Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sports and Olympics in the MILLENNIUM

I was a sports kid growing England, so it was Football (Soccer to North Americans), Cricket, and Track and Field. I was very fast so the 100 m and the 220 m was my specialty, though I did do the 1/2 mile and a little cross country.

I only ever lost one sprint of the 100 m. And at the time did not know about "anticipation" of the gun for the start. Obviously two kids did know. The Olympics a few decades ago had the same problem come up, sprinters anticipating the gun, hence you get a one or two stride push-off ahead of the rest. So now in the sprint races the gun is fired at the starter's desire, hence no one can anticipate, or if you do it is usual a false start, and two false starts and you are out of the run, to the dressing room you go.

Never did really like being in Track and Field per se ..... way too uptight I would get before a sprint race, though I was extremely good at the sprints...... but just never seemed fun to me. Now being captain of the Soccer team and on the Cricket team ..... I could relax and just have fun. Team sport was what I could enjoy doing ..... individual sprints, no never could enjoy them, too much stress.

A huge amount has changed since the 1950s when I was in Grade and High School. Sports have become way too much big business and way way too much money the top athletes in big team sports get paid.

Carnal nature means you will always get some who will try to cheat, in today's world, with dugs to boost their power. And some of the famous team sports (sadly including Soccer) are way more rough and violent than in the 1950s. Big business has come in, players getting far too much money, so it is win at all costs most of the time.

I enjoy the Olympics. I enjoy seeing people do their best at their chosen sport. I enjoy the sometimes "upset" in an event ..... someone not expected to get gold, gets the gold.

I do NOT enjoy the modern timing machines of the space age...... timing down to the 1/100th of a second, MAYBE even a thousandth of a second. That is just going way too far. I think 1/10th of a second should be the most you break it down to. Yes that would mean you may get TWO first places, or second place, or third place. Hence two gold medals given out, or silver, or bronze.

What will it be like in the MILLENNIUM?

First some so-called sports (like Boxing) will NOT be at all! Second, there will be no full time sports people, where you earn your living at sports, hence the HUGE money some get for playing "sports" will be gone. Sport will be as it once time, for the love of it.

There will be a different attitude towards sport in the Millennium, with Christ ruling the earth. People will have fun at it, and will do their best with what time they can put into a sport. Yes I think there will be competitions. Competitions are not of themselves wrong, but there will be a different, more relaxed, everyone happy for what they and others can do. There will be no big business sports in the Millennium.

People in the age to come will be productive in productive jobs, and sports will be part-time enjoyment.

So okay we today can see what can be accomplished with full-time sports people, but would we not still enjoy sports and what could be accomplished with sports being part time. Yes of course we would, it used to be that way at one time.

The world has many things upside-down and inside-out and front to back and back to front. In the millennium things will be corrected and life will be a joy but a joy in the right balanced way, where everyone can be a productive benefit to society, and sports of every kind (from Chess to the Olympic stuff to Team sports) will be just that "sport" for a good relaxing fun time, still doing your best at your chosen sport, but part time, just for the sport of it.

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