Thursday, May 17, 2012

History in the making!!

It is now official.....the birth of none white children is now more that white children in the USA.

They say by 2040 the "white" population of the USA will be a MINORITY!!

You talk about the prophecy God gave to Israel way way back, if they would not serve and obey Him. The prophecy was the "stranger that is within you shall become the head and you shall become the tail.

That prophecy is now coming to pass in the modern 21st century for the USA. The white Celtic-Anglo-Saxon will be a minority by 2040.

Now THAT is something to really think about.

Old prophecies coming to a fruition in the modern space-age of the 21st century.

Another wife of the most famous family in the USA commits suicide - once married to a Kennedy guy.

The Kennedy fellows had it seems a curse on them. They lived hard, women and wine, adultery, and some wild living....... well with them the saying and proverb "you reap what you sow" was truly manifest. Sorry to say but the Kennedy family was often famous for the wrong reasons.

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