large an area) COLD and in some place like Victoria, SNOW. Many parts of the USA have had this winter, horrid weather and snow storms. All of Britain and Europe also had record snow this winter.
With crazy mixed up chaotic world wide weather, wars and rebellion in Arab nations, earthquakes here and there, sicknesses, starvation, economic recession, high unemployment in the Western nations, pain, sorrow, and sadness in different parts of the world, we are certainly into the days spoken about by Christ in the first verses of Matthew 24. All leading up to the every end time - the last 42 months of this age which will see the nations of this earth go through a time of trouble, of great tribulation such as never experienced on earth before.

There is good news beyond all the bad news. Jesus the Christ will RETURN in glory and power to rule all nations, to bring the restitution of all things, and to establish the Kingdom of God on this earth, in that age to come, which all the holy prophets have proclaimed since the world began.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Proof Texting with "plan of slavation"

There is this man who has been corresponding with Tara Chapman on the "plan of salvation" - he holds the common idea of many Roman Catholics and Protestant preachers - salvation is for this physical life for everyone who has ever lived - you either "get to go to heaven" or "hell-fire" as determined by what you think and do in this lifetime.

He heard the "plan of salvation" by God as individuals like Tara and myself teach - namely unless you are called and chosen by God in this life time, unless you come to accept Jesus Christ as personal Savior, unless you come to KNOW Christ, and have a chance to read and study the Bible, you are neither saved not lost - such people will be raised to physical life in the second resurrection (Rev.20) and be given a chance for the book of life and the books of the Bible - to be opened to them and have their chance of salvation.

This man wrote to Tara, asking her to answer a list of Bible verses he put forth to show his theology on this matter was the correct one. Tara did not have the time and gave them to me to answer, which I did. But I also pointed out to him that he needed to go to my website and study the study called "The Great White Throne Judgment."

He replied by asking we not give any of our words, but only a bunch of Bible verses.

This is the typical "proof texting" game that some people like to play. If you have been reading this series on this blog about "proof texting" you will have seen I believe such Bible games is not the answer to understanding the truths of the Bible. The apostle Paul and others such as the apostle John and James, never answered different topics by just giving a list of "proof texts" - they were wise enough to know that that way is not the way to prove any truth of the Bible.

So you will not find on my website any subject of the Bible expounded by simply giving "proof texts" for it is just a fact that anything can be proved from the Bible by "proof texting."

For the plan of salvation by the Eternal, you will need to read and study MANY passages of the Bible, taking the plain easy to understand texts first, and simply believing them. As one example: there are a number of verses in the New Testament that clearly show you cannot have salvation outside of KNOWING and ACCEPTING Jesus Christ as Savior.

You need to read through the NT and mark down all the verses that pertain to this truth - there is no salvation outside of knowing Jesus Christ as the Savior from sin and wickedness. You need to note all the verses to do with being CALLED and being CHOSEN. You need to note all the verses to do with SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS and that no one can come to Christ unless the Father DRAWS them. You need to note the passages that say you are NOT a child of God unless you have His Spirit. As you read through the books of Moses (first 5 books of the Bible) you need to note the passages that clearly say only FEW had the Spirit of God in the Old Testament.

Well all of that is a start in the right direction to understand the plan God has for mankind, the plan of salvation.

There is MUCH MORE to coming to know the truths of God as given in the Bible, than a mere list of so-called "proof texts" - which really is a deceptive way to prove anything you like by the Bible. The truths of the Bible are found by reading ALL the Bible, by searching it, by reading it many times, for God has deliberately scattered a truth on a certain subject all over the Bible, some of that truth here, some over there, some in yet another book of Scripture. Yes it is work to come to understand the truths of the Father. It is like those people who go "panning for gold" - they have to spend hours and hours panning the ground and water for those little gold seeds. In time they have collected ex number of those gold fragments to make a cup full of gold.

Proof texting proves nothing, only you can make the Bible say anything you want it to say, and that is not gold it is the dross of corruption - the gold is still there waiting for you to seek for it, to spend time searching for it, but when you have taken the time, you will find that gold, and how wonderful and precious it is - then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free from the corruption of deception and false doctrines of the theology of men.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mag dog people

Here we see this mad dog Maghafi in Libya, doing his mad dog stuff for all the world to see. 40 years or so he has been in dictitorial power, had his run-ins with some in the West over the years, but it seems the West would not send in James Bond to put the guy in a wooden box, they figured as they have with other Arab nations that the fanatical Islam people would gain control of these Arab nations and the situation would be more grave than if just left alone - so it was the usual "sleeping with the enemy" as the other enemy might try and kill you if you tried sleeping with them.
Well hopefully the Libyian people will throw him out of his bed. Time will tell.

Now you have 4 Americans killed by these boat high-jackers of the coast of Samoli. Why on earth do people sail anywhere near this land of pirate mad dogs? I just do not see where they are using any common sense. Sailing around the world is one thing, but getting anywhere near these fanatics....blows me away why people do this.

And it is crazy minded thinking as happens in North America, as to why we coddle known seriel killers, or killers of police, or premedited killers that we know (many of them admit to it) and why we do not put them against a wall and have the firing squad put an end to their demented minds and save the tax payers lots of money - this is another thing that blows me away as to the mentality we have for known and proven killers.
Oh to be sure such death executions shown not be done unless we are 100% sure they are indeed killers. Here in Canada over the last 10 or more years we have known for certain such people were killers of the innocent, but we house and feed them for the rest of their lives, because our Government says killing them is barbaric. We get no vote on the issue, there is no national personal vote on if we should have the death penalty for such proven mad dog's just nuts, as to how some of our leaders think.

Well I see everyday these crazy mad dog people and I get upset that such people get away with not having a bullet between the eyes, to end their mad dog life.

