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You're probably thinking: There's no way I'm going to live to 100. I'm not sure I want to live that long, even if I could. But odds are, you will. And, while your parents and grandparents may have been blindsided by their longevity—^and suffered for it—that doesn't have to happen to you. Aging can be a good thing—the opportunity to realize all of your dreams and establish a remarkable legacy—if you prepare for it.
In The 100-Yearlifestyle™, renowned wellness guru Dr. Eric Plasker provides everything you need to survive—and thrive—right into your second century. With Dr. Plasker's unique tools and strategies, you can create a customized plan to transform your life, fulfill your potential, and embrace your newfound longevity.

"If you want to live the long, healthy, quality life you deserve, you must read my friend Dr. Erics new book."
Mark Victor Hansen, Bestselling Author, Chicken Soup forthe Soul and How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life
"For the past 5 years, Dr. Plasker has been a key member of my health care team. Now, with The 100-Year Lifestyle, he can become a key member of yours... make these Life-Changing Principles a part of your life."
Usher, Five-time Grammy Award-Winning Entertainer

Praise for The 100-Year Lifestyle
"As a soon to be centenarian 'well' on my way to the 100 mark, I applaud the guidelines set forth in Dr. Plasker's book, The 100-Year Lifestyle,"
—-Jack LaLanne
"Dr. Plasker has committed many years to developing health and wellness programs for communities around the country. His book reflects this same commitment and will help you improve the quality of your life."
—Stedman Graham, founder of Athletes Against Drugs
"Dr. Plasker's innovative 100-Year Lifestyle Fitness Assessment on getting your ESS in shape—-your endurance, strength, and structure—will help you add years to your life and quality of life to your years."
—Scott Goudeseune, president, American Council on Exercise
"Dr. Plasker's care and 100-Year Lifestyle concepts have helped me greatly improve my competitiveness and I am certain will ultimately extend my athletic career. I have always put a great deal of stress on my spine and skeletal structure, especially while training for the world record modified bench press, and with the help of Dr. Plasker's care I was able to set the world record of 360 pounds in March of 2004. You need this in your life!"
—Kyle Maynard, world record holder and bestselling author of No Excuses
"Dr. Plasker reveals the time-tested principles to living your best life in this easy-to-read guide that makes living well a reality for all. Discover how to dramatically increase both the quality and the quantity of your years. Read this book as if your life actually depends on it, because it does."
—-Bob Hoffman D.C., CEO of the Masters Circle and coauthor of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich
"With Dr. Eric Plasker to guide the way, there's no reason to dread getting older. His advice can help all of us enjoy a century full of life, health, energy, and passion. His book—packed with incredible, life-enhancing principles and advice-—-shows once more why Dr. Plasker is considered one of the nations foremost health and wellness experts."
—-Terry A. Rondberg, D.C., president, World Chiropractic Alliance
"Dr. Plasker's principles make living to 100 exciting, rather than frightening. You will benefit from these life changing health, relationship, and financial principles today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life."
—Ivan Misner, Ph.D., founder of BNI and New York Times bestselling author
"Dr. Plasker's 100-Year Lifestyle will take you from Good to Great to Exceptional! I have been involved in the wellness industry for over 29 years and have never met a more suited, devoted, intelligent, caring, and driven person than Dr. Plasker. Read, Live, and Sleep with this book; it has the power to enhance your life. With his guidance you will reach a happy and healthy 100."
—-Doug Caporrino, international speaker and trainer to the stars
"Dr. Plasker has created the opportunity for people to live the health of their dreams at every age. This book is fun to read, very practical, and easy to follow. I really appreciate the reflective points and self-responsibility it promotes. Well done. Again, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
—Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock,
CEO, Girls, Gals and Gurus Inc.,
a healthy lifestyle company for women
In The 100-Year Lifestyle, Dr. Plasker addresses a marvelous question that our over-stressed society must think about, 'What if I were to live to 100?' As this book points out, the implications are huge. In the chaotic world of wellness, this book stands out as unique, powerful, and immensely practical. . . not to mention, it is a lot of fun. Read this and learn to live well, to 100 and beyond."
—-Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C., CEO, Creating Wellness, Inc.

