Monday, September 12, 2011

Europe/USA economy - Jackie Kennedy revealed!

Greece may default, Italy in trouble, Spain, and Germany not pleased. Then the USA is still in deep trouble, though they've tried to say it was out of the recession......a big joke on that idea. Canada's economy now facing a slow down, though the one of the few well off countries in the West.

Obama still talking about a plan to create jobs, waving his document for all to see that is supposed to create jobs......time will tell if he gets the green light to implement it.

Ford Motor company doing fine, and moving into other countries. Their new car will have all kinds of technology in it - space age stuff - well in the 21st century that should be the case - all kinds of space-age stuff. Let's see how fast they and others will move away from the old fuel engine and into electric and solar
power cars.

I did not realize, until talking to a man with a construction company, that Saskatchewan Province, the one East to Alberta, is BOOMING and booming more. The fellow told me he could move to Saskatchewan and have 3 times the amount of work.

So we do have some parts of North America BOOMING away.

So the secret life, well words recorded of Jackie Kennedy (locked away) have been opened up for all to hear, and it shows a side of Jackie that most never knew existed. She was no shy quiet gal, had much to say about many people. Did not like or gave a big zero to Martin Luther King. Thought the USA would be in real bad shape if Linden Johnson ever became President. Well I'm sure more of her words and opinions will hit the fan of newspapers and probably a book. All these years later she may well be a hornet's nest towards many people she spoke about.

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