When Jesus comes back, He's coming this time as a waring King to bring destruction on those who are destroying the earth and the people upon it, and those who think they can come against His justice....well Zechariah 14 gives you the prophecy of how He will deal with them, in no uncertain way.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Proof Texting with "law"

Some who like to proof text their argument of theology use the word "law" which to them in the New Testament means "Torah" and they may even write it in, something like "....and the law (Torah) says...."

What such "proof textors" completely miss is that in the New Testament books the word "law" will have a CONTEXT, and that context will VARY as to what the writer in that particular letter and context is teaching, expounding, correcting.

Now for those who really want the truth of the matter, they will need to be willing to spend some HOURS, yes some hours, many hours, with ..... Strong's Concordance, looking up EVERY verse in the NT that uses the word "law".....AND also be willing to go to ALBERT BARNES' NOTES ON THE NEW TESTAMENT, and read everything he writes on those verses using the word "law."

By the time you are finished you will FULLY UNDERSTAND how the writers of the books of the NT were using the word "law" in any given passage.

Yes, studying the Bible often means you have to spend hours of study on just one topic or even just one word, to find the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

More "Proof Texting" with the Bible

A third example of proof texting is found in Matthew 5 and Jesus saying about the law that those who teach to not do the least commandment shall be called least in the Kingdom of God, those who teach to do the least commandment shall be called great in the Kingdom of God.

So SOME from the Hebrew Roots and Messianic groups will give this as a proof text that the Old Covenant is still ALL part of a Christian's life.

If so then how do you DO and tell people to do, the laws in a Temple, animal sacrifices, tithing to a Temple priesthood, WHEN THERE IS NO TEMPLE OR LEVITE PRIESTHOOD IN JERUSALEM???

I mean all those physical rites were PART of the Old Covenant or the Torah as many today like to call it.

Do you today have to still teach that "polygamy" is okay if you so desire to have many wives? The New Testament would teach against the practice of polygamy.

Do you have to teach and practice that ONLY in Jerusalem you can observe the Passover and Feasts of God? That is how it was under the Old Covenant. But the Messiah taught differently for His day and thereafter (John 4).

Do you still have to teach that "slavery" is for today as it was allowed under the Torah?

Do you still have to teach today that people can and should sell themselves to others when you cannot pay the debt you own them?

If a slave wants to stay with you forever (for their life time) do you still need to teach you have to put a hole in their ear as a token of lifetime service?

Do you still teach people can take a "nazarite" vow for whatever length of time they decide? And if so how can they stop or exit that vow, when under the Old Covenant you exited by offering sacrifices at the Temple - today there is no Temple. So do they have to observe the nazarite vow (if taken) for the rest of their life?

Do women not attend church services during their time of the month, and the flowing of blood, as it was under the Old Covenant?

Do women after childbirth stay away from the church service for ex number of weeks, depending on if a boy or girl was born, as under the Old Covenant?

Does the cutting of the wave-sheaf have to be done before the harvest of the Springtime can begin, and offered in the Temple, as it was under the Old Covenant.? And if so how could this be possible when there is no Temple or priesthood in Jerusalem?

How can you observe the Jubilee year (the 50th year) and have all houses and property go back to their original owners, as under the Torah Old Covenant?

Do you observe the Passover with a lamb and bitter herbs?  If you accept Jesus as the Messiah, how do you reconcile His teaching of the NT Passover with unleavened bread and the fruit of the vine?  Or do you mix them together, and if so what is your authority for so doing?

Oh to be sure there are MANY MORE Old Covenant laws in the Torah. As you read through them in the books of Moses, if you teach ALL the Old Covenant is still part of the New Covenant, then you have a huge job ahead of you as to obey and apply ALL that covenant of ancient Israel in your life as a Christian.

For those of you who can see the SILLINESS of this Old Covenant Torah teaching for the Christian today, you need to study my study called "Living by Every Word of God - HOW?" on my website, for indeed it is true that Matthew 4:4 does apply to Christians today.

The "proof texting" that some do to perpetuate their theology ideas presents some MIGHTY HUGE problems when you read the WHOLE Bible, the New Testament, and just the fact of living in a modern age with no Temple and priesthood in Jerusalem.

On the other hand those who realize we are to do and teach the least commandment of God that ARE STILL IN EFFECT, STILL TO BE OBSERVED, OR HAVE TAKEN ON NEW TESTAMENT TERMS, will be able to see which laws of the Torah are still in effect in the New Testament Covenant, and there are enough of them that SOME could be thought of as "least" than others or SOME "greater" than others. And hence as Jesus said those who teach and do even the least shall be called great in the Kingdom of God.

As Jesus Himself said, the Scripture cannot be broken - there is NO CONTRADICTIONS in the word of the Lord!!


Another "Proof Texting" of the Bible

Another example of proof texting is that found in Dueteronomy where God says you shall not add or take away from his word.
Well the Samaritan sect (You may like to read what the Jewish Ency. has to say about the Samaritan sect - it will surprise you) of Jesus's day said they only accepted the 5 books of Moses as inspired Scripture, for the words of God about not adding or taking away are found in the book of Moses, hence to them anything after the five books of Moses was ADDING to God's word, hence uninspired.
So indeed taking that stand all books in the so called "Jewish" Bible or Christian Bible would be adding, hence uninspired and just the ideas of men.
Of course Jesus proves all that to be silly theology, as you might remember when he appeared to two walking the road after his resurrection and expounded to them from ALL the Scriptures about the Messiah. There are mahy other verses that would prove the inspired Scriptures were much more than just the 5 books of Moses. The history of the Jews from Moses' time also proves the Jews and those who sat in Moses seat (Mat.23:1-3) had recognized many more books other than the books of Moses as inspired Scripture.

So what did God mean in Deuteronomy that nothing should be added or taken away. Obviously for that time age, while Israel only had the books of Moses for inspired Scripture, nothing of man's ideas should be added or taken away from the Scriptures, and obviously when the Eternal inspired MORE Scriptures and told Israel's leaders they were inspired Scriptures, the Hebrew Bible was enlarged. Israel's leaders of priests and theology caretakers were inspired to decide what were the inspired Scriptures up to the coming of the Messiah's first coming. As Paul said in the book of Romans what advantage then does the Jew have, indeed some, for to them were given the oracles of God; another way of saying the Scriptures of the Eternal.

