Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama again?

So tonight President Obama gave his pitch as to why he should be the President of the USA for another 4 years.

I can agree with him on some of the things the Democrats stand for.

He told everyone, the road was NOT easy for the USA.  I've said and agreed that Wall/fall Street and the Banks and laws that were NOT in place to govern them, needed to come and those guys and gals needed to be viewed as the cancer that brought down the USA and most of the Western world (Canada being one exception as laws were in place in Canada governing the Banks and Wall Street type people). We can note that the USA car industry has climbed out of the death hole and is once more on top of the world. Other moves in certain physical directionS Obama and the Democrats have brought in to serve and help people (I'm not thinking of those things directly contrary to the laws of God).

The BBC news tonight put the situation of the American fight to recovery in concrete light: 100,000 - yes 100 thousand job need to be created EACH MONTH just to keep the USA on a level, if not it's head is under the water. Since 2007 - 10 and 1/2 to 11 MILLION jobs have been lost.

Obama admitted there is a tough road still ahead to get the USA being the greatest country in the world again.

Even with all this, we do need to remember the USA is STILL the number ONE economy in the world. Sure if things in the next 4 years do not turn around, that fact could become history.

If you listened to Obama, and you are a serious Christian person, you will have noticed a contradiction from him. Certain things he said were as if he believed in a God, believed in the religious frame that the USA has been famous for - I mean they still have "In God We Trust" on their money.  But then knowing what "religion" (type of Christian) the Democrats have, you will know and will have noticed Obama in somewhat veiled words supporting "gay marriage" - "abortion on demand" - hence anyone who really knows the Bible and what the Eternal God teaches on those two issues, will know Obama and the Democrats have a somewhat twisted idea as to what the Bible teaches. Any kind of Christian religion they try to bring across in words, are just that - words, with no real substance of true Christian religion.

So with the job situation in the USA being such a serious problem (Obama again talked about creating American jobs on repairing roads, bridges, and the like) which has not changed to any large degree over the last 4 years, it will be interesting to see if the USA people will give Obama another 4 years to wave his wand and create jobs.

The next two months will be interesting in USA politics and the run for the White House.

It could well be the start of the end of the USA as the greatest nation on earth. The problems are so deep in the Western world, I do not think the Republican or the Democratic parties will be able to put Humpty  Dumpty who had a great fall, back together again, even with all the king's horses and all the king's men.

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