The 100-Year Lifestyle Assessment

Welcome to the 100-Year Lifestyle
Chapter 1 2
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Chapter 2 15
The Three Life-Changing Principles of the 100-Year Lifestyle
Enjoying Youthful Energy at Every Age
Chapter 3 30
Finding the Energy to Change Your Life
Chapter 4 42
Mastering and Maximizing Your Personal Energy
The Commonsense Strategy of the 100-Year Lifestyle!
Chapter 5 62
Stop Killing Yourself!
Chapter 6 70
Avoiding the Top Ten Leading Causes of Preventable Death
The Health Care Hierarchy of the 100-Year Lifestyle
Chapter 7 92
Consumer-Driven Change in the Health Care Industry
Chapter 8 98
Self-Care: Making Your Quality of Life a Priority
Chapter 9 113
Health Care: Building a Quality of Life Health Care Team
Chapter 10 129
Crisis Care: Preparing For and Avoiding a Crisis-Filled Life
Creating the Ideal Environment You Can Enjoy for 100 Years
Chapter 11 136
Enjoy Your Environment and Make the Most of Your Journey
Chapter 12 .....141
Creating Your Ideal Environment Wherever You Go
Chapter 13 158
Balancing Your Internal and External Environments
Building a Rock Solid Support System You Can Enjoy for 100 Years
Chapter 14 170
Connecting with Multiple Generations and Circles of People
Chapter 15 185
Embracing Your Passions Through Lifelong Learning
PART 7  
Quality Time Living: Making Every Moment Count
Chapter 16 196
Achieving the Ultimate Balance of Time
Chapter 17 209
Prime Time, Prep Time, and Play Time in Action
PART 8  
Financing Your 100-Year Lifestyle
Chapter 18 222
You're Going to Need More Than You Thought
Chapter 19 233
Capitalizing on Your Past to Create Capital for Your Future
Living Your Legacyforthe Rest of Your Life
Chapter 20 244
Why Wait Until You Are Gone?
Chapter 21 257
From Generation to GenerationFor 100 Years and Beyond
Appendix: Resources 268
Index 270

If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life? One of the world's most famous centenarians, George Burns, summed it up well when he joked that had he known he was going to live to be 100, he would have taken better care of himself. Never has a punch line more profoundly put the aging process in the proper perspective! Let this irony open the doorway to smart choices that can support you in every way as your genealogy edges you toward the increasing probability that you will live to 100 or longer!
As a dedicated wellness expert, health care consultant, columnist, lecturer, and chiropractor, I have been a catalyst in helping people of all ages maximize the quality and quantity of their lives. They've done it by practicing the change principles I've developed over the past two decades of researching and probing the depths of human potential. Coined a "Change Master" by my colleagues and patients, it's my mission to give you life-enhancing information that generates real transformation in your level of health, prosperity, and happiness.
The truth is staggering. Anyone who is 40 years of age today could live to be 100 years old and their grandchildren could live even longer than that. While this information is exciting to me and to many of my clients, I am taken aback by the large number of people who express a reluctance to ride this road for fear they'll outlive their assets, experience declining health, or be a burden to their family. Unwilling to compromise on my own quality of life as I age, I dedicated my career to teaching audiences around the world how to change their lives and embrace this new lease on longevity and minimize any of its ill effects.
The truth is your body has the hardware to live to 100 years and beyond. Understanding and accepting this genetic opportunity will help you express your unlimited life potential. The 100-Year Lifestyle strategies you uncover in this book will not only help you embrace an extended life span, but teach you how to live life to the fullest and live your best possible legacy while you are alive, rather than just leave it after you are gone.
How will you accept this gift of extra time? Will it be with gratitude or reluctance and more importantly, how will this gift inspire you to change your career, family relationships, and life priorities? Together, we will uncover the anatomy of your extended life span as well as the health, energy, and riches that can be yours as a result of this gift.
If you're going to live to 100 anyway, why not make it a sensational century? Choice and change will fuel your future. Choose to change the way you view, plan, manage, and live your life. Put these change principles into place and maxinme your health, wealth, and professional and personal relationships. Create a signature life plan that will prepare you physically, financially, and emotionally to live a joyous life no matter what your age every step of the way. The 100-Year Lifestyle will give you the knowledge and tools for living an incredible life every day of your life for 100 years and beyond.
Meet you there!
Dr. EricPlasker
Founder of The Family Practice, Inc., 


Living a healthy, passionate, prosperous life, every day of your life, for 100 years and beyond 

Great relationships with multiple generations and multiple circles of people 

Lifelong learning, activity, and adventure 

Financial freedom, abundance, and independence 

The perfect balance of exploration, play time, and fun combined with meaningful work 

Maximizing your genetic capabilities and making the most of your time, energy, and talents 

Keeping your original body parts functioning at full capacity 

Stimulating your mind to keep it sharp

Accepting challenges, embracing change, and adapting to the unexpected 

   Balancing the need for immediate gratification and a secure future 

   Knowing and trusting yourself 

  Yours to customize


Rotting away as a human preservative in a nursing home
Abusing your body, masking symptoms with drugs, and then continuing to abuse yourself until one organ after the other has to be removed or replaced

