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End Times in Chronological Order - book - #2

by Ron Rhodes

The United States Weakens

Is America mentioned in Bible prophecy? Many have thought so. Some prophecy enthusiasts have suggested interpretations that are speculative and far-fetched. Others have taken a more reasoned approach.
The Bible is clear that the United States of Europe—-the revived Roman Empire that will be headed by the antichrist—will be the political and economic superpower in the end times (see Daniel 2; 7). This being the case, many prophecy scholars believe the United States will progressively weaken by the time the tribulation period begins. I personally believe this is a strong possibility. And there are a number of scenarios that might explain how it could happen.


Moral Implosion
The continued moral and spiritual degeneration of the United States could cause it to implode. Many statistics show the trouble this country is in morally and spiritually. At present, four out of five adults-—-some 83 percent—say they are concerned about the moral condition of the United States. If this country's moral fiber continues to erode, its demise is only a matter of time......


Nuclear Detonation

Another possibility is that the United States could be weakened by a nuclear detonation on its soil. The United States stands a good chance of being attacked with nuclear weapons at some point in the not-too-distant future. Government advisors are presently saying that a nuclear attack on US soil within the next ten years is more likely than not.
Granted, the entire United States would not be likely to be destroyed by a nuclear attack. But if one major city—-such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Houston—were destroyed, the effect would be absolutely devastating on the already fragile, debt-ridden US economy.


Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

Yet another possibility is that the United States could be incapacitated by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. This possibility is documented in a report issued in 2004 by a blue-ribbon commission created by Congress called "Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack." Based on this report, a number of highly respected government officials lament that the technology is now here to bring Americas way of life to an end.
The commission found that a single nuclear weapon, delivered by a missile to an altitude of a few hundred miles over the United States, would yield catastrophic damage to the nation. Such a missile could easily be launched from a freighter off the coast of the United States. The commission explained that the higher the altitude of the weapon's detonation, the larger the affected geographic area would be. At a height of 300 miles, the entire continental United States would be exposed, along with parts of Canada and Mexico.
The commission warned that the electromagnetic pulse produced by such a weapon would be likely to severely damage electrical power systems, electronics, and information systems—-all of which Americans depend on. At high risk would be electronic control, the infrastructures for handling electric power, sensors and protective systems of all kinds, computers, cell phones, telecommunications, transportation, fuel and energy, banking and finance, emergency services, and even food and water. Anything electrical is at risk. The consequences of an EMP attack would be especially harmful to American society today because the infrastructure of our society— civilian and military—virtually runs on electricity and electronic components. The commission estimated that "months to years" would be required to fully recover from such an attack.
A major EMP attack could potentially lead to starvation and disease. Expert testimony presented before Congress indicated that an EMP attack could reduce the United States to a pre-industrial-age capacity in terms of transportation options and the ability to provide food and water to the population. Instead of cars, buses, and trains, people would be reduced to using bikes, horses, and buggies.


An Overdependence on Oil

In my book The Coming Oil Storm (Harvest House Publishers, 2010), I noted yet another possibility. Perhaps the United States will weaken due to its gross overdependence on oil. Experts are now telling us that a progressive lessening in the oil supply will progressively weaken the economy of our oil-driven society. At present, our entire irrfrastructure (including transportation, manufacturing, farming, and much more) depends on a sustained supply of oil. Once the oil supply begins to dwindle—-an imminent possibility, according to oil company presidents, geologists, and government leaders—the years to follow could bring shortages that could cause global recession or worse. The United States would be hit especially hard because we are the worlds largest consumer of oil.


The Rapture of the Church

One final possibility is that the rapture will catastrophically weaken the United States—more so than it will affect most other nations— because of the high concentration of Christians in this country.
Following the moment of the rapture, many business leaders and their employees will no longer show up for work; bills, mortgages, and other loans will go unpaid; law enforcement officers and other first responders will not be available; and the stock market will likely crash as panic ensues. This and much more will follow the rapture.


A Composite Catastrophe

Any of these scenarios, and especially a combination of them, could gready weaken the United States. This seems likely to happen because prophecy reveals that in the end times, the balance of power will shift toward the United States of Europe—that is, the revived Roman Empire, which will be led by the antichrist. I will demonstrate later in the book that the United States will likely become an ally with the revived Roman Empire.


Keith Hunt

To  be  continued

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