Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recession OVER!!

They have been trying to tell you the recession of 2008 was over sometime in 2009.  That has been a crock of hog-wash and silly goo-bidy-goo stuff they have tried over and over to no avail. The USA has been down-graded to credit AAplus from AAA. the USA has still over 9 percent unemployment - millions still out of work. Britain is not much better, with race tensions and young people going on the rampage. Europe has its sick economical countries having to be bailed out of bankruptcy. Spain desperately trying all it can to also not have to be bailed out. You have a sick USA and a sick Europe (iron mixed with clay - Daniel 2).

Gold is the choice of investors right now - its price shooting sky-high like a rocket to the moon.

Yes it's all been a bunch of hot-air and cow-dung that they have been trying to fill you with that we have supposedly been out of recession since 2009.

In the West it's only been Canada that did not go into a full recession and is still looking pretty darn good compared to the rest of the West. Canada had laws in place to control the greedy and corrupt and dishonest guys on Wall Street and in the banks, but the USA mentality was/is "freedom, freedom, and more freedom" so the dishonest and greedy can be more dishonest and greedy. God says in His word that true freedom comes through LAW!! Good and righteous LAWS make it possible to have true freedom.

In the age to come, the laws of God shall go forth from Jerusalem and the word of the Lord from Zion. The earth shall be covered with the knowledge of the almighty God as the waters cover the sea beds.

And in that age nations will NOT learn war anymore. There will be no more civil wars, or fighting among nations. There will be no more race tensions. There will be no more "the rich get richer while the poor get poorer" in our lands. There will be righteous justice for everyone. There will be one law for all. There will be no buying your way out of the laws effect. There will be no mad-dog dictators like as in Libya and Syria and other nations. There will be no more killings between the Jews and the Palestinians.
There will be no more religious fanatics like the Taliban and others.

Yes there is coming an age to come. You need to read about it, learn about it. It's all explained in detail in many many studies on my website -

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