Friday, June 3, 2011

Syria blood bath!!

The type street war taking place in Syria and Damascus has reached new heights of Government. Some countries are now saying the Syrian leader is guilty of war crimes. The USA through Hilary Clinton has finally voiced that this bloody dictator of Syria should "go."

Syria and Damascus are mentioned in Bible Prophedcy - Isaiah 17:1-3; Jeremiah 49:23; Amos 1:3; Zechariah 9:1.
Syria will fall and be punished by the coming Beast Babylon Holy Roman Empire of Europe., when that Beast power brings in the Great Tribulation at the very end time, the beginning of the last 42 months of this age.

God is no respecter of persons. All nations (the large players of the world) will be punished according as the Lord as proclaimed they will be at the last days, when all that is written will come to pass (Luke 21:22).
Jesus called it the "days of vengeance" and Paul was inspired to say that vengeance belongs to God. The time comes when the Eternal will say enough is enough, sins and wickedness and punishment must come on all the big player nations of the earth. The last 42 months of this age will see the greatest time of tribulation ever to come on earth since Adam and Eve. The book of Revelation will be fulfilled. All nations will drink of the wrath of God, the earth will be shaken like a rag-doll in the winds of a tornado.

At that time all the world will see the power of the Almighty, and they will know God does exist. The evolutionists will flee to the caves of the earth as will others to try and hide from the face of Him that will CONFOUND their minds and vain self-righteous mind-set. Judgement is coming on this earth, in God's time table.

I have expounded for you all the prophetic books of the Bible on my website ( and a great deal of prophecy on Youtube (keithmhunt).

Yes you can know what lies ahead for this planet and the nations upon it.

Those that have ears to hear with need to hear and prepare to meet their God.

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