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Mr. Hunt,

Thanks, but I'm wondering what verses allow for self-defense.  Also, would the saints ever use self-defense?  They were martyred, so doesn't that mean that they never resisted?


One that comes to mind, is the one where if an intruder breaks into your home at night you can defend yourself even to killing  the  intruder. Can look it up in Strong's Con under "breaks" or "enters" I think. Just can't recall where it is right now in the books of Moses.
The saint can use self-defense on anyone of the public, or an army like Hitler's.... on a personal attack to defend yourself or your family.  It is "official authority" of governments concerning their religious faith the saints did not resist and were imprisoned and even killed, like the example of Paul in Acts. We stand firm for our faith towards those who arrest us for our faith, even to death.

Mr. Hunt,

I'm not sure I understand the difference.  Both the intruder and the official government is trying to kill you, so why defend yourself against one but not the other?  The Nazis were an official government in Germany imprisoning Jews and killing them.


The best way to think of this is "Christian faith"

If anyone from any government is arresting you because of your Christian faith, you have two choices, you run and flee, as Paul did from Damascus early in his ministry [remember let down by a basket over the wall], or you stay and receive whatever BECAUSE OF your faith [many remember were killed for just being Christians], as Paul did finally years and year later, being put to death, so also Peter, in Rome.

The other is a personal physical attack, with your religious faith not thought of by the attackers.

It could be a one on one attack, you have the right to use self-defense, an attack on the streets or in your home.  Or an attack by a bunch of people by anyone, on your family, your religious faith not being the issue, just a bunch of bad dudes or enemy soldiers, not interested in your religious faith at all, but just wanting to harm you and your family, even kill you. In that personal attack you have the right to defend yourself and/or family. 

In the end time, the Beast government will be seeking you BECAUSE of your religious faith [not being their faith]. God's people will [Rev.12] either FLEE to the wilderness, or stay and stand for the truth, and be persecuted and even put to death, being a witness for the truth of God, as many down through time have so done.

One is seeking you BECAUSE OF your religious faith [flee or stand for truth as a witness] the other is just seeking to harm or kill you and your family just because they desire to. In the latter case you have the right to defend yourself and your family, on a personal level; you are not as a Christian going to join your nations army and be part of a war machine. That subject of Christians in the military army is covered in depth on my website.

The Jews in the Second World War were being killed or imprisoned not because of their faith, but just because they were Jews.  Hitler and his clones just hated Jews and people with various deformities [he wanted to create the super race]. They could flee [be hidden by others] as many were, or they could have fought on a personal basis those Nazi guys coming to get them; probably would have ended up dead, or they had the choice to surrender and take their chances of living somehow....which we know many did, and some did live through it all. When you see the footage of the skin and bones they were, it is a miracle they lived.


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