Saturday, November 18, 2017


Drew Cardwell to Kay Williams
Here you go Kay...
. <::: We Will Be Together Again :::>
“You were so Very Small,
When I First Adopted You.
You Could just Barely Walk....
So I Slowly taught you to.”
“I looked down at your head;
So Cutely Bobbing up and Down.
Trying to Keep Pace with Me...
While Giving me a Frown.”
“Being Big, I Dared not Misstep.
And so I Walked with Great Care.
With you, my Cute Little Ward...
You and your Golden Blond Hair.”
“We Grew Together, You and I.
Passing and Keeping Great Secrets.
Close Confidantes and Friends...
You, I Must say, Were my Weakness!”
“But Now I see you in the Pasture.
Looking Intently at the Big Oak Tree.
Staring Deeply into Dark Shadows...
Searching for a Fleeting Glance of Me.”
“I know when you Lay Awake at Night.
Dreaming of the Wind in Our Hair
Our Main and Tail Flowing Back...
As we Once Rode the World in Air!”
“I look at you Through the Window.
Sometimes Very Late at Night.
And so I see your Fitful Sleep...
With Eyes Closed so Very Tight.”
“You Stand so very Still at the Barn.
Looking Sadly at the Empty Walls.
I Can See your Tear Stained Face....
As you Gaze at the Empty Stalls.”
“You Don’t Know that I See You.
Even Though I’ve Often Tried.
Lost Within your Loss of Me...
As you Miss our Daily Ride.”
“I was With You at my Grave Today.
Watching you Tend it with such Care.
So Badly I Wanted to Let you Know...
That I was No Longer Lying There.”
“So many Trials and Victories we Won.
Standing Equally Side by Side.
With you Giving me all the Glory...
And I Giving you my Best Ride.”
“But Please young Friend of Mine.
Please Do Not Despair.
For I am Sending to You...
Another Horse Most Fair.”
“And He will Love you So;
I know this Much is True.
I know That He Needs Your Love...
That Like Me, He is Made for You.”
“Please Know that I am Waiting.
For us to be Together Once More.
Waiting on the Rainbow Bridge...
Where Both our Hearts will Soar!”
~© Copyright 2017 Drew Cardwell 
A Poem About Losing Your Best Horse Friend, By Drew Cardwell...For More, Please Visit Us At: MyWesternHumor.

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