Friday, February 11, 2011

USA and Egypt

It's been a lesson in political dishwashing all that has taken place between the USA and Egypt.

The USA has for 30 years been in bed with Egypt - giving the country or Mubarak 1.5 BILLION dollars A YEAR!!! The USA stood by while Egypt was held under a dictatorship, was happy enough to see it held this way. Why? Because they were scared stiff that some fanatical Islam group would take over Egypt and troubles would multiply for the USA, regarding many things back 30, 20 years ago, like oil and terrorism. The USA must have known that Mubarak was taking billions of dollars over that 30 years for him and his family members. It is now clearly being shown how this dictator's life style was ..... physical riches like a Hollywood super-star (which is also disgusting - Hollywood film stars should never be allowed to make that kind of money, just as some CEO of this or that company should not be paid millions per year) - the lavish physical wealth this Mubarak lived in while most of his people were in poverty, and the USA knowing it .... is truly DISGUSTING!!!!

Here we have a country (the USA) that prides itself on "democracy" and "freedom" but is in bed with a dictatorship, even paying for it. Then when the people stand up and denounce it, what does the USA do through Obama (or whoever other person would have been President, makes no difference) ..... oh, stands up and says the people's voice should be heard, people have a right to democracy, to shape their own future......stands up and says "We are on the people's side, change must come." He and the USA were not saying that BEFORE the people of Egypt stood up to be counted. You talk about two-face-ism, you talk about being politically correct when needing to be politically correct, when up to then they were anything but encouraging the Egyptian people to seek freedom and democracy.

The whole situation between the USA and Egypt over the last 30 years has been SHAMEFUL. And it certainly shows the "In God We Trust" is a LAUGH and means just nothing to any USA Government that has been in bed with Egypt dictatorship over the last 30 years. The USA Government for at least the last 30 years has NEVER TRUSTED in God, and does not do so today. And with not until the Israel nation of the USA and all other Israel nations of the Western world are flat on our face in the mud of death and blood and slavery. Only then will we cry out in HUMBLE REPENTANCE and turn back to serving our God in spirit and in truth.

And this repentance will be in the last end time 42 months of this age, leading up to the coming of Jesus Christ to deliver us from our lover enemies, and to put within us as a people, the very Spirit of God, which will give us a new heart and mind. We shall THEN indeed TRUST in the Eternal God. Our hypocritical way of life will be gone forever, and finally in that age to come we the people of Israel (all 13 tribes) will set the example for all nations, of truth faith and service to the Creator of the universe.

We are heading into a very important time of Bible prophecy in what will take place in the Arab nations of the Middle East. I have told you about it all in great detail on my website for years, and in my forthcoming book "The Biblical Prophets for Today"

He that has an ear should hear!!!

For so it is written and so it shall come to pass!

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