Saturday, August 6, 2011

Helicopter Down/USA America Down

So history is made - the USA credit rating down a peg to AAplus instead of AAA. It certainly is a marker for the USA, and could they say effect many things from mortgage rates, to interest on your plastic money, to cars, and could have an effect on jobs, as if that area needs another hit.

Now the USA believe it or not has a lower rating than .... the Isle of Man, yes so the ABC news said this evening.

To try and say the USA was or is out of the recession of 2008 is still a nutty idea that they have been trying to fool the USA people with for a year or more.

Europe also has its money problems, with some countries also on the verge of financial bankruptcy, and China that holds most of the USA debt loans gave the USA a tongue lashing, and they have a lower rated number than AAplus....ah well words are cheap as they say.

Certainly interesting times as Bible prophecy marches on to the end of this age of man, and the coming age to come.

The Taliban in Afghanistan is still showing it is alive and well, as it blows out of the air a massive USA helicopter killing 30 USA soldiers and 8  Afgans and a special trained dog. 22 of the 30 USA killed were from the elite "special forces 6" Seals, the guys that got Bin Laden a month or so ago. ABC news showed the training these fellows go through over two years, 75% of the Seals never make it to the Seal 6 group, who then have years more training, so the elite of the elite. They are trained to hold their breath under water for 2 minutes with no air bubbles. They are trained in ways that make Olympic athletes look like kindergarten kids.  But all that said and done, trained in super human ways of the body and the mind, the fact we all should remember is that they are still human flesh and blood, that a blown up fiery crashed helicopter will kill you, as it has just done for 22 elite Seal 6 and others.

I've said many times over the last 10 years, and will say it again, there can never be victory over hide and seek, hit and run, Taliban soldiers that know how to live in the desert hills, and fight a war that they have fought many times with others, including a 10 year war with the mighty Soviet Russia who finally gave up and went home. Let's use common sense, all the Taliban have to do is wait, basically patiently, for the USA and other allies to pull out of Afghanistan as they have said they will do, and ... bingo, they are back in full business with their mad-dog fanatic religion and mind-set.

It was correct to beef up, very well beef up, home security after 9/11.....that was and is only common sense, but I said when Bush and Blair boys took off to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, it was a silly and stupid mistake, based upon not only false "science fiction data" (weapons of mass destruction), but also false anger of vanity and pride, to go off and try and fight hit and run soldiers that had stood the test of time and war against the other great power in the world - the Soviet Union. The USA is also finding out that killing Bin Laden is not the answer either, there are probably dozens more to take his place, in fact some inspired to take his place after his death by the USA.

Hand to hand combat (for Seal 6 guys) is one thing, you know like the James Bond movies, or Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, or Roy Rogers and Trigger going after the bad guys and always winning, but BOMBS still blow up and kill the specially trained people as easy as you and I or special trained dogs like Rin-Tin-Tin, or Lassie.

USA, Britain, Canada, and others, you were foolish and unwise to go to the enemy land and try and fight hit-and-run and ambush, and suicide, and road bombers, and hand rocket launchers from the hills.

When will we ever learn, it seems we do not, but make the same mistake over and over again, we just do not get history and its lessons, hence we keep killing and injuring our youth, and spending trillions of dollars along the way.

What a glorious day it will be when God's Kingdom is on this earth and the prophecy finally arrives when nations will learn war no more. Until then it is as Jesus said, "Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword."

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