Friday, August 23, 2013

Importance of FRIENDS!

                                    Life Is a Garden
Life is a garden; good friends are the flowers, And times spent together life's happiest hours.
And friendship, like flowers, blooms ever more fair, When carefully tended by dear friends - who care.
And life's lovely garden would be sweeter by far, If all who passed through it were as nice as you are.

The Garden of Friendship
There is no garden
So complete
But roses could, make
The place more sweet.
There is no life
So rich and rare
But one more friend
Could enter there.
Like roses in a garden
Kindness fills the air
With a certain bit of sweetness
As it touches everywhere.

Discouragement and Dreams
So many things in the line of duty
Drain us of effort and leave us no beauty,
And the dust of the soul grows thick and unswept,
The spirit is drenched in tears unwept.
But just as we fall beside the road.
Discouraged with life and
bowed down with our load,
We lift our eyes, and what seemed a dead end,
Is the street of dreams where we meet a friend.

Hellen  Steiner  Rice

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