Saturday, February 5, 2011

"A Matter of Life and Death"

ABC 20/20 program tonight was a Barbara Walters special "A Matter of Life and Death" - all about open heart surgery.
Some of the famous people to have to have it are Barbara Walters, Robin Williams, David Letterman, Bill Clinton and some others. I remember reading many years ago that Roy Rogers had open heart surgery.

The heart will beat about 2.5 Billion times in the average life span.

500,000 women will die every year from heart troubles - more than men. Women (50%) do not get chest pain, they get fatigue.

It is the main cause of death - even more than cancer.

Go to ABC 20/20 and watch that special - maybe all Barbara Walters specials are saved forever somewhere on ABC.

As we have known for years now, the way to a healthy heart is NOT being overweight, exercise, and DIET!

Bill Clinton is a classic example. He ran 25 miles a week. But his diet was terrible - junk food, fat food, fast food. He said when he had chest pain etc. and they did what doctors do, his two main arteries to the heart were 90% blocked - he was just about dead. He has today reduced his weight and eats mainly fruits and vegies. For him staying on such a diet is probably the best thing to do, as he said, he would like to live long enough to see some grandchildren.

Canada has an interview program every evening at 11 pm - the host is a young man with the long strange name that most will not know how to pronounce - George Stroumboulopoulos. Tonight he had a man on by the name of Mark Hertsgaard - a journalist but now in his words will also be an activist. It was about climate change. Europe he said is way ahead of North America in moving to do things to help the situation. Obama he said has so far done just about less than nothing, hence promises given before he became President have not come to fruition at this time. He was asked what people can do, his main response to that question was vote out the Governments that do nothing. He was also asked if the world would run out of oil before it could change to other means of energy; his answer: "Well no, not while there is the Alberta Oil Sands." And I've told you in other posts that the Alberta Oil Sands has enough oil for the entire world for the next 100 years.
Hertsgaard was asked which country was doing the most, he said the Scandinavia area. When asked which country was the worst his answer was the USA.

Mark Hertsgaard was asked about those who still say climate change and warming is false or not due to man's doing. His answer was that he knew of no reputable scientist that was among that group of people, and such just had some political or idealogical mind-set, and were on the border of being just silly.

Well Mark Hertsgaard has a book out called "HOT" - I think I must go and buy that book and see what he has to say on the issue.

Tara, I have tried to answer your comment, but obviously for now I do not know how it works (you'll have to tell me). So I will answer here.

I have to STRONGLY DISAGREE with you. You have not read all my meltdowns on my website, and the book I talked about that is called "Black Gold - the Alberta Oil Sands." For starters it is just a fact of truth (as was reported a few years back by John Stossell on 20/20) that there is enough oil in the Alberta Oil Sands for the ENTIRE WORLD for the next 100 years. It is now a fact that the Oil Sands contains HALF of the present known oil reserves of the world. Then on top of all that, as you do not live in Alberta you will not see what we see from time to time.....the TV segments of the modern space-age technology that is moving forward month by month to make it more and more LESS expensive to remove the oil from the oil sands. Naturally this would be so, in a space-age Western world. Also add to all this the fact that Canada and the USA is finding more oil "off shore" each and every year. Now all of these comments of mine have nothing to do with the fact we should be MOVING AWAY from the use of oil into modern space-age technology as Europe is doing way faster than North America. My comments are just to point out that it is now a fact that the Alberta Oil Sands has HALF the present known oil reserves in the world, and that Alberta is every month making it LESS expensive to extract that oil. Many people do not realize that Canada, though only about 30 million people (the USA with 300 million) has some of the greatest space-age scientists in certain fields in the entire world.


  1. Oh, what a LIE and DECEPTION about the Alberta oil sands. It takes MORE ENERGY to separate the oil out of that mess than they will actually get from the oil once they get it. So, the idea of getting oil to use for energy from the Alberta oil sands is a crock. We are way past peak oil. The majority of the usable oil is over there in the Middle East, and that is why the U.S. is stationed over there to stay.

  2. I'm just checking if I've found out this works - it's a test.

  3. Okay I guess I figured it.

    Tara, you must try and keep up with my meltdowns, you've obviously missed some on my website. No the USA does not have to be over there in the Middle East because of one time that was so, but it is no longer so. The USA is over in the Middle East because it chose to fight a war (with Britain as partner and other nations like Canada) in Iraq and Afghanistan AGAINST the enemy of TERRORISTS not because of oil. Some of your own USA adds on TV (as I watch as much USA TV as I do Canada TV) show or tell you about the fact that more and more energy material is coming from the USA itself. Mre and more oil is being found off the coasts of the USA each year, and so for Canada also. All of this with yes the slow move into space-age energy, makes Middle East oil less and less needed by North America.