Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back safely from my Dad's town

Arrived safe and sound back home in Calgary from my Dad's Care Home about one days travel west of here.

Will tell you more later. Interesting visit this time around, with fabulous scenery. Came back a different way this time.

Friday, June 22, 2012




Thursday, June 21, 2012

Greece - they line up for food!!

It is the first day of summer - 21st June - and Central Canada is undera heat wave. It is also a new month day in God's calendar.

Have you seen the people of Greece lining up to get food?  They are truly in a mess and one "expert" on BBC news said it may take years, up to 4 to 10 years before their mess is sorted out - high unemployment, not many jobs available.

Germany, the power-house of Europe is reluctant to just try and bail such nations out, for then it will effect their living and economy.

So it remains to be seen how Europe, well some nations in Europe, will stay afloat and not sink to the depths of the big blue sea.  How history moves...... Greece, a once mighty world power in past history, is on the bring of falling over the cliff and so in many ways becoming a third world nation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

G20 meeting and Europe

So once more the G20 have been meeting, mainly to focus on the economic mess in Europe.

And so it goes on.... Greece still in big trouble, Spain in the same sinking boat as Greece, and Italy could also go down with the other two nations.

Egypt is feeling more frustration and unrest for various reasons, as it battles into a free democratic society. That nation has a ways to go before she can be the leader of an Arab union of nations, that end time Bible prophecy says will arise before this age can come to an end and Christ Jesus return.

There are key things that MUST come to pass before the prophecies of the Bible bring this age to a close and before the Father in heaven sends Jesus back to destroy those who will be destroying the earth, and establish the Kingdom of God on earth, with the headquarters being at Jerusalem. Christ will come as the 7th trumpet blast is sounded, and the resurrection of the saints, with an instant change (to immortality) for the saints still alive on earth; together they will be brought by the angels of heaven to where Jesus will be in the air, in the clouds; all then continuing to come down to the city of Jerusalem.

This is when the great battle of Armageddon will then take place. The man beast and the false religious prophet will lead a ten nation confederacy; the kings of some of the Eastern nations on the other side of the Euphrates, will join the Beast power, but to no avail. The words will be spoken and the army of humans coming together to fight will literally melt away and be destroyed.

All this is contained in many prophecies in the Bible, especially Zechariah 14 and Revelation 16,17,18,19. Chapter 20 of Revelation gives us the good news of the saints ruling with Christ on earth for 1,000 years.

The prophecies of the Bible I have expounded in detail for you on my website. Keep your eyes and ears on Europe and also the Arab nations as many of them move into a more democratic way of life. Europe and the Arab nations (well some of them) are to play a MAJOR ROLE in end time prophecy.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Horse note

I see on the news this evening that Union Rags won the Belmont Thoroughbred horse race.

Ah the time of 2:30 minutes was S L O W !

Secretariat still holds the Belmont record of 2:24 seconds.

The world record for 1 and 1/2 miles was some horse out California way (after Secretariat) with 2:22.

So today's race was slow indeed but I guess some horse has to win even the slow races.

And so "I'll Have Another" could not run the race because of a tendon injury. So he is retired because he's now worth millions as a stud. And what a laugh that is, for how many in all history of the Triple crown, that won one or more of the three races ever produced a horse that won any of the three races. Even Secretariat produced NO foal that went on to win even ONE of the three races.

It's a gene scrabble game (I'll Have Another had no great line and was originally bought for only $11,000.)

It's one of those crazy big time sports that only the crazy rich (have more money than know what to do with) enter the sport, and so I'll Have Another will bread for tens of thousands of dollars (to breed your Mare to him) and will from history have a 99.9 percent of no chance of producing a horse to win ANY of the triple crown races.

Ya.... go figure.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Fasting - way to health in the last day or so has a very fine and informative article on the benefits of FASTING!!

Yes indeed fasting at times does give health to your mind/brain and body!

He also goes into exercise while fasting, and gives a balanced approach.

For the Christian fasting should be a part of our lives. So for the mind and the body fasting is now proven by modern science to be a health pill shall we say.

The Christian should take time to fast now and again, missing one meal or more, and zero in on Bible study, prayer, and meditation.


"I'll Have Another" - will NOT!

Among all the horrid news from many parts of the world, we have had a little inspiration in the last 5 weeks from a horse - a Thoroughbred race horse - small they say as Thoroughbreds go - but a classy looking guy - a red sorrel or as most in the business would say, a "chestnut."

The odds of this Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner coming on the scene to capture the hearts of many (a come from behind winner) does not happen that often. The horse called "I'll Have Another" had no great blood lines, and was bought by a Canadian fellow for $11,000 - yes that is ELEVEN THOUSAND dollars, just a dirt cheap horse in the high end of Thoroughbred racing.

I have a few photos on my Facebook page under "Goldie and I at the Ranch" of my very first horse - a beautiful registered Thoroughbred Mare - the photos are black and whit and so her color does not come out. Looking at "I'll Have Another" .... well my first horse looked just like him - that red color - as I knew it then .... sorrel, and I think the word "sorrel" is better that "chestnut" - in my humble opinion.

"I'll Have Another" has come down with "tendonitis" - a swelling of the tendon that runs down the back of the front legs from the knee down. My horse Goldie came down with it late last summer. Rest and rest and more rest, as she got over the winter, and it heals. Today she can run again like the wind. I will video her this summer as I run her flat out like a bullet, and put it on my Youtube for you to see her speed and beauty - like Roy Rogers' horse Trigger, who was indeed very fast.

