Wednesday, October 2, 2013

British Israel groups...lineup with Protestants


FROM  THE  "THEY  KINGDOM  COME"  -  OCTOBER  2013  -  a  publication  of  the  Association  of  the  Covenant  People,  Burnaby,  B.C.  CANADA.

.....So, even though God called us "My people" and that we will not perish from the face of the earth, we are going to be scourged with rods for our backsliding, meaning that we shall pay a price for what we are now doing. We should not forget the warnings in Ezekiel 7, particularly God's words in verse 8, "Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee, and accomplish mine anger upon thee ...." So we shouldn't fool ourselves, God has decreed punishment on the disobedient True Israel nations. We should be asking ourselves, "Are we now on the verge of that punishment." It seems that the stage is being set with the new Mid-East debacle, beginning with Syria. 


In an article a few years ago, I suggested that Iran might be the trigger to bring about the final war before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I said that unless wiser heads prevailed, we could be facing disaster not too far out from then. 


The Iraq/ Afghanistan difficulties of the True Israel nations pricked the illusion that we are undefeatable and Iran, among other countries, seems to sense the western people are in no mood to expand hostilities and particularly in America, they are shouting their defiance from, the rooftops. 


Iran has acted as if there is little to worry about from America, particularly as a result of the Bengazi debacle, backped-dling on threats, now Syria and a growing lack of respect to what they consider weak leadership in America and Britain. As a consequence, they have continued their nuclear program, have withdrawn much of their money from  European banks to prevent a freeze, show total distain for the modem Israeli State and entered into economic alliances with Russia and China. It seems that all it would take is an act of aggression by either True Israel or the modern Israeli State and the two invasions prophesied in Ezekiel 38 could come about.


It's true that Canada did not join in the Iraq conflict with the Americans,-, British and Australians, but - this country will surely be a battlefield, according to Ezekiel 38. And, Canadians, remember, you did send troops to Afghanistan and you have been an aggressor nation since World War 2.


In Deuteronomy 8:20, God gives us the analogy of the nations which He made perish before us to what will happen to us if we do not obey. Certainly, further tribulations are bound to come upon us and we shall pay a great price. We have asked for it. If only our leaders would harken to His warning. As a past writer penned, "The punishment can only be minimized if we open our ears and hearts to the Word of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; if we will but listen to the words of the apostles and disciples of our Lord, as our forefathers did in ancient Britain, and gird ourselves with the strength of divine promise, as they did."
As for those who are striving, to walk in His ways, the remaining part of Proverbs 29:18 is comforting, "but he that keep-eth the law, happy is he." Obviously He will protect those of His flock that remain true to His Word.











Keith Hunt

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