Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Beautiful but SAD Marilyn Monroe

I've just finished reading the new block-buster book "The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe" by J. Randy Taraborrelli. It's a New York Times bestseller. Published 2009.

"Groundbreaking... More books about Monroe will no doubt be written, but it is against this one that all others will be measured." - King Features Weekly Service.

It is indeed a block-buster, that goes behind the scenes of this kind, sweet, loving, but mixed up and mentally tormented young lady, who from her childhood had an emotional life of pain and upsets that as they say, "you would not wish upon your worst enemy."

Marilyn never knew God or Christ Jesus as her Savior. Maybe that was her saddest part of her life, for if she had, she could have found her way out of her mental torments, her sometimes reckless life, her pain and suffering, the wrong people in her life, the curse of wrong Hollywood guys who wanted to use only her outward beauty for their advantage.

She really did have talent, much more than many wanted to use. She had a desire to do Shakespeare roles. What she had to endure ..... well this book brings it out in no uncertain terms. And some of the people in her life, including President JFK and the Kennedy folk ..... the book also exposes in blunt form.

The life of Marilyn Monroe (her real name being Norma Jeane) shows the truth of human nature - a mixture of good and sin. Oh my we are all sinners, some of us greater sinners than Marilyn was, but hopefully most of us have goodness also. Marilyn had much goodness, I mean not an air of goodness, but real down to earth goodness, just a nice caring, loving, giving goodness that most of the world never knew about, for most of the world never knew about the secret life of Marilyn Monroe.

Reading through the book I sometimes wished I'd been born 20 years earlier, maybe I could have helped and saved this beautiful lady (great physical beauty but also so much inner beauty) from the sadness of her life and how she finally ended it all at age 36.

The author of the book met and quotes Dean Martin at a favorite Italian restaurant he often frequented:


After a week of visits to the restaurant without seeing him, he finally showed up on the night of June 23. I watched as he ate alone in a corner, seeming very sad and alone. When he finished I approached and asked if I might interview him. After some banter back and forth about us both being Italian-Americans, he agreed to be interviewed the next night. I returned and true to his word, he gave me an interview. To be candid it was somewhat odd and disjointed affair. He was himself - a little drunk, a little ill, and very much on the decline. That said, it was quite a thrill for me to have even a few hours with Mr. Martin, and he certainly did have his very amusing moments. I have used some of his comments about Marilyn Monroe and 'Something's got to Give' in this book.  "At the time, I was a little pissed off at her," he told me when discussing her many absences during the filming of that movie. "The only other person who ever kept me waiting that much was Sinatra. I hated waiting. Still do. But now, looking back on it, I get it about Marilyn. She was a sweet kid who probably would have been better off marrying a nobody from the suburbs and then living happily ever after with a bunch of kids. Maybe she was just too real, too honest to be in this business."

End Quote

Well certainly Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra knew about having troubled lives, too much drink, and messing up, as Taraborrelli said Dino seemed sad and alone, disjointed and very much on the decline.
But I think Dino could well have been right about Marilyn......a sweet kid who probably would have been better off marrying a nobody from the suburbs, living happily ever after with lots of kids, just too honest and too real to be in show-business.

Those who did manage to keep it all together and be world famous usually had strong beliefs in something higher than Hollywood. Two of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century - Roy Rogers and Dale Evens were Christians. One of the greatest world-famous singers of the 20th century - Slim Whitman, is (not yet dead as of August 2011) a Christian.

Well one day, in the "Great White Throne Judgment" of Revelation 20 (the study is on my website) Marilyn will will rise and she will be set free from her mental torment and all the sadness she endured from childhood. And because of her simple honesty and her down to earth goodness in her heart ... oh she'll make it into God's Kingdom as easy as pie. I'll look forward to seeing and helping you then Marilyn.

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