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THE HARBINGER....Part 2....Economic Crash

THE HARBINGER....part 2.....Economic Crash


......."And that means what?" she asked.
"It means that there was a purpose behind that first calamity, that first invasion of the land by the Assyrians. Its purpose was remedial—to correct, to wake up the nation, to turn it back to God, a purpose of redemption."


"So then if Isaiah 9:10 is joined to America with the Harbingers, it means that what happened on 9/11 isn't the end of the matter. Then it's not over; there's more to come."
"Yes. Then there comes a second."
"A second what... exactly?"
"A second warning...a sounding of the alarm...a second chastening... a second shaking."
"But what exactly? What form does it take?"
"The prophet spoke of the Harbingers as symbols. That was a clue. The World Trade Center was a symbol of America's global financial and economic power. So what would such a fall foreshadow?
"An economic... fall?"
"As in a financial and economic collapse."
"The collapse that began the Great Recession?"
"The collapse of the American and global economy is connected to 9/11?"


"But how?"
"It all goes back to the prophecy...everything—the collapse of Wall Street, the rise and fall of the credit market, the war in Iraq, the collapse of the housing market, the foreclosures, the defaults, the bankruptcies, the government takeovers—everything—politics, foreign policy, world history—everything that happened after. It all goes back to the prophecy and to the ancient mystery."
"That's a pretty big proposition," she said. "In fact, it's colossal."
"I realize that," he said.
"And nobody else realizes it? All the economists and experts and think tanks and intelligence agencies, they have no idea?"........


"Exactly. The ultimate problem wasn't national security or defense or the Assyrians or even the attack. If a nation's underlying problem is spiritual, then all the political, economic, or military solutions will do nothing to remove it. Such things can only treat symptoms—the bricks and the sycamores. A spiritual problem can only be solved by a spiritual solution. Apart from that, every solution will end up producing another crisis."


"So the only solution is to return to God."


"But Israel would choose otherwise. The nation would harden itself, seeking to come back stronger without addressing its spiritual descent. And the strategy appeared to be working...for a time. The clearing away of the ruins, the construction, and the sight of a nation rebuilding itself created a sense of national resurgence. But it was all an illusion. The judgment hadn't been averted—only masked. The root problem was never addressed. They were moving farther and farther away from God. The resurgence was hollow. They had vowed to rebuild. But what they were building was a house of cards. And in time it would all collapse."


"And it all began with the vow."
"It was the vow that set it all in motion," he said. "The same 1 spirit of defiance that led to the vow would eventually lead Israel to reassert itself, to flaunt its strength, and, through a series of strategic maneuvers, to challenge the Assyrian Empire. That challenge would lead to calamity. So it was the vow, and the spirit behind the vow, that triggered a chain of events that would ultimately bring about the nation's destruction."
"The Harbingers are manifestations of the vow," I said. "So is it inevitable that the Harbingers lead to..."
"Calamity? The Harbingers lead either to calamity or redemption......


"The Isaiah 9:10 Effect." "Which is what?" "This:
"The attempt of a nation to defy the course of its judgment, apart from repentance, will, instead, set in motion a chain of events to bring about the very calamity it sought to avert."
"And this all has to do with America?" I asked.
"Seven years after 9/11," he said, "the American economy collapsed, triggering a global economic implosion. Behind it all, and all that followed, was something much deeper than economics."
"Behind the collapse of Wall Street and the American economy was..."
"Isaiah 9:10."

"The explanations for an economic collapse are endless," he said. "No one factor stands alone. And one can go back in time as far as one chooses to search for causes. But according to the Isaiah 9:10 Effect, the second calamity must be effectively born out of the first... and out of the nation's response to that first calamity."


"So then the collapse of the economy and Wall Street would have to somehow go back to 9/11.".......

"How so?" I asked.
"The campaign to strengthen America's national security and defenses would require massive expenditures. The War on Terror, the military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, would add multiplied billions of dollars to the federal budget. Funds and resources that otherwise would have been used to strengthen the American economy were now diverted and drained away from investment. The war in Iraq would impel a surging of oil prices, further draining the nations gross domestic product. The massive amount of governmental spending in support of the nation's War on Terror would lead to the skyrocketing of the national debt, further draining its economy. And beyond the financial consequences, what America began in the wake of 9/11 would end up further dividing the nation."