Now the truth and principle of Duet. not adding or taking away is given a much larger framework - the inspired Scriptures of all the books we have come to know as the Hebrew Bible of the Old Testament. And so nothing of human ideas or human theology or human made-up religion towards God should be added to the whole Old Testament.
Jesus actually fought this battle with the scribes and Pharisees and Sadducees of his day. Reading the Gospels shows you this truth very easily. Mark 7 is one classic example. The religious Jews (those who sat in Moses' seat (Mat.23:1-3)  DID add and take away from God's Scriputres, why the Pharisees had about 600 man made laws that they had added to the Sabbath command. Some of those laws "took away" from what was right and good to do on the Sabbath while other of those laws added to the Sabbath command things God never wanted added to that command.

Now all this same truth and principle can be applied to the New Testament Scriptures. As God inspired NT books, as He inspired Jesus' apostles to write and to decide what was inspired NT Scripture, it was finally put down as Scripture. John the apostle would have (as the last of the 12 apostles to die near the end of the first century) given his final inspired approval of what books should be sanctioned as the NT Scriptures. The idea that it was the Roman Catholic church that canonized the New Testament in about 300 to 400 A.D. is TOTALLY in ERROR!! See the studies on my website under Canonization of the Old and New Testament.

You then have the WHOLE completed. Now with the whole of inspired Scripture you are not to add or take away. You must get your theology teaching as to what to believe and what to practice and what to teach and what to obey, not from the ideas of men or women, making up their own religion to worship God with, but you must form your theology only from the inspired Scriptures, which had by the end of the first century A.D, become WAY MORE than just the 5 books of Moses, or what is know as the Torah.

The error of "Proof Texting" the Bible #1

Many people like to "proof text" in their reading of the Bible. It is used to make the Bible say what THEY would like it to say so they can make up THEIR OWN theology OF WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE AND HOW THEY WANT TO WORSHIP GOD!

Well here's one of these "proof text" examples. You read through the book of John (1 John) and he says to his readers, "You need not any man to teach you, for the Spirit teaches you...."  I've heard this used by some to say they do not ...have to listen or read anyone's sermons or literature or studies etc. Now if John was meaning just that, as some interpret his words (or like to interpret his words for their own theology ideas that they like to make up to suit themselves) then the readers of John's letter would have put it down immediately, saying, "Okay John, then I do not need to read what you say next, or anything else you may write" (which would have been 2 John, 3 John and Revelation); in fact I do not need to read anything from Matthew, Mark, Luke or Paul or Peter, or Jude, or James."
The person so thinking could also say they do not need to read anything from David (the Psalms) or Solomon (Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ecc.) or any of the Prophets, or anything Moses wrote (the first 5 books) or Ezra or Job and etc.

Do you see how SILLY this proof texting can get. You would soon just sit there like some Eastern religions and gaze into the sky and mediate and let the Spirit teach you. You would so come up with your "form" of religion towards God, and if everyone did that, you would have millions of forms of worship towards God, all supposedly not needing any man to teach you but the Spirit only.

Obviously John was not teaching this kind of theology. The CONTEXT gives you the answer and meaning as to what John was teaching. The whole context of 1 John is FALSE religion and TRUE religion - false teachers and the truth of God that true teachers of God were teaching. John is telling his readers they do not need those FALSE teachers teaching them anything. The Spirit of God will lead them to true teachers and to the truths of God.

John's writings cannot contradict the rest of Scripture, and what Paul was inspired to write that God has placed in the church Apostles, Evangalists, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers. John cannot contradict Paul's writings to the minister Timothy and how he should conduct the Church of God. John's writings cannot contradict Paul's inspired writings as to the qualifications of an Elder and the rest of Acts and Titus where Elders were ordainted in the Church. John's writings cannot contradict Paul's where he explained that ministers were called and ordained for the edifying of all, that all would come into the unity of Christ. John's writing cannot contradict where Jesus called apostles to go forth and teach people, proclaim the gospel, baptize and make disciples from all nations. John cannot be contradicting all the verses in the New Testament where some are called to teach and guide and instruct others into the truths and salvation of the Father.

I have not listened to Roman Catholic and Protestant ministers on the Radio or TV or Magazines, on any regular basis since 1964 after I discovered through day and night Bible study that they were false teachers of the Christian religion. And that is exactly what John was teaching. You do not need to bother or use valuable time from your life by listening to false ministers of the Christian religion.

Verses in any part of the Bible should not be isolated from their context or from the context of the whole Bible. If you do isolate them then as atheists claim, you can make the Bible say anything, and so it is that many will not come to the Bible and salvation because of the silly ideas of some Christians, who do in fact make the Bible say what THEY want it to say to keep their own silly ideas of theology.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Europe in the Arab Middle East

A very interesting report:

AMMAN, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) -- As the European Union's top diplomat wrapped up her tour to a number of countries in the Middle East this week, EU's diplomatic strategy toward this currently restive region became much clear than ever.
Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, paid an intensive visit to Tunisia and a number of countries in the region, including Israel, Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Jordan from Feb. 14 to Feb. 16. She will begin another two-day visit to Egypt Monday to have talks with members of the transitional government and political party leaders.
These visits have delivered a strong message that the European Union, which has kept long-time political and economic ties with Arab countries due to geopolitical and historical factors, is increasing its efforts to consolidate relations with these countries and expand traditional influences in the Arab world.
Among those efforts, the most important ones include more financial aid and trade cooperation, such as supporting economic reforms, helping improve education and living conditions of people and safeguarding security and stability in these countries.
After her visit to Tunisia, Ashton told a press conference that the EU will extend 258 million euros (about 348 million U.S. dollars) in aid to Tunisia by 2013 and 17 million euros immediately to help the country's interim government to cope with mounting social and economic tensions in the wake of former President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's ouster last month.
The EU has also opened discussions with the European Investment Bank to mobilize up to 1 billion euros of finance this year to help small and medium-sized businesses and to boost transport infrastructure, from which Tunisia is the first to benefit, said Ashton.
Ashton also said the EU would help Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi host an international conference on political and economic reforms next month.
Speaking to the Financial Times during her visit, Ashton confirmed that the EU will provide at least 2.5 billion euros of aid to North African countries including Tunisia and Egypt to help with their economic reforms.
Ashton's visit comes not only in the context of two political earthquakes in Tunisia and Egypt, which have shaken up the region, it also comes a few days after the first meeting of the Middle East Quartet of the year, which groups the EU, the United States, Russia and the United Nations. At the Munich talks, the Quartet called on all parties to undertake urgent efforts to speed up Israeli-Palestinian peace process, saying it was "imperative due to the political turmoil in the region."
During her regional tour, Ashton met with most important figures in the Middle East peace process including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, her Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and Premier Salam Fayyad, and Jordan's King Abdullah II.
The EU official expressed hope for the restart of the failed talks to achieve a peace deal and a Palestinian Authority state by September despite turmoil in the Middle East.
According to a statement released by Jordan's royal court after Ashton's meeting with King Abdullah II, the EU and Jordan agree that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the two- state solution will help bring sustainable peace and security in the Middle East.
"The peace process now more than ever needs to move forward because ensuring stability and security for the people of Israel and Palestinians is a very important ambition. It is an important ambition that needs to be realized as quickly as possible," Ashton told a joint press conference with her Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh in Amman, adding that the EU will exert all efforts needed to ensure that direct peace negotiations are resumed as soon as possible.
Despite all these efforts, the EU still needs some time to prove the real influences it expects to have in the region.
Given the current situation in the Middle East countries, the success of economic and financial aid policies depend on stable governments and a favorable investment environment. Meanwhile, governments of the aid-receiving countries have different opinions on the amount and schedule of the aid. One high-ranking official from the Tunisian interim government accused the amount of aid provided by Europe as "ridiculous," adding that Brussels is not ready enough to help.
Israel, on the other hand, is reluctant to respond to the EU's strong appeal to return to peace deal by September. At the meeting with Ashton on Feb. 15, Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman urged the EU to confront the "problem of Iran" before tackling the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which he said is hindered by Iran's nuclear program.
Analysts are also not optimistic about future peace talks. Experts said the collapse of the Egyptian regime is likely to make Israel more self-centered and become a "fortress" which seeks its own security above all issues, a matter that they said will cause a further impasse in the peace process.
"I think that the peace process will face more difficulties in the near future. Israel will become fortress ... and that will negatively affect the peace talks and the peace process," political analyst Mohammad Au Rumman said in Amman.
Editor: Mu Xuequan


This gives you a good insight into how Europe is making ties with the Arab world. Did you notice the amount of money it is handing out, and that is probably only for starters.

The Arab world will contunue to break away from its decades of dictatorships and move into a free democratic system, which in time will have them hooking up arm in arm with each other (a good portion of each other) and they will form a united federation, for they will see that there is strength in forming a "block" of united Arab nations. And it could well be they and Europe will have a good economic and trading union for a time (either short or long as in humans years and terms) . Eventually, as we are told in Daniel 11:40-45, this "king of the south" will "push at" this "king of the north" and whatever that may be, will be so serious a matter, the king of the north will declare war on the king of the south. The Beast/Babylon Europe will win the day, and spear-headed Egypt Arab union will be smashed.

We shall have then come to the last 42 months of this age. The Europe Beast will march into the Holy Land and there will be a time of trouble on earth such as never was and never will be again. Other prophecies show the "kings of the East" will not be sitting by either, they will come and take control of some of the Arab nations in the Middle East. You will have then a Europe Beast power and an "Eastern" power facing each other in the central part of the world - Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Prophecy is marching on, it is all taking shape right before your eyes, as God foretold in all the prophetic books of the Old Testament and in the book of Revelation.

Keep your eyes on Europe, the Roman Catholic church, and the Arab nations of the Middle East.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gathering STORM!

The Gathering Storm is the title of the movie about Winston Churchill - the years before Hitler and his goons took the world to into war once more. It is about the man who knew he was destined to serve the British nation against a mad man that he knew was going to try and rule the world.

He was years ahead of his time. But his time came - God had predestined that man to be the man he was, to lead the allies against the demonic Hitler and Mussolini. It was the SECOND SWORD to come upon the people of Israel (Ezekiel 21:14) - the second of THREE!  Twice they have faced the great enemy Germany, twice they have be delivered, twice they beat down the Satanic power that would have devoured the whole world. It was meant to be so, and the Eternal God had already a man who would inspire and lead Israel to victory.

A THIRD SWORD is to yet come upon all the tribes of Israel - the house of Israel and the house of Judah, which comprise most of the Western world, believe it or not. But this time there will be NO Winston Churchill to lead the allies to victory. Israel and Judah has sinned grievously against our Eternal God.  We have pushed Him away, we have turned our back on His word and His righteous laws. We call ourselves "Christian" nations but we are far from Christian today. We call good evil and we call evil good. We have departed from our God as far as the east is from the west.

We have gone over the line of no return - we cannot find our way back to the true God of heaven - we have no political leaders to lead us back to Him. Our God says our leaders are MAD and our prophets are PROFANE! Our God says He has looked for a man that would breach the gap but He could find none.

But the Lord has said He will do nothing unless He first reveal it to His servants (Amos 3:7). This time around it is ONLY THEY who will SHOUT the warning, tell the people what is to come. And you are being told this day, this hour, this minute, as you read this.

