Thursday, September 26, 2013

Loving Animals....Giving Person




From  the  book  "Marilyn  Monroe - Private  and  Confidential" (2012)

.....On another occasion, Curtice saw the soft side of Marilyn's personality, during a trip to the 57th Street apartment: 'Marilyn decided she had to go out to get some shopping, so she took me with her. She wore a crazy disguise - dark wig and dark glasses, and people were looking because of it. She walked like Marilyn but didn't look like her. There was a homeless man and Marilyn walked right up to him, not at all afraid. "Things are not going well at the moment; are they?" she said. "No they're not" he said. She opened her purse and gave him $5 before walking on.'

In an interview in 1959, Marilyn spoke freely about the Roxbury home and explained that there was a working farm on the land. She admitted not knowing much about what went on there, but she did know that the farmer kept cows. Unfortunately, it became apparent exactly what happened to the animals, during an incident witnessed by Curtice Taylor: 'We [Curtice and his brother] were out in the field which belonged to Arthur but was managed by a farmer. While we were walking we saw a cow that had just given birth, and said, "Wow look at that"; we knew we had to go and get Marilyn because she would be thrilled. We got her and she was thrilled and amazed. The farmer came, checked the sex and discovered it was male. This was not good because he bred milking cows and wasn't interested in males. He went to the van and came back with a bag to put the calf in. Marilyn went completely hysterical and shouted, "You can't do that! You can't take it away from its mother!" She went absolutely crazy. She rushed back to the house and brought back money to try and buy the cow from the farmer. He wouldn't take the money and instead told her that he was the farmer, he had to do his job and the calf was going to be veal. She just didn't understand.'
Adding to Marilyn's distress that day was the discovery of a hawk trying to get some swallow chicks, which were nesting above her front porch. Upset by recent events, she spent a long time throwing rocks up at the hawk to chase it away, and spent the rest of the day feeling low and upset.......

She may not have made a friend out of Dorothy Jeakins, but Marilyn found several other confidants during the making of Let's Make Love. The first was psychiatrist Dr Ralph Greenson, whom she met at the Beverly Hills Hotel on the recommendation of her New York analyst, Marianne Kris; the second was Ralph Roberts, a massage therapist and actor who became her masseur and friend; and the third was Evelyn Moriarty, a young woman hired to be Marilyn's stand-in on Let's Make Love.
Moriarty worked with Marilyn for six weeks, without a single word being said between them: I didn't talk to her and she didn't talk to me,' she told the 'Marilyn: Then and Now' club; 'I had heard that she was difficult and I wasn't going to go up to someone that I didn't know.'This was a big problem for Marilyn on the Let's Make Love set, and Jack 'Waukeen' Cochran, who was hired to play an Elvis impersonator in the film, remembered that everyone was frightened to talk to her, which just added to her frustration and insecurity. He took matters into his own hands one day when she appeared on set, and he greeted her with a huge hug. She was surprised but delighted, and so he continued this practice for the remainder of his time on the film.
Moriarty was less sure how to approach her, and was pleased when Marilyn eventually took the initiative and came up to introduce the stunned stand-in to her pet cat, Serafina. 'It was a sweet, funny sort of thing to do,' remembered Moriarty, and after that the two became good friends. In later years she would always describe Marilyn in the most positive of ways, as demonstrated in the 'Marilyn Then and Now' interview: 'She was the most wonderful person that lived. I think that when she got up in the morning she used to wonder who she could help. You couldn't tell her that she had something nice on, because you got it the next day. She was very giving. She was fantastic' .........





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