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Do you have any other studies on how Satan works?  I'd like to know how he is able to influence others.  For example, can he directly put thoughts into your head?  Would the fact that he can give people visions when unconscious prove that he can do the same to a conscious mind?  Some people say that he can only influence the mind through exciting certain regions of the brain to invoke emotions or through the use of influences from the world.  Is that true, or can he also place thoughts into the minds of people directly, even when conscious?

***Well  we  know  he  can  influence  by  deceptions,  in  many  many  ways [all  the  religions  of  the  world  for  starters].
We know he and the demons can "posses" people, sometime from the NT many demons inside one person.
We know from the example with Jesus [40 days in the wilderness  fasting]  that he can shall we say, "come and talk to you"  as he talked to Jesus. Now understanding that concept..... well  probably talking to you in your mind, more than a literal voice. Then he could influence a physical person to literally  talk to you wrongly [again the "deception" way - one of the deception ways of many he has]

    If he can implant thoughts into a conscious mind, then how does he do it while not interrupting the thoughts a person is already thinking?  

***Jesus example in the wilderness for 40 days - what was Jesus thinking at the time Satan talked to Him? We do not know, we are not told. So can he just "pop in" so to speak; does he "interrupt" what you are thinking? All we are told is he came and tempted Jesus three times.  I cannot give you "cast in stone" answer to your question.  All  we  are  told  is  he  came  and  spoke  to  Jesus;  we  are  not  told  the  technicalities  of  exactly  how.  Hence  I  cannot  speak  things  that  we  are  not  told  in  detail  in  the  Bible.  It's  enough  to  know  Satan  can  talk  to  you  in  your  mind;  Jesus  only  had  Himself  in  the  wilderness. Satan talked to him in His mind.

If that happened, then it would be obvious that the thought has been implanted by a foreign agent.  Also, he'd have to know exactly when to implant the thought, which would require a mind-reading ability.  Can we just say that he does it miraculously and, because it's miraculous, doesn't require him or his demons to be able to read minds?

***Right on your first sentence. Not so sure about a "mind reading ability" per se. He knew Jesus' situation in the wilderness, and who He was, what He could do, what He was sent to do; he used that knowledge to try and tempt him to fail or to sin, just to not be able to do the things He was sent to do.
Yes he does have miraculous abilities of this and that.  But the main thing is that whatever he has been allowed to do by God, he cannot destroy "spiritually" the true child of God. He can have God's children physically persecuted and even killed as Hebrews 11 shows. But as a child of God we need have no fear of Satan and the demons.

I  seldom  think  about  Satan  or  the  demons;  I'm  too  busy  thinking  about  God,  Christ,  Their  work  to  do  in  us  and  our  work  to  do  Their  work.  I'm  too  busy  praising  both  of  Them,  for  all  the  blessings  I  have,  and  all  I  can  do  spiritually  and  physically;  as  well  as  thanking  Them  for  the  protection  Their  angels  often  give  me,  driving  my car  around,  and  riding  my  horse;  which  both  can  be  dangerous  things  to  do.  So  I  really  have  little  time  to  even  think  about  Satan  and  the  demons;  knowing  they  can  not  touch  me  spiritually,  I  fear  them  not.  Then  if  in a  situation  as  Christ  was  in  the  wilderness,  we  say,  "In  the  name  of  Christ, get  behind  be  Satan"  or  "In  the  name  of  Jesus, be  gone  Satan."  And  we  know  he  has  no  choice  but  to  go!


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