There will arise a 7th resurrected Holy Roman Empire in Europe. This Beast will be ruled and guided by a great Babylon church, that has made all nations drunk on her spiritual fornication and who is herself drunk with the blood of the saints. She is depicted in Revelation 17. She will yet arise with another mighty German nation to spearhead her war machine. First on the "king of the south" - an Arab federation of nations led by Egypt. After she defeats that Arab union she will march into the Holy Land and her armies will surround Jerusalem. The city will fall, many Jews will die and others flee for their lives, those left alive will become slaves to that mighty Beast and her religious false prophet, who will claim he is doing the will of God.

That mighty Roman/Babylon Beast will then turn its military might onto the British Commonwealth and their brother people the United States of America, and other nations of Europe. In the war they will wage, ONE THIRD of us will die from the sword, one third from the after effects of such a war, and one third will be taken as captives and a sword will be drawn even after some of them. Only ONE out of ten of us will remain alive to see the coming of Christ in power and glory to destroy those who are destroying the earth, and to set up His Kingdom over all nations for 1,000 years.

What you are seeing in Europe was all foretold thousands of years ago - it is forming into the end time Holy Roman Empire, the 7th and last resurrection. What you are seeing in Egypt today is to make way for the coming "king of the south" and the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-45 and into Daniel 12.

You are seeing prophecy fulfilled right before your eyes, and you who are reading this have been warned.

Winston Churchill was the great trumpet voice before the last Second World War; the true servants of God today are the great trumpet sound before the THIRD world war.

Let him who has ears to hear, let him hear what God says to the nations of this earth.

My 450 pager book "The Biblical Prophets for Today" will make clear to you in detail what the prophetic word of the Lord has to say concerning end time events - the last 42 months of this age. It should be available sometime in March in regular book form and also in eBook form. I will announce it on here as well as on my website (

Oh yes the movie "The Gathering Storm" is a terrific movie on this part of the life of Sir Winston Churchill. He was a voice crying in the wilderness - an inspiring movie.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

For a Good HEART!

By Rick Coupland

I read a funny saying the other day, "I've learned more in the last couple of years from searching the Internet than I ever did all through high school!" I don't know if that's completely true, but I can certainly attest to the amount of knowledge I've gained on health issues.
In the last couple of weeks I have met two different gentlemen with heart problems. One of them has already had triple-bypass surgery. They both come from families with a history of heart conditions. So I thought I would put in writing some steps for maintaining a healthy heart.

To begin with, seeing as we are just into a new year, (and it's still not too late to make resolutions), let's make this the year that we all become a little more health conscious. The Latin poet Marcus Valerius Martial once said, "Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well." Learn to read labels of all food products and try to eliminate (or cut back on) the really bad items from your diet: sugar, white flour, MSG, pasteurized/homogenized dairy products, etc. And stay away from all fast-food restaurants. Wouldn't it be great if we could put them all out of business!

One of the more beneficial supplements for your heart, and overall wellbeing, is "Coenzyme Q10", also known as CoQ10 (pronounced COQ-TEN). CoQ10 is produced naturally, and can be found in nearly every cell in your body. Its purpose is to allow each cell to get energy from the good foods that we eat, and uses this energy for all of life's processes. It is an excellent immune booster. CoQ10 levels are reported to decrease with age, and are said to be low in those with heart conditions, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Some of the foods that contain the highest sources of CoQ10 are soya beans, meats, fish, garlic and wheat germ and to a lesser extent in the vegetables spinach, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and a few others. (There are other foods that are a rich source of CoQ10, but they are outside of God's perfect food laws,
so we won't even mention them here.) The largest concentrations of CoQ10 are found in the muscles of
the body that produce the most energy. We therefore have the highest amounts of CoQ10 in our heart, liver, kidney and pancreas. The ability of these organs to function properly depends on our cells having enough CoQ10 to provide and sustain energy. While CoQ10 is starting to become popular in North America, it is
widely used as a supplement in Japan and most European countries. It is used for the prevention and treatment of many types of heart and artery disorders, such as high blood pressure, deficient heart energy and low-oxygen conditions threatening the integrity of heart tissue. CoQ10 is beneficial when blood
delivery is reduced due to clogged arteries or during a heart attack. In addition, it can contribute to reducing the pain of angina and in regularizing an irregular heartbeat.

Another necessary supplement for maintaining a healthy heart is omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids. They are necessary for human health but the body can't make them, you can only get them through food. Research shows that Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation and may help lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain and appear to be important for both cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioural function, along with normal growth and development. Some symptoms of Omega-3 fatty acid
deficiency include fatigue, poor memory, heart problems, poor circulation and depression.
Information reported in the journal PLOS Medicine lists lack of proper Omega-3 fat in the diet as one of the ten leading preventable causes of death. The journal estimates that nearly 100,000 die each year due to Omega-3 fat deficiency while many more suffer debilitating heart attacks, strokes and cognitive damage as a result. Another study published in the Nutrition journal provides evidence that men with the highest levels of the Omega-3 fat, DHA ran a 34% lower risk of developing heart disease. Older adults with the highest total Omega-3 concentrations ran a 70% lower risk of fatal heart attack. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and halibut.

It is important to have a balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 (another essential fatty acid) in the diet. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, and most Omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote inflammation. The typical North American diet contains 14 to 25 times more Omega-6 fatty acids than Omega-3 fatty acids. Our modern diet includes excessive quantities of Omega-6 fat primarily from vegetable oils that have been used for frying. Processed foods such as chips and baked products frequently make use of hydrogenated oils to preserve taste and texture and skew the ratio of Omega fats. The ideal ratio of Omega-6 to Omega3
fats is 1:1.

Eating almonds and walnuts on a regular basis can help to change the blood chemistry to reduce the risk from coronary artery disease and death from a heart attack. These nuts are loaded with beneficial monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats which directly control the oxidation properties which make the particles less cohesive and less likely to form plaque.

