Thursday, April 19, 2012

Multi-tasking/Tech. addiction

A very interesting documentary I've just watched on

You think MULTI-tasking is a fact, especially if you are a female.

You have it dead wrong, and DEAD is what can happen to you if you falsely think you are a good multi-task person.

Then there is the addict to Technology.... like Computer games and whatever else gets you sitting in front of that screen, for hours and hours and more hours. We are raising a generation of "technology geeks" who do not know how to make a conversation, look someone in the eye and simply talk. How to actually write or print with a pencil or pen. And with it all far too many who can not concentrate but for a few minutes.

We are in danger of learning how NOT to think or express ourselves.

We are in danger of learning how NOT to think for ourselves, or that it is way too much work to have to solve things. Hence to put it in the context of the Bible person.... how not to be able to study, research, put Scripture with Scripture, collect all the verses on a particular Bible topic. In other words "be lazy" in learning how not to be lazy in our mind.

Yes modern technology can be helpful, IF you know how to use it in a wise way, otherwise it can be your down-fall and even a drug, yes becoming an addict to modern technology.

Parents - you have a great responsibility to guide your children in the correct use of modern technology, and how much of it is used, and for how long. Make sure your child is not addicted to the cell phone, texting, computer games, facebooking, and whatever else may come along with modern technology. For such today can be a blessing or a curse.

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