All work and no play Abusive relationships or isolation

Financial survival for 35 years and then barely squeaking by on Social Security and Medicare

Insignificant retirement where you become a meaningless number in a long line of an outdated system

Wearing out your body in the first 50 years and then suffering the consequences during the second 50 years

Accumulating wealth in the first 50 years and destroying relationships along the way, leaving you nobody to share it with 

Creating wealth at the price of your health 

Denying yourself the good things in life

Welcome to the 100-Year Lifestyle. I'll bet this isn't the first book you've purchased hoping to improve the quality of your life. In fact, our world is filled with so much information on the Internet and in the book stores that you may even think you already know all there is to know about building a life of lasting health, wealth, and meaningful relationships. "Tell me something I don't know," you say. But, there's a reason why you bought this book. Could it be that your life is at a crossroads? Maybe you're feeling younger than ever regardless of your age and you want to maximize the opportunities that lie ahead of you. Or maybe you're feeling older than you should and you're ready to rediscover your youthful energy and passion for life. Is it possible that up until now, the messages you've received haven't been meaningful enough to get you to take action? Has changing just seemed like more trouble than it's worth?
Now, let me tell you something you may not know. Change is easy; it's thinking about change that is hard. When you finally •have the realization that your parents and grandparents' generation is living nearly twice as long as scientists thought they would, and you probably will too, what will you do about it? Will this be the catalyst for you to make the changes you know you need to make to ensure the quality of life you want and deserve? Will you start taking better care of yourself physically, mentally, socially, and financially? Are you ready to get excited about the rest of your life?
In this book, you are going to find a blueprint for living to 100 years—and beyond. The focus is on maximizing the quality of your life—and your longevity—by helping you to identify and optimize your own unique genetic potential. It's a fascinating journey and I'm honored to accompany you through it.
Along the way, you will embrace some exciting new concepts and realities about age and longevity that are life changing. For example, like it or not, the fact is that our grandparents' generation is living nearly twice as long as scientists thought they would. They were unprepared for this good fortune and many have paid the price for it. They didn't think that they would need their health, finances, or relationships to sustain them for so long and as a result, they haven't. For this reason, very few of us regard old age as something positive.
You are about to begin seeing things a different way. You'll even meet 90-year-olds and centenarians, who are already living the 100-Year Lifestyle today, such as Henry Rohlfs of Short Hills, New Jersey, who celebrated his ninetieth birthday by taking a ride in a hot air balloon over Luxor, Egypt. I wonder what kind of adventures you will choose to make the most of all the decades that you have left.
You will discover in this book that managing your health is a lot like managing your money. Good intentions are not enough-—you must back them up with actions. This is so important because if the experts are right and the current aging trends continue, you'll probably end up living much longer than you ever imagined.

Living the 100-Year Lifestyle   Our longest-lived centenarian is
- Madame Jeanne Caiment, who died at the age of 122.
There is tremendous opportunity in the 100-Year Lifestyle, which will be revealed to you. By planning for your own longev-ky, you are opening the door to the opportunity of not only "first" and "second" acts, but "third" and "fourth" acts as well. You are opening the door to an abundance of new beginnings, knowing that there is time to accomplish every goal you've ever dreamed c£ You'll substitute refinement for retirement as you maintain a sense of productivity, purpose, and passion for life—throughout your entire lifetime.
Understand that life expectancy and life span are two different things. Prior to the twentieth century, life expectancy was about half of what it is today, but the life span was not that different. Many people have been documented as living beyond 90 as far back as the sixteenth century.
What is happening today is that more and more people are ' reaching the ends of their natural life spans. This is great news, but only when you have planned for it. What you want is a good quality of life—throughout your life. And what you will see in this book is that .actions leading to an abundant 100-Year Lifestyle will also optimize the quality of your life today.
It's a fact that centenarians—people who are living to 100 or more—are one of the fastest-growing age groups in the United States and many other industrialized nations around the world. There are now over 50,000 centenarians living in this country. If you are a baby boomer, you'll join the nearly 400 million people around the world who will be 100 years of age or older by 2050 and the estimated 2 million centenarians in the United States alone. Are you ready for this incredible opportunity? Will you enjoy the quality of life that you deserve along the way?
I've spent the last two decades asking thousands of patients and seminar attendees one powerful question, "If you knew you'd live to 100, how would you change your life?" To my surprise, many of them express no desire to live that long. They worry that they will run out of money. They worry they will end up isolated and alone. They don't want to be a cripple or a burden to their family and friends.
So, how do you plan to approach this potential milestone? Will you keep overworking and under-exercising? Will you eat more than you should and be less fulfilled than you could be? Or will you make the most of your journey along the way?


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