So in time the tendon of "I'll Have Another" will heal, and given enough time, like they gave to Seabiscuit, the horse could well run again, as Seabiscuit did. But that is not how they work today in Thoroughbred horse racing (Seabiscuit ran races till he was 10 years old). Such a horse as "I'll Have Another" is worth MILLIONS at stud - he can be very happy with the Mares brought to him :-)

Well while this recent horse story was going, it did give us a little lift in a world of sadness, pain and suffering. It was a little pretty red horse that did give us another hope that life does have it's come from behind winners.

Thanks "I'll Have Another" even if you will not; just the way the cards sometimes fall in the horse racing world, but we are glad you will continue to live.

Yes a horse that came out of nowhere, from a nowhere background, with a nowhere price tag, and showed us he had grit and determination to win.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Diamond Jubilee for THE Queen

It would just not be right to let the 4 day celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 60 year reign on the throne of Britain, go by without saying something concerning the Throne of Britain.

There is a small percentage of people in Britain and around the world who like a good part of the Scottish people, are not taking much notice of this 60 year reign of the Queen; there are still fewer who are against the British Throne and think it should be "done away with."

The facts are that TODAY the British Royal throne is once more (if there was a decline) VERY popular. Mainly to the thanks the late Diana and now to her son William and his wife Kate.
The Royals themselves overall have in the last 20 years seen the light that they had to be more personal, as we might say, more down to earth, more in tune with the people, and just plain more likable. And indeed in so doing they have become once again very popular with most people.

Now we are being allowed to see old home-movie films of the Queen and her children when they were just babies and children - showing the Queen relaxed and indeed a loving playful mother with her children.

Oh for sure the Royals have made some BIG mistakes, in marriages especially ..... ah so not unlike a lot of us, but through time and common sense, they have learned and I think have tried to move on.

I've said before and will say it again: There has never ever been the like in all human history of a Commonwealth of Nations like the British Commonwealth. Such is just not there in all history. You've had Empires ruling with power and arms over many nations, forcing them to submit, but to have dozens upon dozens of nations that Britain did rule (which not in perfect rule, nevertheless did bring many blessings to those nations) and then gain independence, BUT STILL OF FREE CHOICE DESIRED TO STAY IN THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH .... unheard of in all human history. It is just a plain fact brought out into public when you have the "Commonwealth Games" that there has never ever been an Empire like the British Commonwealth Empire, with a THRONE that at present sits Queen Elizabeth.

In a modern space-age world we have a throne that is the most famous throne in the world, with a history that goes back into Scotland and Ireland, and the truth of the matter is.... back into the very throne of David in ancient Israel.

Yes the throne of Britain is the throne of David, and if the Scottish people all knew that fact, they would ALL be celebrating this 60 year reign of Elizabeth with just as much JOY as the rest of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth and others are doing. Even the USA is giving it news and recognition, and why not, the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon people of the USA (the first 13 colonies of New England as we still know that part of the USA) were the very brothers of the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon people of Britain. Down through time, since the USA became its own independent nation, we have shown our "brother support" in many ways, two ways in particular - the First and Second Worlds Wars. It is just silly and very stupidly uneducated to not realize Britain and the USA are BROTHER people.

The truth about the THRONE of Britain and the BROTHERHOOD of the USA and Britain is all expounded for you in detail under the "history" section of my website.

The British and USA Celtic-Anglo-Saxon people are the very descendants of JOSEPH Israel of your Bible.

And as such WE are mentioned more times in Bible prophecy than ANY other people on earth, past or present. Ah yes the "fundamental funny prophets" of the Christian world
will not admit it, but they are so far out in understanding many things of the Bible, that not knowing who in prophecy are the USA and British people, should be no surprise.

The British throne will NEVER DIE OUT, for it was promised to king David of ancient Israel that it would remain forever; and it was told to Mary that the Son of God whom she would carry and give birth to, would INHERIT the THRONE of David.... yes it's in the Gospels. You do not inherit a throne that has (according to the blind leaders of the blind) NOT EXISTED for thousands of years.

JESUS WILL BE GIVEN THAT THRONE WHEN HE will be a CORONATION LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE, and the British "coronation" of kings and queens is quite something to see (I remember seeing Elizabeth's coronation service when I was 10 years old, 8 hours or so, a long time for an energetic kid like me to sit through). I remember her being pretty and I remember that crown being placed on her head.

Well Elizabeth your reign of 60 years has quite the story to it, you have grown, you have learnt, as we all should do through our life, and you have moved in the right direction when you needed to do so. Well through it all, through your children and grandchildren, through mistakes, through sadness and happiness, YOU Elizabeth and the THRONE of Britain are more popular now than ever before. And I guess that should be the way of it, for YOU Elizabeth sit on the very throne of David, that one day Christ Jesus will sit upon when He returns..... PRAISE BE TO THE ETERNAL GOD FOR THE THRONE OF DAVID!!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Wise way to EXERCISE

MERCOLA.COM in the last day or two has the full insight into proper exercise.

And those whom think the marathon running is the ultimate in fitness and endurance, had better read what Mercola has to say, and not just him but modern science in general.

Nobody thought of running 26 miles until that Greek guy did it, to get reinforcements from Athens because the Greeks were loosing the battle 26 miles away. It was a desperate message that was sent through him, and in a specific situation he managed to run the 26 miles (I guess there were no horses at hand).

So called "marathon" running is not the way to keep healthy and fit.

Do not take my word for it, read and see the science for yourself, as well as the best way to exercise.