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Question to me: I have read that section of your New Testament Bible Story, and you have not talked about 1 Corinthians 10:31 at all.

Paul has just gone [v.23] through the situation in life, where all that is lawful under God for us to do, is not always what we should do, for doing so would not edify some; he goes on to explain what he means, from verse 24. We are not to be selfish within the laws of God. we are to think of others and their level of Christian growth.
In Paul's day, meats [clean] were offered to idols in the temple of the idol; some of that meat or could be grains or whatever, was left over and sold in the marketplaces. A mature Christian knows there is nothing to "idols" and a temple to "idols" - them per se do not make the food  offered unclean or un-fit to eat [we know this is clean foods; Paul takes this for granted as the NT does not do away with God's food laws]. Someone invites you to their wedding anniversary party say; you go. You know that some of that clean food once offered to idols is on the table, as being bought in the marketplace or shambles. With your Christian maturity, you know you have the right to eat it, your conscience is clear. But a less mature Christian, does not know all this; their conscience believes the meat/food offered to idols is now contaminated and has become un-clean to eat; their conscience does not allow them to eat it. They see you as a Christian eating it. They would be very offended. It's not your conscience that is bothered, it is their conscience, and your "liberty" within the laws of God, is judged by another weaker [Rom. 14 principle] Christian's conscience; they do not know the full truths of God yet. You can eat it, but your "grace" [margin - thanksgiving] for foods you know you have the right and liberty to eat, is turned around by a weaker conscience, to think and maybe say to others "evil" things, about it all. Like, "Wow  that  is  terrible  what  he  did,  that  was  wrong  what  he  did,  that  food  had  been  offered  to idols!" 
We must bear in mind the weaker Christian [Rom. 14 principle] at all time if they are around us. We could say we mature or long time Christians, must always think about the "new" Christian, when around them; they have much yet to learn about many things concerning the truths of God.  Example is "wine" - alcohol. The mature Christian knows God permits the drinking of alcohol in moderation. Someone coming from a certain background may believe a Christian should never drink any alcohol drinks. They and you maybe at the same family reunion where alcohol is present for guests. You know what that Christian believes about it - it is wrong to drink it. You know the truth of God - it is not. Your conscience is clear. Their's is not. You can give thanks to God concerning it. They see you drinking it and are offended. They may even say to others [then or later] that you were sinning, doing something they think was evil and wrong. Your "liberty" in Christ has become evil spoken about.
Therefore Paul says, this is a principle at all times; whatsoever you do, eating and drinking or whatever it may be [some Christians think it is evil and sin to "dance" or "go to a movie theater." ],  you must always take into consideration the weaker Christian [new less mature Christian] if they are among the people you are among, at whatever festival type party your at, or anywhere for that matter, where you have the liberty within God's law to act and do, but they just do not see it that way, not yet. You must always conduct yourself to the glory of God; offending a weaker or newer Christian in any way must be avoided. 
Paul says you are to live within your liberty in Christ/God, to "GIVE NONE OFFENCE......" TO ANYONE, AND TO MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH OF GOD [v. 32].
Certain rights and liberties within God's law, are to be forfeited, given up, not done, at times, when the conscience of others will be offended.

In my past decades when fellowshipping with SDA people [Seventh Day Adventists] I never drank alcohol in their presence, I never even brought up the subject, because I knew what their church taught, and what 99 percent of SDA people believed and practiced. I was mind-set to not offend them over that topic. Now if THEY brought up the subject and wanted my view on it, then I had the right to give them my view, even have  a Bible study on it, IF THEY WANTED IT.

PAUL finishes by saying, "Even as I please all men in all things [of course staying within the laws of God], NOT seeking MINE OWN profit [my person liberty in Christ] but the profit of others, that they may be saved."

Some people can become so offended [especially weak or new Christians] they walk away from Christ and God and the Bible. We all know about those who say they knew professing Christians who did this or that, said this or that, and the person says, "If that is being Christian I want nothing to do with Christianity or the Bible."

Paul wanted to save people, not have them turned off. He managed his life at all times to live and act, do and  say, so people would be saved, not offended and walk away from Christ.

We are to do the same;  it's part of being a mature Christian.

This PRINCIPLE of being a Christian is even more fully  explained  by  Paul in Romans 14. Read that chapter say in the AMPLIFIED  BIBLE.


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