Eat lots of apples. Apples reduce stress in the body; boost heart function and health, and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The powerful antioxidants in apples help to reduce damage caused by free radicals. As a result, the key markers of heart disease are lessened. Apples are also beneficial to the digestive system because they supply the intestines with healthy bacteria.

Resveratrol and grape seed extract have been shown to provide critical antioxidant support to the heart muscle. In a study reported in the journal, Nature, researchers demonstrated that grape compounds were able to break down anti-glycation end products that form as a result of high blood sugar levels. AGE' s
are known to damage the delicate inner lining of the coronary arteries, setting the stage for heart disease and a heart attack.

If you have had any heart problems, or they exist in your family history, it is worth your while to look into these foods and supplements, to greater your chances of a long and disease-free life!

Rick Coupland writes for

Ah, and remember the correct amount of exercise is important for the heart, as is keeping within your weight range - Keith Hunt

Friday, February 11, 2011

USA and Egypt

It's been a lesson in political dishwashing all that has taken place between the USA and Egypt.

The USA has for 30 years been in bed with Egypt - giving the country or Mubarak 1.5 BILLION dollars A YEAR!!! The USA stood by while Egypt was held under a dictatorship, was happy enough to see it held this way. Why? Because they were scared stiff that some fanatical Islam group would take over Egypt and troubles would multiply for the USA, regarding many things back 30, 20 years ago, like oil and terrorism. The USA must have known that Mubarak was taking billions of dollars over that 30 years for him and his family members. It is now clearly being shown how this dictator's life style was ..... physical riches like a Hollywood super-star (which is also disgusting - Hollywood film stars should never be allowed to make that kind of money, just as some CEO of this or that company should not be paid millions per year) - the lavish physical wealth this Mubarak lived in while most of his people were in poverty, and the USA knowing it .... is truly DISGUSTING!!!!

Here we have a country (the USA) that prides itself on "democracy" and "freedom" but is in bed with a dictatorship, even paying for it. Then when the people stand up and denounce it, what does the USA do through Obama (or whoever other person would have been President, makes no difference) ..... oh, stands up and says the people's voice should be heard, people have a right to democracy, to shape their own future......stands up and says "We are on the people's side, change must come." He and the USA were not saying that BEFORE the people of Egypt stood up to be counted. You talk about two-face-ism, you talk about being politically correct when needing to be politically correct, when up to then they were anything but encouraging the Egyptian people to seek freedom and democracy.

The whole situation between the USA and Egypt over the last 30 years has been SHAMEFUL. And it certainly shows the "In God We Trust" is a LAUGH and means just nothing to any USA Government that has been in bed with Egypt dictatorship over the last 30 years. The USA Government for at least the last 30 years has NEVER TRUSTED in God, and does not do so today. And with not until the Israel nation of the USA and all other Israel nations of the Western world are flat on our face in the mud of death and blood and slavery. Only then will we cry out in HUMBLE REPENTANCE and turn back to serving our God in spirit and in truth.

And this repentance will be in the last end time 42 months of this age, leading up to the coming of Jesus Christ to deliver us from our lover enemies, and to put within us as a people, the very Spirit of God, which will give us a new heart and mind. We shall THEN indeed TRUST in the Eternal God. Our hypocritical way of life will be gone forever, and finally in that age to come we the people of Israel (all 13 tribes) will set the example for all nations, of truth faith and service to the Creator of the universe.

We are heading into a very important time of Bible prophecy in what will take place in the Arab nations of the Middle East. I have told you about it all in great detail on my website for years, and in my forthcoming book "The Biblical Prophets for Today"

He that has an ear should hear!!!

For so it is written and so it shall come to pass!


Finally Mubarak has resigned and the youthful (in the main) people of Egypt can start to move into another chapter in their history.

But what they do not know is this historic move takes them into the beginning of a Bible prophecy that has been in the Word of God for 2,500 years, and will lead to the final Great Tribulation of this age and the return of Jesus Christ.

You who have been studying from my website ( will know that I have expounded to you the prophets of the Bible, and in those prophecies we are told that in the end time Egypt will rise to spearhead Arab confederation of nations, that is called in the book of daniel "the king of the south."

While the people of Egypt move into democracy, and other Arab nations also throw out their dictators, and finally move into forming a group of united Arab nations, that in their eyes will give them more political punch in the world, they do not understand their fate.

I have been saying for 10 years or so that Egypt was sleeping but would one day wake out of sleep to lead an Arab nation unity. Now to be correct OTHERS in the past within the Church of God, back in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, were telling the world the same thing. And why not for it is in the pages of Bible prophecy for those with the correct understanding of who and where the nations mentioned in prophecy are located. Egypt has always been Egypt in Bible prophecy. And Daniel 11:40-45 is plain to understand, as I've given it to you in other meltdowns and on my website.

So as the fall of the Berlin Wall was a move into the beginning of end time prophecy and a united Germany and hence the main powerhouse of Europe as it moves into becoming the resurrected Holy Roman Empire Beast of the book of Revelation, so this historic event in Egypt is only the start of what Egypt and the Arab nations will yet do in the future.

How long will it take Egypt to build a united Arab union of nations? We are not told. God is in charge and as I've said before He can slow down or quicken up Bible prophecy. It could all come about within this decade, and then again it may not be until the next decade. Even then once we do have a union of Arab nations we have no idea how long it will be before the "king of the south" PUSHES AT "the king of the north (the Europe Beast). All we can do it watch.

Germany united a few decades back, but Europe is not yet the powerful union of nations that it will yet be to become the end time Babylon Beast. So the present events in Egypt do not automatically mean the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-45 is just around the corner. We continue to WATCH these world events.




Monday, February 7, 2011

"HOT - Living through the next 50 years on Earth"

Canada has a nighty guy who interviews people from North America, from entertainers to political people.
I was very glad I caught the before add as to who was coming on the show on last Thursday's nights hour.

Being interviewed was Mark Hertsgaard on his latest book called "HOT - Living through the next fifty years on earth."

