Monday, February 21, 2011

The error of "Proof Texting" the Bible #1

Many people like to "proof text" in their reading of the Bible. It is used to make the Bible say what THEY would like it to say so they can make up THEIR OWN theology OF WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE AND HOW THEY WANT TO WORSHIP GOD!

Well here's one of these "proof text" examples. You read through the book of John (1 John) and he says to his readers, "You need not any man to teach you, for the Spirit teaches you...."  I've heard this used by some to say they do not ...have to listen or read anyone's sermons or literature or studies etc. Now if John was meaning just that, as some interpret his words (or like to interpret his words for their own theology ideas that they like to make up to suit themselves) then the readers of John's letter would have put it down immediately, saying, "Okay John, then I do not need to read what you say next, or anything else you may write" (which would have been 2 John, 3 John and Revelation); in fact I do not need to read anything from Matthew, Mark, Luke or Paul or Peter, or Jude, or James."
The person so thinking could also say they do not need to read anything from David (the Psalms) or Solomon (Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ecc.) or any of the Prophets, or anything Moses wrote (the first 5 books) or Ezra or Job and etc.

Do you see how SILLY this proof texting can get. You would soon just sit there like some Eastern religions and gaze into the sky and mediate and let the Spirit teach you. You would so come up with your "form" of religion towards God, and if everyone did that, you would have millions of forms of worship towards God, all supposedly not needing any man to teach you but the Spirit only.

Obviously John was not teaching this kind of theology. The CONTEXT gives you the answer and meaning as to what John was teaching. The whole context of 1 John is FALSE religion and TRUE religion - false teachers and the truth of God that true teachers of God were teaching. John is telling his readers they do not need those FALSE teachers teaching them anything. The Spirit of God will lead them to true teachers and to the truths of God.

John's writings cannot contradict the rest of Scripture, and what Paul was inspired to write that God has placed in the church Apostles, Evangalists, Prophets, Pastors and Teachers. John cannot contradict Paul's writings to the minister Timothy and how he should conduct the Church of God. John's writings cannot contradict Paul's inspired writings as to the qualifications of an Elder and the rest of Acts and Titus where Elders were ordainted in the Church. John's writings cannot contradict Paul's where he explained that ministers were called and ordained for the edifying of all, that all would come into the unity of Christ. John's writing cannot contradict where Jesus called apostles to go forth and teach people, proclaim the gospel, baptize and make disciples from all nations. John cannot be contradicting all the verses in the New Testament where some are called to teach and guide and instruct others into the truths and salvation of the Father.

I have not listened to Roman Catholic and Protestant ministers on the Radio or TV or Magazines, on any regular basis since 1964 after I discovered through day and night Bible study that they were false teachers of the Christian religion. And that is exactly what John was teaching. You do not need to bother or use valuable time from your life by listening to false ministers of the Christian religion.

Verses in any part of the Bible should not be isolated from their context or from the context of the whole Bible. If you do isolate them then as atheists claim, you can make the Bible say anything, and so it is that many will not come to the Bible and salvation because of the silly ideas of some Christians, who do in fact make the Bible say what THEY want it to say to keep their own silly ideas of theology.

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