Monday, December 20, 2010

Disasters/world and home

It was just reported that 2010 was the year for more natural disasters than any year on record. Now a lot had to do with poor construction of buildings in earthquake zones, but still more natural disasters than ever.

And the weather is still going crazy - Australia in their summer time, parts are having SNOW!

California is being hit with rain and snow like never before for December.

Europe is still crippled under snow and arctic air, as never before, certainly for Britain.

Thousands of 2 and 3 YEAR olds are admitted to hospital emergency rooms each year, because they have successfully gotten into medicines left within easy each - many of them die. They ran an experiment with 2 and 3 years olds, most of them got into plastic bottles, medication trays, within a every short time, some within seconds. When given the really well made plastic containers for drugs and pills (child proof) they were NOT able to open them.
So should be some important lessons here. Dangerous stuff (cleaning things also) should not be where children can get to them. One set of parents who lost a child from medications she should not have gotten into, and her brother who just about died......well they keep such things now LOCKED AWAY!

You need to KEEP DANGEROUS things well away and SECURE from children. Oh they also mentioned about VISITORS who also bring along drugs etc. that children should NOT be finding and certainly NOT getting into the containers they are stored in.

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