Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mag dog people

Here we see this mad dog Maghafi in Libya, doing his mad dog stuff for all the world to see. 40 years or so he has been in dictitorial power, had his run-ins with some in the West over the years, but it seems the West would not send in James Bond to put the guy in a wooden box, they figured as they have with other Arab nations that the fanatical Islam people would gain control of these Arab nations and the situation would be more grave than if just left alone - so it was the usual "sleeping with the enemy" as the other enemy might try and kill you if you tried sleeping with them.
Well hopefully the Libyian people will throw him out of his bed. Time will tell.

Now you have 4 Americans killed by these boat high-jackers of the coast of Samoli. Why on earth do people sail anywhere near this land of pirate mad dogs? I just do not see where they are using any common sense. Sailing around the world is one thing, but getting anywhere near these fanatics....blows me away why people do this.

And it is crazy minded thinking as happens in North America, as to why we coddle known seriel killers, or killers of police, or premedited killers that we know (many of them admit to it) and why we do not put them against a wall and have the firing squad put an end to their demented minds and save the tax payers lots of money - this is another thing that blows me away as to the mentality we have for known and proven killers.
Oh to be sure such death executions shown not be done unless we are 100% sure they are indeed killers. Here in Canada over the last 10 or more years we have known for certain such people were killers of the innocent, but we house and feed them for the rest of their lives, because our Government says killing them is barbaric. We get no vote on the issue, there is no national personal vote on if we should have the death penalty for such proven mad dog killers....it's just nuts, as to how some of our leaders think.

Well I see everyday these crazy mad dog people and I get upset that such people get away with not having a bullet between the eyes, to end their mad dog life.

When Jesus comes back, He's coming this time as a waring King to bring destruction on those who are destroying the earth and the people upon it, and those who think they can come against His justice....well Zechariah 14 gives you the prophecy of how He will deal with them, in no uncertain way.

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