Friday, February 25, 2011

Robots and Drones for Warfare!!

The CBC had a full hour documentary Thursday evening on the modern invention of robots and drones for warfare.
Many do not realize the speed that is moving things along into future warfare that will be by machines of all types and sizes, from flying bat types to larger planes, to ground robots of all kinds, guided from an office computer AND even just by themselves, making decisions for themsleves, as to when to fire and kill or drop bombs etc. and etc.
Warfare in the next 20 years is going to be vastly different than it is today. And they showed how relatively cheap such robotic war machines could be made. They have right now competitions open to anyone, to make flying machines that will fly around a building for under $300 - some going at speeds of 200 plus miles an hour. As electronics and batteries get smaller and cheaper and the power greater and greater, many war generals are openly saying that in the very near future waging war will be vastly different from the warfare of today.

Now of course there is a down side to all this, for such will also be in the hands of the terrorists, who will also be able to make these land and air war machines in a cheap way. So the prospect of hundreds or thousands of these flying bats invading and dropping bombs or using machine-guns flying in and around the buildings of North America is a very real reality of the near future. Hence the production of anti-flying drones of some kind also have to be invented to defend against the incoming drones of the enemy.

We are folks entering a new age of how wars will be fought. And the book of Revelation is coming more to literal life and reality than ever before. Future wars will be guided from the offices of the military command centers and computer specialists, with the press of buttons or the click of the mouse.

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  1. I keep up with new technology and all sorts of science on websites like I read something not too long ago that some robots developed on their own the ability to DECEIVE the other robots. The robots were somehow or another rewarded by collecting some items (food or something). Well, some of the robots started deceiving the other robots, keeping them away from the items so that they themselves could retrieve them. Intelligent robots.