"And it all would lead up to the economic collapse?"
"In part," he said. "And for all that, it would be yet another manifestation of the Isaiah 9:10 Effect that would bring about the collapse of the American and global economy. And this too was born out of the ruins of 9/11. The most critical effect of the calamity on the American and global economy would begin six days after the attack."
"As a response to the calamity?"
"Yes," he said, "as in the ancient vow. In January 2001, with the American economy beginning to slow down, the Federal Reserve began reducing the target interest rate, lowering it to 3.5 percent by the summer of that year. Then came 9/11. The first economic impact of the attack was the closing down of the New York Stock Exchange the same day. The market would remain closed for six days. When it reopened the following Monday, it would suffer the largest point crash in Wall Street history up to that time.4 The attack had inflicted a damaging blow to an already fragile economy. In the days and months after September 11, there was a pervading fear that the calamity would cause the economy to hemorrhage. The repercussions of 9/11 and of the nation's response to it would continue to rebuild what had been destroyed, fallen buildings, walls, towers, homes, a massive wave of construction throughout the land."


"Like a building boom," I said.
"Like a building boom. So too 9/11 not only resulted in the rebuilding of what had been destroyed but, beyond that, a massive wave of building throughout the nation, a building boom linked to the suppression of interest rates, linked to America's defiance of 9/11, linked to Isaiah 9:10 and to the words, 'We will rebuild."'.......


"And to the words proclaimed from Capitol Hill just days before the Treasury lowered the rate."
"Yes," said the prophet. "And since the economic boom was linked to Isaiah 9:10...the Isaiah 9:10 ultimately had to collapse. The attempt of a nation to defy the course of its judgment, apart from repentance, will, instead, set in motion a chain of events to bring about the very calamity it sought to avert. The words of Isaiah 9:10 would lead Israel to its downfall, and all its rebuilding and all its prosperity would be destroyed. All the trappings of its national resurgence would then be exposed as having been hollow, empty, and deceptive from the start."
"A house of cards," I said.


"And so too in the case of America," he said. "The extreme and prolonged lowering of interest rates would sow the seeds of future disaster. The explosion in credit would lead to a massive explosion in debt. The increased liquidity would mask a multitude of economic dangers. The standard cautions and restraints involved in borrowing and loaning would be thrown away. Banks would make loans they never otherwise would have made, consumers would spend money they never otherwise would have spent, and people would buy houses they never otherwise could have afforded. Personal debt, government debt, and corporate debt all mushroomed. And with increased pressure to produce ever greater profits, investment and banking firms would become involved with increasingly risky transactions and practices."


"An economic house of cards."
"And just as Israel's resurgence was a house of cards," he said, "so too was America's post-9/11 resurgence. As long as credit continued to flow, the stock market to rise, and the housing market to boom, the illusion could be sustained. But if the housing market stopped booming, if the stock market began, to falter, or if the flow of credit began to dry up, the illusion would collapse."
"And so it did."
"In September of 2008, the American financial system began to implode, triggering the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression. The American-led global economic explosion turned into an American-led global economic implosion. The house of cards was collapsing and drawing the world into its fall. And so behind the entire global economic collapse... was Isaiah 9:10. It all began in the ruins of 9/11."


"Did anyone else see the connection between the economic implosion and 9/11?"
"In time it became clear to more and more analysts. One observer would put it this way:
"We can trace the roots of the crisis back to the 9/11 terror attacks... [Greenspan] kept on cutting the interest rates after September nth, pushing financial innovation.... After 9/11 American people were encouraged to spend, spend, spend in the spirit of patriotism, to help restart the flailing economy.... To fuel that spending, in the extraordinary political and psychological climate of that time, U.S. policy makers actively encouraged levels of borrowing and lending that would never otherwise have been allowed."6
"Isaiah 9:10 translated into modern economics." "Exactly. And from another source:
"The financial house of cards was slowly built following the 9/11 attacks. As the U.S. government tried to revive the economy by repeatedly dropping interest rates, families lunged at the opportunity to refinance their mortgages. Now, the collapse of the mortgage market is felt around the world."

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