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Blessings this Month!

Hi wonderful Southside family,
There's some really good information from David Herzog here about the season we're in and what people areexperiencing.
It's nice to know that the Holy Spirit is giving a lot of us the same messages!

From the Desk of
DAVID HERZOG How to make the transition this month!

Hello Friend,

This month is the beginning of a HUGE shift that is about to happen in your life. How you make this transition right now will determine if you go through this season with great blessing and promotion, or loss and having to go around the mountain one more time.

We have just come out of the month of AV on the Hebrew calendar. This has always been a testing month, just as it was with Israel in the wilderness. Between now and the fall feasts there are things to watch out for.

Many have been in the testing time, as their pressures increase and God starts to deal with emotions, thoughts, hurts, and the warfare often increases on multiple levels. How you pass this testing time determines if your new season will be that of your "promised land" or another season in the desert.

1st Peter 4:12, "Dear friends don't he surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if some strange thing were happening to you." 

Many are suddenly alarmed at the surprise trials, betrayals, testings and attacks that seem to come in this season. Know that you are not alone. The enemy often uses psychological and emotional warfare to get you into bitterness, anger, fear, un-forgiveness, anger etc. He knows that if He can get you in the flesh you can hinder your destiny for yet another season.

Once you realize this is only a test then its much easier to go through it. Embrace the cross. This means embrace the testing, love people, forgive those who betray you, repent if you have wronged others or held grudges and out of hurt and cut off people, stay in the spirit, keep your joy, stay in the word and keep declaring the goodness of God. Then when you have done all to stand, just stand. When the dust settles you will be in a new place in many areas of your life.

If you give in to the pressures and do things in the flesh, you end up going around the same mountain, and through the same trials. (Just with a different set of people and situations.) Getting out of Egypt is not the same as getting Egypt out of you. Moses missed out on entering the promised land due to unresolved anger. We can't bring the same old issues into the New. To get the victors crown in this race we are all running we have to let them go and "lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily besets us.."

We have heard so many stories recently from pastors and leaders, of people that suddenly just quit their job or positions the same day with no warning or notice leaving people in a mess allowing the enemy to steal their blessing by default. This is a huge red flag, of people thinking more about self, and did not pass the testings and pressures God's way but just bailed off their "Cross" and season of testing without transitioning in God's timing with love and clarity. Thus not bringing blessing in their transition. Anything not done in love is sin so the justifications people come up with almost never pass the love test.

If you have not passed the love test and did exactly that, the only solution is to repent and make it right with those people, businesses, or ministries you betrayed out of self-preservation. Especially now in this season as we are coming into the season of repentance leading up to Yum Kippur.

We have been in full time ministry for over 25 years, and have seen this same pattern play out over and over and seen the amazing favor and promotions for those who did it right, including when we transitioned to where we are now, and those who totally just reacted in the flesh and did things their way with much loss in their life and callings, delaying things for years when they were almost at the finish line of their next assignment and promotion. For those of you in the fire of testing, stay in the spirit with praise and worship, keep your mind clear by declaring the word of God and prophetic words over your life. Stay in the spirit of love which always forgives, releases, thinks the best, hopes the best, and does all for the benefit of others and God. If you stay in the right spirit even during your trials the next verse below is the promise God gives you 1 Peter 4:13, "Instead, because you are participating in the sufferings of the Messiah, keep on rejoicing, so that you may he glad and shout for Joy when His glory is revealed." 

There is a new glory, favor, power, promotion and blessing coming at the end of your trial as we come into the feasts starting this coming weekend! This is the great news! If you have been in some major testing and trials it means that the glory and breakthrough (if you pass the test with the right heart) will be greater than the trial you just went through! Some months it seems like its harder to connect with God and get into His high glory as other months. That season is about to change as we are not in the month of Elul and about to enter the exciting fall feasts! The month of Elul means The King is in the field." This means its a month that its easier to access the highest intimacy and glory of God. God seems to be much nearer to many during this upcoming season as many suddenly start to get major visitation from the King and prayers suddenly seem to be answered quickly. This IS a month to fix what has been broken.

Elul is the sixth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. Elul is called “The month of repentance,” “The month of mercy,” and “The month of forgiveness.” Elul follows the two previous months of Tammuz and Av, the months of the two great sins of Israel, the sin of the golden calf and the sin of the spies. It's the season to repent of failures from the past season and make it right with those that you have hurt out of offense. The bible even says to leave your gift at the altar and go makes things right with you brother then your prayers will be answered.

This is the month that “The King is in the field" (2 Sam. 10:1). All can approach Him, and He shines His countenance upon everyone.This is a time when God comes into your field— where you live—to make Himself accessible and surprise you with His presence. Where as in other seasons it might have seemed harder to access the same level of closeness to Him as it is this new season.

Elul is the month of the tribe of Gad. This is a good, transitional month, being the last month of the old year, which precedes the Tall feasts. The month of Gad also means "good fortune." There should be an expectation of good fortune throughout the month. Rewards will begin to manifest according to what you have done. That's why it's so important to deal with old sins, hurts and issues now before the fall feasts starts so that stay in God's favor, blessings and especially intimacy with Him. This will carry you until the next major season during Passover. This is the month to be sure your emotions and actions are submitted to the Lord.

We are entering the year 5778. (Eight is the number of new beginnings!) Rosh Hashanah or Head of the Year this September is one of those super prophetic seasons where God speaks to His people in a very powerful way. Many prophetic ministers and believers receive great heavenly visitation and huge favor and blessing during this time when they set time aside to be with Him and His people together. We call these times "seasonal portals" seasons of time where God promises to visit in a certain way if we just show up to the appointment. Also in heaven huge things occur during these kairos times and we have come to realize that when we sync on earth with heaven at the same kairos time when heaven is celebrating these specific seasons we get a huge download often more than other times in the year because those are specific seasons God set up where things are occurring in the heavens. Knowing what God is about to do, and positioning yourself for it, is the key to riding the wave of God's move on the earth with great blessing and favor.

This season is one of the times that God promises to visit and bless in an extraordinary way. it's also the season where major shifts occur in the earth. God promises to do nothing before revealing it to his servants and prophets. Come enter into the major shift and glory visitation during Rosh Hashanah and be aligned correctly for the coming year for Awakening in your life, in America and in the nations. 

Another thing is to give God an offering to worship Him during during "Head of the Year" which is celebrated this coming weekend, God promises to bless us greatly when we bring him a sacrificial offering. This combined with our repentance, forgiveness, praise and worship, faith, and offerings causes huge blessing to come back to us!



Keith Hunt

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