I went out and bought it last Sunday. What a BLOCKBUSTER book. I've read 60 pages as of tonight of 318 pages.  And what a blow your mind book so far.

For those who still side with a VERY FEW scientists who poo-poo global warming or climate change (and those science people are opposed by 99.9 percent of the world's scientists on this matter) this book BLOWS THEM AWAY, and makes them look like silly IDIOTS as they truly are. Hummmm.....maybe me calling such people "silly idiots" will anger them enough to read this book, and get the truth of the matter into their heads at last.

On the back jacket-cover we read: "In HOT, oner of America's finest journalists confronts one of the world's most urgent problems. Hertsgaard shows that the worst harms of global warming are not inevitable and outlines the steps that can help to avert disaster. HOT bravely takes aim at perhaps the greatest climate threat of all: apathy." - Eric Schlosser, author of "Fast Food Nation."

People who deny what is going on around the world are usually people who sit in their tiny corner of the world, do little if any reading on the subject, and for whatever reason, jump on the band-wagon of .1 silly and dumb scientists who also for whatever reason deny anything like global climate change is happening. Such scientists have not lived in Canada since 1961 as I have, and have seen in the last 35 years the drastic milder winters Canada has had. in the 1960s Canada was STILL famous (as it had been for 3 or 4 hundred before before when the white man came) for 7 things - its Canadian Rockies, its Great Lakes, its Hockey (well that in the last 100 years)  its Niagara Fall, its Grain Farming, its Canadian Mounted Police, and its LONG COLD AND SNOWY WINTERS, often starting in late October and not ending till April. During the 1960s in Saskatchewan I can well remember us having 4 or 5 weeks STRAIGHT with -30 F.  The very first winter I experienced 1961/62 - was brutal. One morning getting ready for work, the newscaster man said, "Better bundle up this morning, it is -47 and the wind ablowing it is -72." I had to walk 1/2 a mile into that wind to get to work. I had to turn by back to the wind for most of the way (winter everything on only my eyes exposed to that cold) and with 40 yards to go I literally did not think I was going to make it.
Many of those winters in the 1960s we had weeks of -30 F. When it got back up to 0 F you thought spring has arrived. In the last 35 years if Canada ANYWHERE (except way up towards the north pole) gets -30 for a WEEK, it is on National TV.
The North Pole is melting, Greenland is melting, all the glaciers of the world are melting. The famous "Ice-field" in the Canadian Rockies is only half the size it was when I visited it in 1962. The Hudson Bay was one month behind freezing up this winter, and the Polar bears were all lined up on its banks waiting for the freeze to come, because they need the freeze-up to go hunting seals to put on the winter fat, or they will not live through the winter and spring.

One European scientist told Mark Hertsgaard we should not be calling this "global warming" or "global climate change" - he said we should be calling it "CLIMATE CHAOS" - for that is truly what we are seeing.

Mark Hertsgaard is no longer he said in that interview, just going to be a journalist, he is going to be an activist also. When asked why, he explained about his young daughter of 5 years old is going to inherit this earth, and he wants to try and make sure she does not inherit a disaster, catastrophe, wreck, and a calamity of the earth.

If Jesus Christ does not return in the next 40 years, if this age goes beyond 2050, and the nations do not REALLY GET TO GRIPS with "climate chaos" - this earth and those on it will be in a catastrophe never known since mankind has been on this earth.

For your education and for your children's education YOU NEED TO MARK THIS BOOK DOWN AS ONE YOU WILL OBTAIN IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"A Matter of Life and Death"

ABC 20/20 program tonight was a Barbara Walters special "A Matter of Life and Death" - all about open heart surgery.
Some of the famous people to have to have it are Barbara Walters, Robin Williams, David Letterman, Bill Clinton and some others. I remember reading many years ago that Roy Rogers had open heart surgery.

The heart will beat about 2.5 Billion times in the average life span.

500,000 women will die every year from heart troubles - more than men. Women (50%) do not get chest pain, they get fatigue.

It is the main cause of death - even more than cancer.

Go to ABC 20/20 and watch that special - maybe all Barbara Walters specials are saved forever somewhere on ABC.

As we have known for years now, the way to a healthy heart is NOT being overweight, exercise, and DIET!

Bill Clinton is a classic example. He ran 25 miles a week. But his diet was terrible - junk food, fat food, fast food. He said when he had chest pain etc. and they did what doctors do, his two main arteries to the heart were 90% blocked - he was just about dead. He has today reduced his weight and eats mainly fruits and vegies. For him staying on such a diet is probably the best thing to do, as he said, he would like to live long enough to see some grandchildren.

Canada has an interview program every evening at 11 pm - the host is a young man with the long strange name that most will not know how to pronounce - George Stroumboulopoulos. Tonight he had a man on by the name of Mark Hertsgaard - a journalist but now in his words will also be an activist. It was about climate change. Europe he said is way ahead of North America in moving to do things to help the situation. Obama he said has so far done just about less than nothing, hence promises given before he became President have not come to fruition at this time. He was asked what people can do, his main response to that question was vote out the Governments that do nothing. He was also asked if the world would run out of oil before it could change to other means of energy; his answer: "Well no, not while there is the Alberta Oil Sands." And I've told you in other posts that the Alberta Oil Sands has enough oil for the entire world for the next 100 years.
Hertsgaard was asked which country was doing the most, he said the Scandinavia area. When asked which country was the worst his answer was the USA.

Mark Hertsgaard was asked about those who still say climate change and warming is false or not due to man's doing. His answer was that he knew of no reputable scientist that was among that group of people, and such just had some political or idealogical mind-set, and were on the border of being just silly.

Well Mark Hertsgaard has a book out called "HOT" - I think I must go and buy that book and see what he has to say on the issue.

Tara, I have tried to answer your comment, but obviously for now I do not know how it works (you'll have to tell me). So I will answer here.

