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Should you get a standing desk?

If you sit for long periods of time at a desk job, you probably experience the soreness in you neck, back, hips and even hands at the end of the day. In fact, during the workweek, people at office jobs are often sitting at their desk for equal amounts of time as they are asleep. 

That’s why many are turning to standing desks to counteract the negative and harmful effects of sitting all day. decided to find the best standing desks available, and determine what truly makes a good standing desk.  

In their testing, they eliminated any desk that did not have a maximum height of at least 48 inches, with a 20-inch sit-to-stand range. This range is ergonomically suitable for people up to about 6 feet 7 inches, making it an option for a majority of the population.

In addition, focused on finding desks that are also adjustable. While you don’t want to be sitting all day, standing all day isn’t ideal either. It’s important to be able to change the height of your desk throughout the day, as well take numerous breaks to walk around the room and get your blood flowing. Some desks have an electric motor, a hydraulic lever or a manual crank to adjust the height, so think about what will be easiest or most comfortable for you.

When using a standing desk, use this infographic to help you with your posture in order to get the most out of your new office tool. 

If you are interested in learning more about their research and findings, check out the full guide: Even if you decide not to invest in a standing desk at this time, try to get up and walk around the office a bit more to break up long periods of sitting with some movement.  

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