Wednesday, June 22, 2011

USA/CANADA - pull out of Afghanistan

Obama and Harper (USA and Canada respectively) are going to do what they have promised - bring troops home from Afghanistan.

Now 30,000 are to come home to the USA by September 2012.....BUT that will still leave 70,000.

A little or big "political" movement really.

It is true the USA people (with recession - unemployment - housing problems - 14 trillion in debt) are fed-up with the war in Afghan. They rightly see it doing little good and very costly to keep the war going against the Taliban.

Canadian news experts say the Afghan training to fight for themselves has fallen short in every department when tested.

So they want to say the Taliban are pushed back, or on the run. The truth really is the Taliban have the common sense to withdraw, move over into Pakistan. When the USA and Canada troops are gone, the Taliban will still remain as they have for decades, and will go back to doing what they have been doing for decades.

I said 10 years ago that the West (specifically the USA, Britain, Canada) could never win against an enemy that plays war with hit and run, ambush, hidden road bombs, and suicides. As well as knowing how to live in the mountains, as they have for decades. They know well how to run away to fight another day.

Europe and Greece seem to be figuring out how to keep Greece from going bankrupt. They have to for if Greece falls they say it will put the whole world in a tail spin, such is the world tied together, Europe with the USA and hence China and India and Japan.  It is no longer a world of individual nations; it is a world that has ties between all nations to maintain any kind of prosperity.

And as Nato continues its war in Libya, old Madghafi is still around and withstanding it all - amazing I find that to be. The troubles in the Arab world will make it long and difficult (from present progress) for them to eventually form an Arab union of nations, the "king of the South" in end-time Bible prophecy.  It could well take a decade for them to form such a bond of unity, but we shall keep watching, as it all depends on whether God the Father decides to slow down end-time prophecy or speed it up.

Record setting floods are in South Saskatchewan and North Dakota, which could move back into Manitoba. One in ten farmers in Saskatchewan will not put in seed grain crops this year.

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