I have to STRONGLY DISAGREE with you. You have not read all my meltdowns on my website, and the book I talked about that is called "Black Gold - the Alberta Oil Sands." For starters it is just a fact of truth (as was reported a few years back by John Stossell on 20/20) that there is enough oil in the Alberta Oil Sands for the ENTIRE WORLD for the next 100 years. It is now a fact that the Oil Sands contains HALF of the present known oil reserves of the world. Then on top of all that, as you do not live in Alberta you will not see what we see from time to time.....the TV segments of the modern space-age technology that is moving forward month by month to make it more and more LESS expensive to remove the oil from the oil sands. Naturally this would be so, in a space-age Western world. Also add to all this the fact that Canada and the USA is finding more oil "off shore" each and every year. Now all of these comments of mine have nothing to do with the fact we should be MOVING AWAY from the use of oil into modern space-age technology as Europe is doing way faster than North America. My comments are just to point out that it is now a fact that the Alberta Oil Sands has HALF the present known oil reserves in the world, and that Alberta is every month making it LESS expensive to extract that oil. Many people do not realize that Canada, though only about 30 million people (the USA with 300 million) has some of the greatest space-age scientists in certain fields in the entire world.

Friday, February 4, 2011

God's Law of LOVE

Tara Chapman, a co-worker with me in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, has published her latest book called
"God's Law of Love - The Perfect Law of Liberty."

It is an expounding of the great Ten Commandments of the Lord. Some other people over the last 100 years have written booklets or books on the Ten Commandments of God, but Tara's book in many ways is different and unique; she writes in an up-to-date 21st century manner, that gives added life for a modern world that is now so different from 100 years ago. Tara covers the "inside" or "underneath" commandments also, for the Ten Commandments are really a canopy for many other commandments that go under the canopy of the great Ten. Tara is candid and up-front at times, calling a spade a spade or as we say, "laying the cards on the table" but yet she also gives you lots of wisdom and insight on applying God's law of love.

Here is what is on the back cover of Tara Chapman's book:

Has God's Law, as defined by the Ten Commandments, been "done away," as has been supposed by many? Does the new covenant allow free picking and choosing? Does the fourth commandment not matter
anymore, or did God change the sabbath to another day? Are Christmas and Easter God's holy days? Does grace make the Law unnecessary? Is it okay to erect a sun god statue and other images in our nation to represent liberty? Is God okay with the popular sexual lifestyles our nation's Christian-professing people have? Should true Christians be pro-war? Is it okay to live richly on credit when one is only able to pay the interest?

It is time for our nation to repent and turn back to our liberty-giver, the true God of Israel. God's Law of Love is needed for liberty to thrive. The Ten Commandments still apply today. Find the thorough answers to the questions above and more within the pages of this book.
Tara has intently studied the law of Moses, as given by the God of Israel for nearly seven years, after having an above-average knowledge of the scriptures from childhood. She grew up as a Protestant Baptist and was always confused about certain doctrines, such as the trinity and ever-burning hell, but she came to the knowledge of the truth at the age of twenty-one. She was baptized by an elder into the Church of God, the Body of Christ and has walked in the spirit ever since. Tara has had many life experiences that have taught her that the Law of Love works.

The law of God is one of the two main evidences that the holy Scriptures are true, the other being the prophecies. Tara enjoys learning and teaching about the Scriptures. She lives in the Ozark mountains with her husband, two sons, and daughter. Her husband owns and runs an HVAC business, allowing her to stay home to educate their children and keep their home. Tara loves spending time outdoors with her family and reading. Her favorite topics of study include biology, law, health, and etymologies. She owns and participates in an online community for Christian mothers, and she stays in contact with fellow Christians from a few different nations worldwide, working with them to spread the true gospel. Her websites are:, and

Tara's book can be purchased from
It can also come in eBook form
You can contact Tara via email:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pitch battles in Egypt

It is now becoming clear Egypt will not move into a peaceful change and transition without  much bloodshed and violence, supporters for and against Nubarak are fighting it out. Could be a type of civil war will take place before Egypt will move into peace and stability as the leading nation in the Arab world, the eventual spear-head of the "king of the south" that one day will feel it is strong enough to take on the MIGHTY Beast of the developing Holy Roman Empire in Europe, when in some fashion she will "push at" the king of the North (Dan.112:4-45)  who will come crashing down to defeat the southern kind, and then march into the holy land to take Jerusalem which will start the 3rd world war, and the time of trouble never seen on this earth before. You think some of the battles of yesterday were horrific - you ain't seen nothing yet - the last one to come will be the battle of the world that IF Jesus did not step in to destroy those who are destroying the earth NO FLESH would be saved alive (it's in Matt.24).

I've said before there will be NO WAR between Israel (the Jews of the Holy Land), and an Arab confederation - it's just is not in the cards as they say.

It will take a few years at least for the Arab nations to get rid of all its dictators, and to move towards more of a western democracy. But Egypt will become the spear-head force to lead a united Arab union and become the king of the south. I have a full in-depth study on my website called "The Key to the Future" either under "Prophecy" or "End Times" section on page two - the Bible Study List page.

Watch for BIG changes to take place in the Arab world - Egypt is once more breaking out of its sleep.

A lot will depend of the USA cosy cosy "climb in bed with you" attitude it has had with Egypt for 30 years.
More pressure is coming from the USA, and they have a pretty big stick of 1.5 BILLION dollars they give to Egypt once every year, mainly to go to their army machine.

If you've noticed, it is Germany leading the way out of Europe's recession  -  Germany is fast becoming the economic power house of Europe. As well as a more and more outspoken Pope of the RC church.
So Isaiah 10 tells us it will be.

The weather continues to be in the news with MASSIVE snow storms hitting again many States of the USA. From Texas to New York city and up the east coast into Canada. Climate change has hit with a bang this year. So has the loss of farm crops in the East and shortages of basic food supplies. This  could well be an interesting 2011 year